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Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma Food for Kids Backpack Program Add your name.

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1 Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma Food for Kids Backpack Program Add your name

2 The Backpack Program is an emergency food assistance program that focuses on combating childhood hunger.

3 The Backpack Program is for chronically hungry children.

4 Depend on school breakfasts and lunches. Hoard food, especially on Fridays. Ask for food from teachers or other children. Spend a lot of energy thinking about food. Come to school extremely hungry on Monday morning. Chronically hungry children… Have little or no access to food at home.

5 Other signs include: Physical Appearance School Performance Home Environment Talk with the child.

6 Chronic hunger may be a short- term or long term issue. Short-termLong-term Parents in financial trouble due to crisis event Family evicted from home Other temporary situations Family consistently lacks resources for food Family is homeless Child is neglected or abused Note: Children who were on the program last year should NOT be automatically enrolled each year.

7 If you observe these behaviors… …refer the child to the program. PLEASE DESCRIBE HOW SCHOOL PERSONNEL REFER A STUDENT TO THE PROGRAM

8 What happens after a child is referred to the program? Please describe how the backpacks will be distributed each Friday. Will you need help passing out the bags? Will there be an announcement? Should the kids return to their class after receiving the backpacks? The more the staff knows, the easier it is for you to run the program.

9 What is in the backpacks? Items may include: Peanut Butter (12 ounce jar) and a sleeve of crackers Beans and Franks (pop-top can) Beef stew (pop-top can) Cereal (1 ounce bowl) Fruit cups (peaches, applesauce, etc.) Vegetable cups (corn, green beans, etc.) Snack mixes Raisins (snack size boxes) Juice boxes (apple, orange, or other 100% juice) Milk, both white and chocolate (do not require refrigeration) Sunflower or pumpkin seeds Cereal bars or granola Note: Alert the Coordinator If you know the child has a food allergy.

10 Forget the backpack on Monday. Complain about the food. Forget to take home a backpack on Friday. Leave food at school or eat it on the bus. Children who are not chronically hungry will…

11 Food for Kids Backpack Program 2012-2013 Feel free to add statistics and stories from your school from last year. If this is your first year, we have included the overall statistics from last year. 477 schools enrolled in the program Served over 15,160 children As a result of the program, many teachers have reported better school attendance, improved school performance and reduced signs of hunger.

12 How you can help? Feel free to put how they can help you directly with the program. Below are ways they can help the Food Bank. Volunteer to assemble bags of food at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. Make a financial donation. A gift of $200 can provide enough food for one child for the entire school year. Visit

13 Questions? Just ask! Please put your contact information here.

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