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Get to Know Your RPTAC…. Parent to Parent of Georgia.

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1 Get to Know Your RPTAC…. Parent to Parent of Georgia

2 WHO? Your RPTAC Staff! Dave Blanchard Your RPTAC Director Debi Tucker P2P Executive Director Stephanie Moss P2PGA Assistant Director

3 WHAT? Info Sharing! Director’s Listserv for DISCUSSIONS –R3PTACDIRECTORS@LISTS.P2PGA. ORG This is YOURS only! This is a closed forum for you to discuss issues with just Region 3 Directors! –Coming next year…staff listserv Email Blasts of INFORMATION –Sign up directly: Through Dave’s Email Signature On Our RPTAC page on –Will be able to sign up: On CPIR site (

4 WHAT? Info Sharing! Facebook Page: or search for Region 3 PTAC Pinterest: Here are the 10 pin boards we've got right now on the R3PTAC Pinterest page: –Early Childhood Resources –Special Education Resources –Post Secondary Transition Resources –Fundraising –Nonprofits & Social Media –Nonprofit Management –Inspirational Stuff We Like (Books, Articles, Quotes & More) –Technical Assistance & Dissemination (TA&D) Network Projects –Recursos en Espanol –Technology

5 WHAT? Info Sharing! Information Committee: This committee will be looking at the RPTAC website, and will determine the best placement of information: –What’s for the CPIR? –What’s for Region 3? –What is the “what”? Committee Members? Mississippi PTI, Central Florida Parent Center, Oklahoma Parents Center, Alabama PTI

6 WHERE? Regional Meeting! August 25 (full day) – 26 (half day) in Atlanta Not a full “conference” Will be working meetings to develop plans for next five years –Around staff/HR issues –Around fiscal/financial issues –Around board development –Any programmatic trends Designed for Project Directors and/or Executive Directors This is a grant-required meeting

7 WHEN? Monthly Webinars! Creative Fundraising - Tammy Blackburn (Florida Network on Disabilities) Using Technology - Eileen Gilley (Central Florida Parent Center) Behavioral Supports - DJ Markey (LA Pyramid) Family Involvement in Systems Change - Cindy Arceneaux (LA Parent and Information Center) No Webinar - Regional Meeting Involving Part C Families - Stephanie Moss (Parent to Parent of GA) The Future and the Role of Family Centers - Nancy Thaler (NASDDDS) LAST THURSDAY FROM 2-3 pm EST April 24 ……… ……… May 29 …… June 26 July 31 ……………… ……August Sept. 25 Oct. 30

8 WHY? It’s free, so why not get involved! Needs Assessment: Tells US what you need/want Center Swaps: Lets YOU work with another Center on an issue you have in your Center Boot Camps: Lets you work with a group of Centers on a mutual issue Regular TA: Lets YOU get individualized assistance from your RPTAC staff

9 HOW? We are HERE waiting! Four Areas RPTACS Want to Impact YOUR Effectiveness: 1.As a Nonprofit 2.In building and sustaining collaborations 3.In serving families in your catchment area/target population 4.In helping families with School Reform (that is, know what they need to know)

10 Our Contact Info: Parent to Parent of Georgia Office Number: 800-229-2038 Dave’s Cell: 770-876-0639 R3PTACDIRECTORS@LISTS.P2PGA.ORG

11 Thanks for Getting to Know Us! Parent to Parent of Georgia…Your RPTAC

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