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Corporate PresentationCorporate Presentation August 2014August 2014 Corporate PresentationCorporate Presentation August 2014August 2014.

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1 Corporate PresentationCorporate Presentation August 2014August 2014 Corporate PresentationCorporate Presentation August 2014August 2014

2 Statements in this presentation and of the management or representatives of Clean Coal Technologies Inc. (the “Company”) in connection therewith that relate to beliefs, plans, objectives, goals, expectations, anticipations, intentions and future financial condition, results of operations or business performance constitute “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. These forward-looking statements are based on management’s current expectations about future events. These statements can be identified by the fact that they do not relate strictly to historical or current facts, and by words such as “may,” “could,” “should,” “would,” “believe,” “expect,” “project,” “anticipate,” “estimate,” “intend,” “plan” or other similar words or expressions. Any or all of the forward-looking statements in this presentation or made by management during this presentation may turn out to be in accurate or wrong. This can occur as a result of inaccurate assumptions or as a consequence of significant known or unknown risks and uncertainties. The Company addresses these risks in the “Risk Factors” section of its filings with the SEC. Because of these risks and uncertainties, the Company’s actual results may differ materially from those that might be anticipated from its forward-looking statements. Therefore, you are cautioned not to place undue reliance on such forward-looking statements. The Company undertakes no obligation to publicly update any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by applicable law. Forward-Looking StatementsForward-Looking Statements

3 Stock Symbol: CCTC Exchange:OTCQB Recent Price: $0.24 (8.11.14) 52-Week Range:$0.23 to $1.75 Avg. Volume (3M):42,000 Shares Authorized:44 million Shares Outstanding:26.2 million Market Cap:$6.3 million (8.11.14) Industry:Clean Energy Headquarters:New York, NY Public Since:September 2007 Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. ProfileProfile

4 Clean Coal TechnologyClean Coal Technology Patented and Pat. Pending processes to remove moisture and volatile materials from Coal. Our technology has three distinct primary applications:  The cleaning of coal for direct use as fuel.  The extraction of chemical by-products for commercial sale.  The use of processed coal as a feedstock for gasification and liquefaction and coal-to-liquid (CTL) projects.  In addition, we are able to produce several fuel and non-fuel products beyond an improved steam coal.

5 New management team since August 2010 –Introduced 2 new processes (patent pending) to complement existing patented clean coal process –Secured funding to complete Pristine-M prototype plant –Prototype to be hosted by AES Corporation at Shady Point (Oklahoma) power plant –Successful positioning of business for commercialization in 2014/15 Signed 25-year Technology License with Jindal Steel & Power Building strong pipeline of new business with powerful players in global energy –Identified partnership opportunities with companies that can add significant value in global roll out Solid Company Fundamentals –Best of breed technology –Pilot plant to be commissioned in Q2/Q3 2014 –Highly favorable competitive landscape; ability to capture “first-mover” advantage –World class project execution: SAIC EPC partnership The CompanyThe Company

6 Rapid growth outside the OECD is driving unprecedented growth in coal consumption –Between 2000 and 2013, global coal consumption rose by 59% from 5.3 billion to 8.4 billion tons per annum. –In 2013, coal represented about 29% global energy mix; expected to rise to 31%, replacing oil, by 2020, according to the IEA (International Energy Agency). –For power generation, coal accounts for > 40% of the fuel mix. In some regions, notably Asia, coal’s share is a high as 60%. –Non-hydro renewable energy is likely to remain a small fraction of total supply for at least a generation –Natural gas is cheap in the U.S., but likely to rise significantly. Outside the U.S. natural gas is 2x to 4x the price of natural gas in the U.S. –Nuclear power is unpopular given safety and waste disposal concerns –Coal remains one of the most inexpensive and abundantly available fuel sources. On a cost per Btu basis, oil costs 2x to 3x more than coal. It is not possible to eliminate coal from the power grid in any major economy owing to the need for secure/reliable base load power. Coal can be stockpiled. Macro Picture: A Strong TailwindMacro Picture: A Strong Tailwind

7 Accelerated Consumption has brought to the fore the industry’s key technology priorities: “clean” coal and dry coal –Pollution from unfiltered coal emissions has reached epidemic proportions in areas of the world where environmental controls are lax or when emissions scrubbers cannot be afforded by the power companies. –Also, increased coal consumption has resulted in a growing presence of low-rank coals (LRC), i.e., high-moisture coals, in the mix of commercial coal –High moisture coals represent a dead loss from a transportation perspective and are highly inefficient, i.e., they degrade industrial boilers and result in greater coal consumption for a given power generation requirement. –China has recently announced its intention to ban the import of low rank coals. –The market for upgraded coal is, potentially, in the billions of tons. –The future of coal as a sustainable fuel depends critically on upgrade technologies. Sustainability is Not OptionalSustainability is Not Optional

8 Coal is burned without beneficiation a)Unlike crude oil that is intensively refined before it is consumed as fuel or chemical feedstock, coal is burned raw, as it comes out of the ground. b)Industrial boilers do not require many of the compounds found in coal; these are valuable chemicals for various industries. Problems Associated with Post-Combustion Solutions a)Consumption of raw coal imposes the burden of clean emissions on industries that use coal-fired boilers, most notably, the power industry. b)Scrubbing emissions to meet environmental standards is hugely expensive c)Furthermore, emissions scrubbers require significant on-going maintenance and produce coal ash that contains unwanted compounds d)Disposal of coal ash into toxic waste dumps does not eliminate environmental risk Coal should be treated before it is burned (pre-combustion) Coal and the EnvironmentCoal and the Environment

9 Pre-Combustion Solutions a)Devolatizing of coal to remove unwanted compounds results in a fuel that burns clean, free of most pollutants. Coal ash from boilers does not contain unwanted chemical compounds. b)CCTI’s pre-combustion solution is preferable because the process condenses volatile gases into liquid hydrocarbon byproducts that may add significantly to revenue. Process is cash flow additive. Dehydration Solutions a)Very few efforts to develop a viable dehydration technology have succeeded. CCTI has a unique approach (Vapor Phase Deposition) that is simple and cost-effective. SAIC has completed the engineering; pilot test plant to launch in Q2 2014. Pre-Combustion SolutionsPre-Combustion Solutions

10 The Pristine™ ProcessesThe Pristine™ Processes 1.Original Pristine™ “clean coal” process removes volatiles and moisture; produces valuable liquid byproducts; highly synergistic with CTG and CTL 2.New Pristine-M™ process removes moisture and produces a stable end product that does not re-absorb moisture and minimizes risk of spontaneous combustion 3. New Pristine-SA™ process removes 100% of the volatile matter and comes with a solution for ensuring a stable burn in conventional boilers. Major Differentiators: a) Raw material shows little degradation through the process. Pulverization and briquetting avoided. b) Processes are adaptable to several applications, both fuel and non-fuel, and work on biomass (e.g., wood chips) c)Stable end product

11 CCTI Processing Units are Modular –Scale up risk is minimized (CCTI scale-up factor only 1:15). Required capacity is reached by addition od identical modules. –Mechanical failure or maintenance only decommissions a single module, not the entire plant. –Plant expansions can be made in affordable increments, avoiding significant excess capacity initially. Exceptional Plant Economics –Plant uses standard industrial components, many off-the-shelf. Competitive plant cost. –Capturing volatiles and recycling coal fines for process heat results in an “energy neutral” design –No need for pelletizing or briquetting results in opex about 50% below competitors –Pristine-M™ plant investment is recovered in under 3 years with unlevered ROE in excess of 25% Unique Industrial DesignUnique Industrial Design

12 Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC ) –15 year contract designates SAIC as preferred EPC contractor Ventrillion Management Co. (Singapore) –Agreement for up to a $15 million investment in Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. $4.4 million paid in. –Affiliated with powerful coal players in Indonesia Jindal Steel & Power Ltd Signed a 25 year Pristine-M™ Technology License Agreement AES Shady Point, Le Flore County, Oklahoma Prototype Pristine-M plant being hosted through test phase Strategic PartnershipsStrategic Partnerships

13 Compelling Plant EconomicsCompelling Plant Economics

14 Valuation Scenarios - CCTIValuation Scenarios - CCTI

15 Competitor LandscapeCompetitor Landscape

16 Investment SummaryInvestment Summary CCTI is well-positioned to commercialize technology & create shareholder value: –Risk/reward profile is exceptional –Best of breed technology in today’s competitive landscape –World class technology partnership- high quality project execution –Competitive plant design: module-based –Manageable entry price: the cost of a single commercial module less than $18 million –Compelling economics; opportunity to capture value at various points along the value chain –Clearly identified business opportunities for global rollout –Enormous market opportunity globally CCTI is ideally positioned to address today’s need for an affordable, premium coal

17 Pre 2013 Science and technology of coal drying and upgrading Earlier processes, address challenges, test >100 coals on test rig Q3 2014 Complete construction of larger (2MT/hr ) – 1:15 scale prototype facility Testing & optimization tests at an AES coal-fired power plant in Oklahoma Q4 2014 Commission commercial 30 MT/hr. unit. Jindal Steel & Power first commercial client 2015 Contract large-scale commercial unit processing 1 million MT/yr with multiple clients Projected Technology Roll OutProjected Technology Roll Out

18 Robin Eves - Director, President & CEO –Expert in energy and energy trading, skilled at extracting value throughout the energy value chain. –Held senior management positions in London, Paris, Geneva and New York, at major international firms such as Cargill and UBS. –30 years global business experience in the U.S., Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, India and Asia. Ignacio Ponce de Leon – Director & Chief Operating Officer 25 years Wall Street experience in senior roles JP Morgan, CS First Boston, Bankers Trust National Planning Department- Colombia, Division Chief, Assisted in early-stage development of Cerrejon, one the largest coal mines in the world. Formed industry-leading global research team at JP Morgan; won top rankings in Institutional Investor “All-America” rankings and Euromoney’s Latin Finance “Research Olympics” Six years M & A experience Graduated from the London School of Economics (BSc. Econ.) and from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, M.A.L.D. (Tufts-Harvard ) Management Team & DirectorsManagement Team & Directors

19 Aiden Neary- Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 15 years senior management positions (ING, Shroeders Bank and UBS) with global business experience in the U.S., Europe, and Asia Former Managing Director at UBS (Stamford) and COO of their Global Commodity business Aiden has a degree in Accounting and Law from Kingston University in London, and is a Chartered Management Accountant. Dr. Edward Jennings –Chairman of the Board and Independent Director Former President of the University of Wyoming and Ohio State University Extensive experience on various trade missions in the Far East, Europe, and Africa for companies and governmental agencies MBA and PhD in Finance from the University of Michigan Management Team & DirectorsManagement Team & Directors

20 Dr. Scott Younger, OBE – Independent Director Infrastructure development expert, adviser and academic with 35 years’ experience in South and South East Asia. Involved with major infrastructure projects across 10 Asian countries. Chairman of Strategic Intelligence from 1998-2001, and for the past decade co-Chair of the Indonesian branch of D Group, an influential London-based business networking company Current senior Vice Chairman of the International Business Chamber, which he joined in 2003. Former secretary of the ASEAN-EU Business Dialogue Independent Commissioner of PT Nusantara Infrastructure Tbk, a publicly listed company invested in Indonesian toll roads and ports; President Commissioner of Glendale Partners, project development and advisory services. Bsc., Universtity of Glasgow; MS, UC Berkeley, PhD, University of Hong Kong. Awarded OBE (Order of British Empire) in 2003. Al Knapp – Board Advisor Senior executive in The Industrial Company (TIC) for 25 years (now Kiewit). Worked with major US utilities and Fortune-100 corporations. Served as Project Manager for the former Pittsburgh and Midway Coal Mining Company (P&M) Management Team & Directors (cont.)Management Team & Directors (cont.)

21 Corporate Contact: Robin Eves, CEO Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. 295 Madison Avenue, 12th Fl. New York, NY Telephone: 646.710.3549 Corporate Contact: Robin Eves, CEO Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. 295 Madison Avenue, 12th Fl. New York, NY Telephone: 646.710.3549 Thank YouThank You Investor Relations: Scott Arnold Senior Managing Director CorProminence LLC 377 Oak Street Garden City, NY 11530 Telephone: 516 222 2560 Investor Relations: Scott Arnold Senior Managing Director CorProminence LLC 377 Oak Street Garden City, NY 11530 Telephone: 516 222 2560

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