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Oklahoma City By Bailey and Stephen. Current State Rising temperature Global warming.

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1 Oklahoma City By Bailey and Stephen

2 Current State Rising temperature Global warming

3 Current State

4 Effects/ Hazards Exposure of Oklahoma's growing population and economy to water stress. Oklahoma's future requires access to fresh water

5 Downside Fresh water sources will be impacted if climate change evolves how it’s predicted Economy will be effected due to growing crops Flash flood warnings increase due to heavier rainfalls

6 Upside Climate change will bring economic opportunities Oklahoma has already demonstrated the success of wind energy Similar efforts will be taken to advance development of solar and sustainable bio- energy If the climate evolves as expected, Oklahoma will be better positioned to adapt to the climate changes with rapid social upheaval Building resilience to climate and weather events will help position Oklahoma at a relative advantage to neighboring states. –Especially in attracting businesses that are dependant upon a continuous water supply.

7 Future Longer more intense droughts. More frequent heat waves. By 2050 summers will average at 102 degrees. Risk of wildfires increase. Cold extremes and cold air outbreaks will decrease

8 Forestry Increased warmer and drier conditions will lead to more wildfires. Forest sustainability and growth will be altered. Oklahoma forestry service plans on thinning forests and prescribing fires to prevent wildfire damage.

9 Wildlife Rising temperatures will cause much of Oklahoma's wildlife to move or adapt. Ecosystems will become ripe for invasive species (red fire ants, termites, etc.) Loss of wildlife means loss of money. ($1 billion is spent on tourism of wildlife in Oklahoma a year).

10 Agriculture Growing seasons lengthen. Increased need for irrigation to sustain crop growth. Wheat will produce approximately 30% less crops.

11 Overview Unless Oklahoma puts emphasis on building towards resiliency, effects of climate change will be significantly detrimental to residents. More intense hurricanes, heat waves, and tornadoes. Scientists can predict what will occur, but the true affects of climate will only show when the time comes.

12 Sources cs/tribes_322.pdf cs/tribes_322.pdf preparing-now-for-the-impact-of-climate- change-state-climate-scientist- says/article/4747197

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