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How did law, order, and growth develop in Oklahoma?

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2 How did law, order, and growth develop in Oklahoma?
Chapter 10 How did law, order, and growth develop in Oklahoma?

3 Where did the name “Oklahoma” originate?
Choctaw Chief Allen Wright Oklahoma Historical Society

4 What was provisional government?

5 How did rural life develop?

6 What was No Man’s Land?

7 What was territorial government?

8 Who were the territorial governors?
Oklahoma’s Territorial Governors Oklahoma Historical Society

9 How were public schools established?
One-room schools were where children went to learn in rural Oklahoma. A single school might have several grades. Illustration by Charles Banks Wilson

10 Oklahoma Historical Society
The first rural school building in Oklahoma was located 10 miles southwest of Stillwater. Construction was completed on October 15, 1889. Oklahoma Historical Society

11 What was the Jerome Commission?

12 When was the second land run?

13 How were Cheyenne-Arapaho
lands opened?

14 What was territorial government?

15 What living conditions did settlers face?
Seven members of an early Oklahoma family, dressed in their finest “Sunday” clothes, were photographed by J. V. Dedrick in 1909 in front of their dugout home. Oklahoma Historical Society

16 How was the Cherokee Outlet
opened for settlement?

17 How did opening the Cherokee Outlet differ from other land runs?

18 What was the last area to be opened
by a land run?

19 How were Kiowa-Comanche and Wichita lands opened?

20 What is unique about Greer County Map showing Greer County
in Oklahoma history? Map showing Greer County

21 What ethnic groups were represented among Oklahoma settlers?

22 DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Trace the status of “No Man’s Land” from the time that Indian tribes were sent there until statehood. Explain how provisional governments work and why they are not completely effective. Compare and contrast the nine territorial governors and their accomplishments.

23 DISCUSSION QUESTIONS How did the Organic Act affect Oklahoma?
What is another name for the Public Land Strip and where was it located? How did the settlers in the Public Land Strip protect themselves from outlaws? What are school lands?

24 DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Describe the living conditions of homesteaders in Oklahoma Territory. How did the runs for land in the Cherokee Outlet and in the Cheyenne-Arapaho reservation differ from previous land runs? What was the Jerome Act?


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