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OKLAHOMA STATE REGENTS OF HIGHER EDUCATION Presented by Houston D. Davis, OSRHE February 2008.

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1 OKLAHOMA STATE REGENTS OF HIGHER EDUCATION Presented by Houston D. Davis, OSRHE February 2008

2 Concurrent Enrollment Initiatives Supporting Access Oklahoma’s Promise Cooperative Alliances Workforce Initiatives Reach Higher Improving Access to Higher Education in Oklahoma

3 Student Portal

4 Concurrent Enrollment CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT HEADCOUNT FALL 20052006 2007 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 3,188 7,639 10,179

5 Financial Aid OTAG Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant OTEG Oklahoma Tuition Equalization Grant Oklahoma’s Promise/OHLAP

6 FY2000 FY2001FY2002 FY2003FY2004FY2005FY2006 FY2007 2% 4% 5% 6% 7% 8% FY2008 Total Percentage of State Appropriations/Allocations for Student Aid Since FY2000: 3% 3.6% 3.4% 3.5% 4% 4.9% 6% 6.7% 7.1% 7.7%

7 Scholarship Recipient Projections Assumes 3% annual increases in OK Promise high school enrollment through 2010 class and 2% thereafter; assumes 67% completion rate of high school requirements for scholarship eligibility.

8 Cooperative Alliances with Technology Centers

9 Workforce and Economic Development Workforce Development $4.5 million to increase academic programs at institutions offering nursing and allied health care programs. This will produce an additional 300 registered nurses, 130 allied health professionals and 15 additional masters level nursing faculty members annually.

10 Adult Degree-Completion Program

11 Student records were reviewed from 1992 to 2002 to identify students who: – had at least 77 hours of college credit, –were not currently enrolled, –and did not hold a bachelor’s degree. Adult Degree Completion Program Original Assessment of Need 69,000 potential candidates for the adult degree program were identified. 44% held either an AA or AS degree. 17% received a Pell grant in their last year of enrollment.

12 Factors impacting their re-enrollment in college: –Convenience –Accelerated format –Credit for previous experience –Cost 1/3 indicated they would definitely enroll in a Oklahoma public university degree completion program. 70% indicated that the program would be affordable if tuition is similar to current public university tuition. Adult Degree Completion Program Market Assessment Results

13 Enable people with at least two years of college to finish a bachelor’s degree Flexible and accelerated schedule to meet the needs of working adults Curriculum designed to ensure that students are prepared to succeed in the workplace by consortium of faculty statewide and business advisory group Adult Degree Completion Program Program Design Involve multiple learning environments. Common curriculum and offered at multiple locations. Developed by faculty by participating universities. Will be approved through academic processes.

14 Credit Hours General Education 40 Professional Elective Courses 33-39 Courses determined in consultation with advisors: completed course work, prior learning assessment credit, or courses to be taken) Core Required Courses 27-30 Orientation Course (3 credit hours) Program Core (21 credit hours) Determined by statewide consortium of faculty, local and state partners Field Experience/Internship (3 credit hours) Determined by institutions and local partners Capstone Experience (3 credit hours) Determined by institutions and local partners Institution-Specific Courses 18-21 Regionally Specific Courses (18 to 21 credit hours) determined by institutions and local partners Total Credit Hours: 124 B.S. in Organizational Leadership

15 Cameron University East Central University Langston University Northwestern Oklahoma State University Oklahoma Panhandle State University Rogers State University Southwestern Oklahoma State University University of Central Oklahoma Participating Institutions

16 Marketing Materials



19 First course offered March 2007 –Inquires about program:>50 –Applications to Program:>20 –Enrollment:36 PR Launch of Program August 2007 –Inquires about program:873 –Applications to Program:460 –Enrollment Spr ‘08:169 Age Range of Students: 27-55 Average Age of Students: 40 Majority of students are women Progress So Far….

20 Dr. Houston Davis Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education 405.225.9175

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