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Great Culture and Place to Work

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1 Great Culture and Place to Work
Cultural Development Toolbox Rosalia Cunningham - Chief Sherpa & HNA OD Team Office of the CEO January 13, 2012

2 Today’s Journey Hilti History Our Culture Journey Evolution
Design and Implementation Organizational Knowledge Management Measuring and Assessing Recognition of Impact Loading up your Toolbox

3 Hilti History …

4 What is Hilti ? A Snapshot
Hilti holds a leadership position world wide in the specialized field of fastening and demolition systems for the construction industry Hilti holds a leadership position world wide in the specialized field of fastening and demolition systems for the construction industry What is Hilti ? A Snapshot Measuring Distance measuring, Leveling & aligning, detecting Drilling & Demolition Insulation & Protection Drilling & chiseling, Diamond systems Foams Systems, Fire Stopping Cutting & Grinding Professional Services Cutting, sawing, sanding, Diamond systems Full Service, Calibration, Fleet Management, Financial Service, Anti-theft protection Fastening & Installation Planning & Specifying Anchoring Direct fastening Screw fastening Installation Specification, Consulting, Engineering, Software

5 Where is Hilti ? EVERYWHERE !!
Asia Europe 3 North America Europe 2 Europe 1 Africa, Near and Middle East Latin America

6 Who is Hilti? Mr. Hilti and family
Founded in 1941 Martin Hilti ( ) as Hilti oHG - a mechanical workshop in Schaan, Principality of Liechtenstein, with five employees 1971 Acquisition of a production plant at Kaufering, Germany Step-by-step setting up of an international sales network with independent sales organizations and local representatives - Construction of the parent plant in Schaan 1972 Founder – Health Issues 1964 Addition of a drilling and anchoring line to the sales program 1948 Start of development of a powder-actuated fastening system

7 1985 Creation of three divisions: drilling and demolition, powder-actuated fastening and anchor technology 1989 Development and initial implementation of Strategy 2000 1979 Inauguration of headquarters for North and Latin America at Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA 1986 Innovation (INNO) – Work/Life Balance 1994 Our people and company culture are not soft-strategy elements, but key drivers of our company’s success, one of our biggest secrets to living our purpose Michael Hilti – Chairman of the Board of Directors 1987 Entry into construction chemicals market 1985 Leadership Makes a Difference – Culture Statement 1982 Entry into diamond coring and cutting market, and launch of first breaker

8 1996 Revision of corporate strategy
2003 Operating in more than 120 countries, 110 Home Depots and the Internet with 9 manufacturing plants, and app. 14,100 employees. 1994 Founding of Hilti Asia Ltd. in Hong Kong and relocation of Asia market region management from Schaan to Hong Kong 1996 Revision of corporate strategy 2003 Global Rollout 1998 Step-by-step implementation of "Champion 3 C" strategy 1995 Introduced to HNA Executive Management Team as culture initiative not program of the month

9 Acquisition of Unirac in North America
2010 Acquisition of Unirac in North America Launch of Aluminum Solar Flat Roof Systems 2011 Achieved highest GEOS rating in Hilti’s history 2008 Creation and launch of full recognition awards for customer based as well as peer nominations 2013 Next decade… ERA of the Journey Evolution!!! 2012 Wellness initiative launched Total employees globally over 20,000 2010 Revision of corporate strategy – Vision 2020 introduced 2009 Purchased Diamond B, Inc. and rebranded to Hilti DPC

10 Our Journey Evolution….

11 Secret Recipe – 3 secrets of Gung Ho
Spirit of the Squirrel: Worthwhile Work Way of the Beaver: In Control of Achieving the Goal Gift of the Goose: Cheering Each Other On

12 Our Culture Journey Principles
First Principle We do Worthwhile Work The Mirror – See the “Ideal Hilti” Serving a Higher Purpose Living Core Values Becoming Best At Having Shared Goals Having a Balanced Life Outstanding Results Second Principle We take Self-Response-Ability to Achieve Our Goals Third Principle We Encourage Each Other and Recognize Results Defining the Playing Field Develop Your Potential Sharing Leadership & Teamwork Enabling Empowerment Aligning Structures, Processes and Systems Encourage Courage Monitoring & Measuring the Right Things Right Recognizing & Rewarding Aligning Recognition & Reward Systems Focus – Energy Disciplined Action

13 Ms. C’s Doom Loop Disappointing Results Reaction, No Buildup; without
Understanding No Buildup; No Accumulated Momentum New Direction, Program, Leader, Event, Fad or Acquisition Ms. C could make her entrance at this point????

14 Many camps along the Journey… Design and Implement

15 Team Camps – global and vertical
We discuss selected topics on a global and vertical plane in a bi-annual (18 – 24 month cycle) rhythm, called Team Camps All team leaders participate twice in a team camp As member of a management team With their own team The Team Camps are facilitated by internal people in the local language, called “Sherpas” (Strategic, Team Leader and Spirit)

16 The Team Camps of Our Culture Journey
Desired Hilti Culture Vision 2020 The Team Camps of Our Culture Journey Rubicon Pit Stop One Voice Mini Pit Moment of Truth Why Not? The die is cast Traps of busyness Feedback ceremony Slow down to Speed up! Beacons Ideal Team Road to the Summit Reflect on Positioning Prioritize & Action Planning Team Dynamics Unique customer experience! Seamless process ’’extra mile’’ Foundation Focus – Energy & Disciplined Action to achieve Outstanding Results Core Purpose & Values Self-Response-Ability Encouragement & Recognition

17 TC1 Overview: Foundation– Orientation / BTS
Day TWO A.M. 2nd Principle “We take Self-Response-Ability to Achieve Our Goals” Reflect on Drama Empowerment Hilti Leadership Enabling Structured Processes - DiSC Day ONE A.M. Desired and Current Culture Status Introduction Session Overview SHERPA Exercise Needs Activity Lifelines Desired Culture State Brutal Facts (HWH) Tower of Power / Enabling Elements of Greatness Overview of Our Culture Journey Hilti Movie Lunch Day ONE P.M. Day TWO P.M. Enabling Structured Processes (Cont’d.) SL2 (w/Context Video) PMP/Red Thread w/ SL2 Disciplined Action (DA) Personal 3rd Principle “We Encourage Each Other & Recognize Results” Reflection on Key Points Planet Hilti Reward / Recognition Systems Disciplined Action (DA) Personal Recap & Review Leading Change Team Camps Who Moved My Cheese? Movie* 1ST Principle “We do Worth-while Work” Hilti Core Purpose Hilti Core Values Mission Statement Commitment Best At Statement Shared Goals Approach Making a Personal Connection to Worthwhile Work Disciplined Action (DA) Personal (Work/Life Balance) Fish! Worthwhile Work in Action Movie* Team Spirit “Rite of Passage to Greatness” Ms. C Lunch

18 Painting the Team’s Purpose
TC2 Overview: 2+ Day Team Camp Rubicon The Beginning Day 1 Day 2 (conclude ~5:00pm) Feedback as a Gift Drama: Team Courage Team Development / Managing Team Conflicts Embracing & Leading Change DA Individual Third Principle: “We Encourage Each Other and Recognize Results” DA’s Team – Consolidation & Prioritization Desired Culture State Brutal Facts -Organization -Team Define Team’s Rubicon Barriers to Greatness Disciplined Action - Team First Principle: “We do Worthwhile Work” Team Connection to Worthwhile Work – Visualizing the Team’s Future Personal Connection to Life Balance DA Individual Second Principle: “We take Self Response-Ability to Achieve Our Goals” Hilti Leadership & Knowing Yourself Participants arrive at the location for lunch Path to OCJ Team Camp Rubicon “Crossing the Rubicon” Poolside/Campfire Reflection “Becoming balanced on the Journey with the 6 L’s” Painting the Team’s Purpose

19 TC3 Overview: 2+ Day Team Camp Pit Stop
Late Afternoon Day 1 Day 2 Start the Race (Strategic/Team Leader) Courage (Team Leader) My relationship Traffic Light The Walk Prepare the Race The Race Personal Pit Stop Team Pit Stop (Team Leader) Pit Stop Forever (Team and Team Leader) From Rubicon to the Pit Stop The Pit Stop Letter Camp Fire (Team Leader) Strategic Sherpa Night Roles

20 TC4 Overview: Team Camp Moment of Truth
1st day 2nd day 3rd day Beginning Beginning 08.00 07.30 Setting the Stage 08.00 – 09.00 07.30 – 09.30 Our Call to Action The Voice 09.00 – 09.30 09.30 Break In the Round 09.30 – 10.15 10.00 – A Quantum of Surprise Strategic Sherpa – Hannes Saeubert Timeframe Break 10.15 Lunch at Aspen 12.30 – Voice of the EB 10.30 – 11.30 01.00 – 01.45 My Personal Contribution 11.30 – 12.30 Strategic Sherpa Hour Lunch for early arrivals 01.45 – 02.00 Personal feedback 12.00 Lunch 12.30 – 01.30 02.00 – 02.30 My Call to Action 01.45 Break with heavy appetizers 01.30 – 04.00 The Experience: Customer Award~ 02.30 – 02.45 Break 02.00 Welcome & Review OCJ 04.00 – 04.15 Break 02.45 – 03.00 The Call A Quantum of Pride: Team Assessment Camp Closing 04.15 – 05.15 The Challenge 03.00 03:00 Teambuilding Activity – On Target 05.15 – 05.45 Our Customer Promise 06.30 06.30 Gala “Arbor” Dinner w/ social Strategic Sherpa – Hannes Saeubert Team Dinner w/ social Campfire in Lodge 08.00

21 TC 5 Overview: Why Not? Day 1 Afternoon Day 2 Full day Day 3 Morning
Essence of the Hilti Culture Future Imperatives of the Organization –Entrepreneurial Player US living our What is the essence of the Hilti Culture? Let’s open our BOOK and our minds to the journey! Where is the team on the journey? Let’s experience our culture as a Team My personal change agreement Challenge & advice Letter to myself The One Thing Understand it WHY is this important for the org’s Vision? WHAT do these strategic imperatives mean for us? The Playbook: The Real Game Our team: Diarizing the learning How will we do this? -Addressing accountability The One Thing Apply it What does it look and feel like? -Business Simulation: The Practice Strategic Sherpa Night WHAT is needed to achieve the org’s strategic imperatives? * TC5 Global Std.

22 TC Overview: One Voice Arrival (1st day) Tuesday, 01/17/12
Team Reflection 2nd day – A.M. Wednesday, 01/18/12 Team Direction 2nd day – P.M. Wednesday, 01/18/12 Team Alignment Breakfast (7:15a) Lunch (12:30p) Team Mirror: “1 – 10” on the path being a High Performing Team Team Commitment: Put Vision into Action II OYP To Do (Practice the learnings on one critical business topic or develop complete OYP) Team Vision: How does the team want to be perceived? What Leadership Attributes are needed in the future? Arrival Break (10:00a) Break (3:00p) Lunch (Noon) Welcome Team Connection: How do we want to work together? Responsibilities, Roles, Decision making, Communication, & Follow-through Team Support: Define and share your Leadership (keep/change) - The Walk Meet the Team: -Speed Dating Team Integration Part I: Fast Leap Team Communication: Sharing the message and gaining buy-in within our organization. Fireside Social at the Summit (6p) Team Dinner (7:30p) Team Focus: Put Vision into Action I - Stop Doing Team Experience: Building the bridge to our future Team Integration Part 2: Sharing in the round Social (6p) and Team Dinner (7p)

23 Manage Organizational Knowledge …


25 The Hilti Business Model

26 Cultural Development Model
Mindset and Leadership Team Engagement and Self-Actualization Impact Impact Customer Centricity/ Productivity Impact and Sustain the Journey Customer Engagement and Satisfaction Impact Impact feedback Employee Engagement*: A team member’s degree of positive emotional attachment to the organization, their role and to their team.

27 Our Call to Action #1 Goal Goal: Owner Action Steps Start Date
End Date 30 Days 60 Days 90 Days 180 Days Completion Date Benefit of Goal Achievement Challenges to Goal Achievement: Recognition and Communication Metric/Target Current Base Line 30 Day Results 60 Day Results 90 Day Results 6 Months Results

28 Measuring and Assessing Impact…

29 Facts and Figures Enthusiastic Customers Retention Morale Teamwork Productivity Profitability

30 Triple Bottom Line

31 Isolate the effects of OCJ
ROI Framework Impact Sherpa Team Competency Team Members T Team Engagement Isolate the effects of OCJ T Strategy Alignment Changes in measures, Trend analysis to include intangible benefits. Organizational Development Wilson Learning Worldwide, 2009 (Kirkpatrick’s 4 – Level model)

32 Zoom Type Evaluation Level Content Focus & # of questions
Chain of Impact Zoom Type Evaluation Level Content Focus & # of questions Readiness 0 Preparedness (#4), Aligned/Direction (6), Working Relationships (9), Shared Leadership (5) Immediate 1 Sherpas’ Ability (11), Team Performance(9), Team Camp (7), Impact (17) 30 Days 2 Knowledge, Skills & Attitude Changes: AIP’s (9), Barriers/Challenges (11), Resources/Recognition (6), Days 3 Changes in On-the-job Behavior, Actions, Progress (10) 6months 4 Changes in Business Measures – Trend Analysis (8) Long-Term (ROI) 5 Compares OCJ Benefits to the Investment Costs


34 Readiness Sensing Survey
Measurements: Values, purpose and principles – highest ratings Goals and priorities Team engagement Self-actualization / empowerment Applying Management tools – lowest ratings Results: 48% of the respondents have been informed of the topic and content of the TC 90% to 92% of respondents feel they and their team are ready Degree of execution from last team camp – 7.5* Clarity on goals and team priorities – 7.2 to 7.8 Alignment with principles, purpose and values– 8.4 to 8.8 Understanding of expectations, contribution and roles & responsibilities – 8.0 to 8.5 66% of respondents state Team Leader kept the Team Camp top of mind Highest ratings: Trust – 8.5 Motivation – 8.5 Ability to handle conflict – 8.4 Lowest ratings: Applying 8 steps for leading change – 7.2 DISC usage – 7.3 Situational Leadership usage – 7.6 Degree of leading and facilitating change – 8.3 to 8.4 Sense of empowerment – 7.3 Comfortable asking for help – 8.8 to 8.9 Quotes: “These events are fine its good to get together with the team but my experience is that Hilti does not live up to what its professed culture really is.” “Nobody wants to go anymore ... topics boiled down now...too long out field” Results give guidance on areas of focus before and during OCJ

35 Reward and Recognition Impact…

36 We Create Enthusiastic Customers Building a Better Future
OCJ Reward &Recognition Overview We Create Enthusiastic Customers Peer to Peer Building a Better Future Recognize Results Enthusiastic Customer Award OCJ Recognition Management Recognition Internal Team Member Recognition Legacy Cup Award

37 OCJ Online Recognition Bank
4 tickets per person to recognize team members within the year. Team members accumulate these tickets and “cash” them in for OCJ product through the online catalog. Catalog offers products from 1 to 100 tickets for team members to select from. Ticket quantity is determined by an established “ticket price”

38 OCJ Online Catalog


40 Recognition and Awards
2001 Recipient of the Ken Blanchard Companies Outstanding Award North America 2010 Excellence in People Development Award from

41 manufacturing company manufacturing company
"Selling Power” ranks Hilti-Canada #1 manufacturing company to sell for "Selling Power” ranks Hilti-North America #2 manufacturing company to sell for

42 Placed 15th globally (Microsoft #1) – 25 best in the World
2011 “Great Place to Work” Placed 15th globally (Microsoft #1) – best in the World Michael Hilti, former Chairman of the Board Winner of the Carl Bertelsmann - Global Prize for exceptional Corporate Culture Mythos brand – world-wide the strongest brand in the industry Cary Evert , CEO of Hilti North American

43 Toolbox for Your Journey…

44 Sherpa Team Charter Influence the mindset of teams to create passionate and engaged customers. Customer Engagement & Satisfaction Focus teams to embrace seamless, consistent, best practices to maximize efficiencies. Customer Centricity/ Productivity Foster a spirited environment of learning, development, recognition, and fun. Team Engagement & Self-Actualization Be the OCJ Advocate and become a Strategic Asset Impact and Sustain the Journey

45 ... the journey to new heights!

46 Time for Q & A?

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