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Don’t Gamble with Your Student’s Future Lacey Smith Sheila Foxworthy.

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1 Don’t Gamble with Your Student’s Future Lacey Smith Sheila Foxworthy

2 Today’s Plan Portfolio Digital Footprints Job Application Resume First year Second year Interviewing Job Application Letters Etc.

3 Pioneer Technology Center, Ponca City, Oklahoma North Central Oklahoma 412 students 130-Juniors 128-Seniors 44 PTAD 55 FTAD Shared time technology center Students attend half a day 5 sending schools Range from 110 - 1,612 (9-12 th grade)



6 History EEC/AC job functions Job Readiness grade Third year of lessons

7 CareerReady101 First year-30 clock hours Portfolio-teacher discretion Digital footprint Job applications Beginning resume Second year-30 clock hours Perfect resume More in-depth interviewing practice Job Readiness Letters

8 1 st year CareerReady101 Lesson: Writing a Resume Resume Formats Resume Design and Layout Resume Sections Lesson: Job Search Strategies Planning Your Job Search Public/Private Career Resources Online Job Search Career Networking Other Job Search Strategies Lesson: Applying for a Job Application Types Application Steps Application Sections Application Supporting Documents Lesson: Interviewing Strategies Interviewing Types Preparing for an Interview During an Interview After an Interview Interviewing Practice

9 2 nd year CareerReady101 Effective Resumes Things to Include in a Resume Locating Needed Information Selling Yourself in a Resume Terms to Use in a Resume Matching Talents to Employers Describing Your Job Strengths Organizing Your Resume Writing an Electronic Resume Dressing Up Your Resume Using a Resume Successfully Interviewing Skills Preparing for an Interview Getting an Interview Off to a Good Start Questions Interviewers Ask Questions Interviewers Should Not Ask Questions You Should Ask in an Interview Things to Include in a Career Portfolio Interviewing Mistakes Benefits to Ask About Traits Employers Consider to Rate Candidates Tips to Consider before Taking a Job

10 Workforce Staging T&IT&I FACSed Job Readiness FACSed Culinary Arts Early Care BITE-embedded in curriculum Health Careers Core Employability Skills Health Careers

11 Portfolio

12 Portfolio-lesson Career Portfolio.pptx

13 Portfolio-walk out activity

14 Digital Footprints-warm up

15 Digital Footprints-Lesson Digital Footprint

16 Digital Footprints

17 Job Application-Lesson 20 Questions screen/ screen/

18 Job Application-walk out activity

19 Job Application Pocket resume

20 Job Application-Activity

21 Job Application 1226360_PocketResume.pdf

22 Resume-first year Foldable

23 Resume-walk out activity

24 Resume-second year

25 millionaire\Millionaire.ppt

26 Resume-Walkout Activity

27 Interviewing Skills-Lesson job interview jeopardy.ppt

28 Interviewing-Walkout Activity

29 Mock Interview Mock Interview-1 st year PTC staff person Mock Interview-2 nd year Industry professional

30 Mock Interview Practice Questions

31 Job Readiness Letters Job Readiness Web Page

32 Contacts

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