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Best Practices Conference 2010.  Choctaw Nation Career Development  Kiamichi Technology Centers  SE OK Workforce Investment Board  OK Dept. of Commerce.

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1 Best Practices Conference 2010


3  Choctaw Nation Career Development  Kiamichi Technology Centers  SE OK Workforce Investment Board  OK Dept. of Commerce  OK Dept. of Career & Technology Ed.  OK Employment Security Commission  Supporting Schools & Agencies

4  Program Purpose › To facilitate education & training which leads to industry recognized certifications or licensures and self-sustaining employment for Choctaw tribal members  Services › Career Counseling & Exploration › Academic Assessment & Enhancement  WorkKeys & Career Readiness Certification (CRC) › Education & Training › Employment Services


6 Kiamichi Technology Centers 10 Campuses within region

7  SE Oklahoma WIB › Training & employment development programs › Economic development initiatives  OK Department of Commerce › Governor’s Council for Workforce Development › Work Ready Communities › y-Resources/Work-Ready-Communities y-Resources/Work-Ready-Communities  OK Dept. of Career Tech › /index.htm /index.htm

8  Defining the “Region” › 13 Counties included: Choctaw AtokaMcCurtain HaskellBryan McIntosh LatimerCoal Pittsburg Leflore Johnston Hughes Pushmataha  Meetings & Committees  Presentations

9  Oklahoma’s Premier Work Ready Region will link economic development, education and workforce to provide a talent pool of skilled, work-ready job candidates that will…  Align with the needs of industry and goals of the individual worker  Increase the wealth of our citizens and communities and…

10  As “Oklahoma’s Premier Work Ready Region”, we can verify to business that we have a sustainable, reliable pipeline that delivers the right workers with the right skills at the right time.

11  Gain a competitive advantage over surrounding regions  Attract new businesses and investments  Improve high school graduation rates › CRC aligns curricula to meet job skills employers need › Develops more efficient teaching strategies to prepare students for employment › Alternative EOI exam › Provide a common language between industry and education  Help existing companies grow and add new jobs! (see list of OK CRC Employers)

12 Higher Skills = Higher Pay Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics, ACT data

13  To qualify as a “Certified Work Ready Community,” we must meet the following requirements #1. 3% of our existing workforce must be Career Readiness Certified and #2. 25% of the available workforce must be Career Readiness Certified and #3. The region must have either a minimum of 82% high school graduation rate OR 82% of high school seniors have Career Readiness Certificates

14 You defined our region!  Counties included: Choctaw Atoka HaskellBryan LatimerCoal LeFlore Johnston McCurtainMcIntosh Pittsburg Hughes Pushmataha

15 “Oklahoma’s Premier Work Ready Region” “Not only can we offer clean air, good schools, a great economy and affordable homes, but we have what very few communities in America have – a workforce that is certified to be work ready! And you can take that to the bank!”

16  Kiamichi Technology Centers  Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma  KEDDO  Southeast WIB  Eastern Oklahoma State College  Kiamichi Tech Prep Consortium  Eastern WIB  Southern WIB  Oklahoma Employment Security Commission  Carl Albert State College  City of Eufaula  City of Poteau  City of Wilburton  Oklahoma Department of Commerce LET’S ADD YOUR ENTITY TO THIS LIST!!

17 Go to: Karen Davidson : 800.722.8180 Jodie White: 888.567.2264 Rhonda Mize: 580-920-2260

18  WorkKeys Assessments › High School Students › Career Tech Students › Choctaw Members › OESC Clients  Career Readiness Certifications Issued to Citizens

19  Completed Written Application › Guidance from Dept. of Commerce › CRC Data  Hurdles › Additional testing needed › Timing › Celebration plan

20  3.1% of Existing Workforce credentialed with Career Readiness Certificates (CRCs)  26.1% of Available Workforce credentialed with CRCs  86.0% high school graduation rate (statewide average is 79.6%) ~~~We Did It!~~~


22  “Your vision and outstanding achievement of 13 southeastern Oklahoma counties working together to equip its citizens with the necessary skills and education to provide a work ready region lays a foundation for stimulating economic development and strengthening your communities.” --Gov. Brad Henry

23 Congratulations on a truly remarkable achievement! Because of the diligent and focused efforts of you, your committee, and your partners, the 13-county area of southeastern Oklahoma known as “Oklahoma's Premier Work Ready Region” can officially be known as an Oklahoma Certified Work Ready Community. Yours is the first – the premier – multi-county area to attain this distinction. Continuing best wishes, Kirk Martin, Director of Programs, OK Dept. of Commerce

24 Governor’s Commendation by Sec. of State, Susan Savage Certification Presentation by: Norma Noble, Deputy Secretary of Commerce for Workforce Development

25  Employers › HR Group Meetings › Civic Group Meetings › Choctaw Career Expo › Choctaw Employment Services Team › Career Tech Business Service Coordinators Trained › Brochures › Billboards › Website › Oklahoma Horizons TV Show



28  Citizens › Continue assessing individuals › High School End of Instruction Exams (EOI’s) › Job ads requesting/requiring CRC’s › Kiamichi Technology Center requires all employees to take WorkKeys exams › Expansion of Choctaw Career Development Academic & Employment Services team › State-wide promotion of KeyTrain and WorkKeys projects

29  Doubled number of WorkKeys Profiles completed  Increasing number of higher level CRCs  Increasing numbers of employers utilizing CRC’s in hiring  Hurdles › Economy › Political Changes › Slow Process

30  Workforce Readiness Award -- Oklahoma State Council for Human Resource Management  Distinguished Achievement Award – Oklahoma Association of Career & Technology Education

31  Re-application › Data currently being calculated  Promotion of WorkKeys Profiles to employers  OK CRC Summit  Continuation of previous promotional efforts  Use OK’s Premiere Work Ready Region certification to bring in new business & industry.

32  Rhonda Mize Academic & Employment Services Coordinator Choctaw Nation Career Development 866-933-2269 Office 580-931-7624 Cell **Please leave me your card if you would like a copy of this presentation.

33  Build strong partnerships with organizations who have multiple common goals.  Support of state agencies & leadership  Employer support › Find and utilize those who understand the WorkKeys system  Perseverance & Patience!!!

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