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The world of The Outsiders

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1 The world of The Outsiders
1960’s America The world of The Outsiders

2 General Setting The Outsiders presumably takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where S.E. Hinton grew up. We mostly see the east side of the city, from the perspective of the Greasers.

3 Fashion Madras Shirts Hair Grease
During the time period of the novel, Soc “types” would wear madras shirts and khakis. You can see an example of typical clothing below. Madras Shirts James Dean embodied the cultivated Greaser image. Leather jacket, jeans, white t-shirt and boots were typical of boys who emulated the free and uncontrolled lifestyle Dean seemed to live. Hair Grease

4 Music and Film Here are some images of popular artists and movies.
The Beatles Elvis Presley Beach movies Paul Newman The Beach Boys

5 Drive-ins Watching movies at the drive-in theatre was a popular thing to do, especially for teenagers. The car culture was a big part of society. You’ll notice that cars are often mentioned in the novel.

6 Cars Here are two cars and a gas station that are mentioned in the novel. Chevy Corvair 1965 Ford Mustang DX Gas Station

7 Drive-in Restaurants These restaurants were a typical place to take a date. They were also where gangs hung out.

8 The American Dream Happiness for the characters of The Outsiders was a girl, a car, some money, a strong group of friends, and probably an ice-cold bottle of soda. How much has changed?

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