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Oklahoma’s Research Improving Our Future by Degrees Dr. Linda Mason Coordinator of Grant Writing Assistance 405-225-9486

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1 Oklahoma’s Research Improving Our Future by Degrees Dr. Linda Mason Coordinator of Grant Writing Assistance 405-225-9486

2 The state system - 25 colleges and universities –2 research universities - 11 undergraduate universities –12 community colleges - 11 constituent agencies –2 higher education centers Coordinated by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE) Each institution is governed by a board of regents. OSRHE –Prescribe academic standards - Grant degrees of higher education - Approve tuition and fees –Determine functions - Approve each public –Determine courses of study institution’s $ allocations at state colleges and universities

3 OKLAHOMA RESEARCH OKLAHOMA RESEARCH NCURA International Fellow (National Council of University Research Administrators) Dr. Linda Mason Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education October 2013


5 1909 became a state

6 Population – 4 million OKC – 600,000; Tulsa – 400,000 Demographics: 14.6% German2.4% French 12.6% Irish2% Dutch 9.6% American 1.8% Scottish 8.2% English1.7% Italian 7.1% Mexican1.7% Scandinavian 1.2% Scotch-Irish WhiteWhite: 72.2% Black or African AmericanBlack or African American: 7.4%Asian: 1.7% (.4% Vietnamese,.3%Asian Latino-Hispanic: 8.9% Indian,.2% Chinese,.2% Korean, Native AmericanNative American: 8.6%.2% Filipino, 0.1% Hmong,.1% Japanese) Pacific IslanderPacific Islander: 0.1% Two or more races: 4.7% Two or more races

7 Oklahoma is in the center of the US at the crossroads of I35 and I40.


9 ONE NET State Network OneNet is a division of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, operated in cooperation with the Office of Management and Enterprise Services. The State Regents provides leadership for OneNet through our executive director, who also serves as the state’s higher education chief information officer. The Oklahoma State System of Higher Education was created in 1941 by a vote of the people that amended the state’s constitution to provide for such a system.

10 ONE NET Network & Hub

11 Oklahoma Research Network allows numerous wavelengths of light to traverse state-owned fiber and provides tens of gigabits of bandwith per second to meet the research and business needs of government, education, healthcare and public services. -All higher education institutions -All technical schools -All public libraries -All hospitals -85% k-12 schools -Many businesses

12 Internet2 190 US universities working in partnership with industry and government - Internet2 offers the nation’s only 100G-enabled network, the nation’s fastest coast-to-coast network for education and research Internet2 member institutions, primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, libraries and museums get new technologies as quickly and as “connectedly” as possible. Private telecommunications and Internet service providers will not be able to provide access to this advanced national network backbone.

13 National LambdaRail (NLR) National LambdaRail (NLR) represents the common interests of the nation’s higher education academic and research communities - leading public and private higher education institutions and companies from information technology industries

14 Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA) SURA is a consortium of over 60 universities across the U.S. SURA operates the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy and promotes initiatives in nuclear physics, information technologies and coastal research.

15 Great Plains Network (GPN) is a consortium of universities in the midwestern states, dedicated to supporting research and education through the use of advanced networking technology.

16 A consortium of regional optical networks across the United States cooperate in the advancement of common goals and facilitates the interaction with local, state and national groups in establishing best practices in a number of areas.

17 Super Computing Center

18 OU IT OU IT has been named to the 2013 InformationWeek 500, specifically #39 on the Top 250 list.InformationWeek 500Top 250

19 NSF Grant - $499,961 National Science Foundation Campus Cyberinfrastructure - Network Infrastructure and Engineering (CC-NIE) networking grant - OneOklahoma Friction Free Network (OFFN) deploying Science DMZ, a dedicated research network 10G circuit shared by 4:National Science FoundationCampus Cyberinfrastructure - Network Infrastructure and EngineeringOneOklahoma Friction Free NetworkScience DMZ –OU-- Oklahoma State UOUOklahoma State U –Langston U -- Tandy Supercomputing Center (part of the Oklahoma Innovation Institute and OneNet)Langston UTandy Supercomputing CenterOklahoma Innovation InstituteOneNet

20 Famous People Johnny Bench baseball player OKCGarth Brooks singer, Tulsa Gordon Cooper astronaut, ShawneeJames Garner actor, Norman Owen K. Garriott astronaut, EnidVince Gill singer, Norman Chester Gould cartoonist, PawneeWoodrow Wilson Woody Guthrie singer, composer, Okemah Paul Harvey broadcaster, TulsaTony Hillerman author, Sacred Heart Shannon Lucid astronaut, BethanyMickey Charles Mantle baseball player, Spavinaw Reba McEntire singer, McAlesterShannon Miller Olympic gymnast, Bill Moyers journalist, Hugo Edmond Brad Pitt actor Shawnee Patti Page singer, Clarence Oral Roberts evangelist, Ada Tony Randall actor, Tulsa Will Rogers humorist, Oologah Dale Robertson actor, Oklahoma City Maria Tallchief ballerina, Fairfax Dan Rowan comedian, Beggs Wilma Mankiller Cherokee chief,Tahlequah James Francis Jim Thorpe athlete, Prague














34 Oklahoma Inventions



37 The parking meter Carlton Cole "Carl" Magee was an American lawyer and publisher. He also patented the first parking meter. A local judge,, responded that Magee was a;lawyerpublisherparking meter judge –“lying, un-American political harlot, fatheaded imbecile remittance man, dirty cowardly reprobate, wicked, wanton, false, malicious, dishonest, corrupt, unscrupulous, and worse than the assassin of President McKinley.”


39 The shopping cart Sylvan Nathan Goldman (1898-1984) was an Oklahoma businessman and inventor of the first shopping cart. He introduced the device on June 4, 1937, in his Humpty Dumpty supermarket chain in Oklahoma City.18981984 shopping cartJune 4 1937 Oklahoma City Fred Young With the assistance of a mechanic named Fred Young, Goldman constructed the first shopping cart, basing his design on that of a wooden folding chair. They built it with a metal frame and added wheels and wire baskets. Arthur Kosted Another mechanic, Arthur Kosted, developed a method to mass produce the carts by inventing an assembly line capable of forming and welding the wire.


41 YIELD Sign The first yield sign was installed in Tulsa, Oklahoma and was invented by Tulsan Clinton Riggs, a Tulsa policeman. Clinton E. Riggs (1910–1997), a Tulsa Police Department officer, invented the first yield sign in 1950. It was installed at the intersection of 1 st and Columbia in Tulsa. The Tulsa Police Department's shoulder patch is patterned after this original yield sign. He retired from the department as Administrative Chief in 1970 after 36 years of service.Tulsa, Oklahoma Clinton Riggs19101997Tulsa Police Departmentyield sign


43 The flight suit Willey Post invented the modern day flight suit and autopilot. A flight suit is a full body garment, worn while flying a powered aircraft such as military airplanes and helicopters. These suits are generally made to keep the wearer warm, as well as being practical, and durable (including fire retardant). Its appearance is usually similar to a jumpsuit. A military flight suit may also show rank insignia.aircraftmilitarypractical durablefire retardantjumpsuitmilitaryrankinsignia


45 Wiley Hardeman Post (1898–1935) was the first pilot to fly solo around the world. Also known for his work in high altitude flying, Post helped develop one of the first pressure suits. Post was born in Van Zandt County, Texas, but his family moved to Oklahoma when he was five. His aviation career began at age 26 as a parachutist for a flying circus, Burrell Tibbs and His Texas Topnotch Fliers, and he became well known on the barnstorming circuit. On 1 October 1926, an oil field accident cost him his left eye, but he used the settlement money to buy his first aircraft. Around this time, he met fellow Oklahoman Will Rogers when he flew Rogers to a rodeo, and the two eventually became close friends.1 October1926


47 Autopilot Willey Post invented the modern day flight suit and Autopilot. In the early days of aviation, aircraft required the continuous attention of a pilot in order to fly safely. As aircraft range increased allowing flights of many hours, the constant attention led to serious fatigue. An autopilot is designed to perform some of the tasks of the pilot. The first aircraft autopilot was developed by Sperry Corporation in 1912.


49 Voice Mail Voicemail (or voice mail, voice-mail, vmail or VMS, sometimes called messagebank) is a centralized system of managing telephone messages for a large group of people. Gordon Matthews, a ruddy, tall man who was born in Tulsa and lived in Austin but worked mostly in Dallas, didn't want the voice mail to tick people off. But he will be blamed for it for many years to come, and he is very aware that this is his lot in life.telephone "I always say half the world hates me, and the other half loves me,'' Matthews says. “I invented the way for people to not talk to one another.” He invented voice mail in 1983. And if you've got something to say about it, and it's not nice, well, you can just leave your message in his voice mail box. Like email, this method of delivering voice messages can be subject to abuse such a spam or vishing. There are Federal and State laws and regulations designed curb these abuses, such as the United States Do Not Call Registry.

50 Gordon Matthews 1936-2002 Peter Yang /American-Statesman In voice mail, no one can

51 Automatic Marshal He also invented "Automatic Marshal,'' a device to track how long each player plays on the golf course and sets off an alarm when they dawdle!


53 Personal Computer A personal computer (PC) is a computer whose original sales price, size, and capabilities make it useful for individuals, intended to be operated directly by an end user, with no intervening computer operator. Today a PC may be a desktop computer, a laptop computer or a tablet computer.

54 Ed RobertsEd Roberts

55 Henry Edward Roberts (born 1942) was the founder and president of Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS) which built the Altair 8800, one of the very first hobbyist personal computers. He earned his bachelors degree in engineering at Oklahoma State University. As a teenager he created circuitry for analog and digital computers. In 1977, MITS was bought by Pertec Computer Corporation for upwards of $6 million, and Roberts entered medical school at Mercer University. He is now a country doctor in Cochran, Georgia.Altair 8800MITSPertec Computer Corporation

56 Alan Beaty invented the Trooper Trap which is a prisoner seatbelt alarm device that sounds an external vehicle alarm siren if the prisoner or detainee unbuckles the seatbelt to let the officer know the prisoner is escaping or no longer secure.

57 Bill Baker invented the Step Ladder that offers exceptional stability and ergonomic features

58 James Quintus invented the Garage Butler. This device can be automatically set to close the garage door in case the owner forgets to. Helps to prevent and stop burglaries and home invasions.

59 Bob Cook and Roy Blasius invented the Trailer/Vehicle Alignment System which will present the driver of a vehicle with a visual presentation of the position of the trailer hitch and an audible alarm to indicate the approach of the vehicle.

60 Carnell Duvall invented the Rollback Sidewinder It mounts onto the side of a rollback wrecker and is used to pull a vehicle along side of the wrecker. The wrecker is then pulled in front of the vehicle and the vehicle loaded, all without blocking traffic.

61 The Oklahoma Inventors Congress The Oklahoma Inventors Congress (OIC) is designed to bring together members of the inventive community and unite them in the common causes of: mutual assistance, problem sharing and solving; learning the invention process; the study of Patent Law and Patent Office requirements and procedures; assisting in prototyping, testing, and evaluating new and useful inventions; and promoting the creation, development, licensing, marketing, and commercialization of worthy inventions of the membership.

62 Hugh Wayman invented the Automatic Livestock Feeder. It is a solar powered livestock feeder that automatically disperses feed per user settings. Each feeder can care for up to 20 head of full grown livestock.

63 Gary Godwin invented the FunErgo computer stand. Named for functional and ergonomic, FunErgoTM enables people with chronic back pain, people recovering after surgery, home office user, or even for computer gamers to work at a computer without back pain or other health problems.


65 Oklahoma Research

66 Funding sources: 26 Federal Agencies State Agencies - state funds and federal funds Local Foundations - Noble Foundation, Sarkeys Foundation, Inasmuch Foundation, Presbyterian Health Foundation, OMRF Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, Schusterman Foundation, Mabee Foundation Corporations – Chesapeake, Devon, Williams, OGE, OneOK, Sonic, Love’s, QuickTrip, American Fidelity, BOK, OkPubCo, Clements

67 Weather Research

68 OU Weather University of Oklahoma School of Meteorology - National Weather Center - National Severe Storms Lab - 7ofns 7ofns

69 Energy: Wind, Oil and Gas

70 OSU Cowboy Wind Farm – Dedicated 2-2013OSU Cowboy Wind Farm – Dedicated 2-2013 (£460,910$288,069 (£460,910) energy-efficiency rebate check from Oklahoma Gas & Electric – will save the campus about (£720,000 $450,000 (£720,000) annually!




74 hydraulic fracturing for natural gas coal-powered electricity compressed natural gas vehicles solar and wind power 1997 - US imported 60 % of its oil in 2013 – US imports 35%

75 2011 - Oklahoma was the US's 5th largest producer of crude oil 2010 - Oklahoma a leading producer of natural gas, 7% percent of US gross production 2011 - Oklahoma 7th in net electricity generation from wind 2013 - Oklahoma's five petroleum refineries have a combined daily capacity of more than 500,000 barrels per day, which is 3% of US operating distillation capacity



78 CANCER - DIABETES - Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation –


80 OK EPSCOR (National Science Foundation – External Program to Stimulate Competitive Research)

81 WHAT IS EPSCoR? Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research” EPSCoR is a merit based science and technology (S&T) initiative to improve the research capacity capability and competitiveness in states that historically have not received significant federal research and development (R&D) funding.

82 Bioenergy research Research Opportunity Award Plus (ROA+) for Faculty--Summer 2014Research Opportunity Award Plus (ROA+) for Faculty--Summer 2014 Faculty members of small universities spend the summer researching with comprehensive research university faculty and researchers in the Noble Foundation.

83 What programs are available for college students? Travel for Students to Professional Meetings (NCUR, AISES, etc.) Comanche Nation College Math Tutor Summer Science Workshop & Educational Activities for Undergraduates at Southeastern Oklahoma State University (SOSU) Supplemental Instruction Program at Langston University (LU) GRE Preparation at Langston University (LU) Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) Research Day for Regional Universities at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) UCO NSF SURE-STEP Program Women in Science Conferences How can I find out more about college outreach programs? For more information contact Ms. Shelley D. Wear, Outreach Coordinator at 405.225.9287 or


85 Higher Education institutions host economic development centers on their campuses. 2010 there were 7 institutionally based Technology Transfer Centers ( transfer-study.pdf). transfer-study.pdf

86 OSU - Oklahoma Proof-of-Concept Center fs/POCCtalkmarch2013.pdf) fs/POCCtalkmarch2013.pdf OSU’s Technology Development Center Cowboy Technologies, LLC ies ies OU’s Office of Technology Development

87 Many Oklahoma higher education institutions offer degrees in entrepreneurship and commercialization Many Oklahoma researchers conduct research in entrepreneurship

88 One of 9 states that support commercialization with its tax base. The Oklahoma Center for Science and Technology (OCAST) was established for state-university commercialization in the sciences in 1987 ( A privatized offshoot of OCAST, i2E (standing for Innovation to Enterprise) was established in 1997 (

89 Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology... from concept to commercialization

90 Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology... from concept to commercialization OCAST’S Return on Investment Since 1987 – FY2006: $139 Million $2.4 Billion State Private and Appropriations Federal Funding ROI = 17:1

91 Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology... from concept to commercialization More About OCAST Visit the OCAST web site:  Workshops  Staff contact information  Research solicitations  Technical support  Success stories

92 Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology...from concept to commercialization R&D Intern Program Undergraduate students perform R&D at Oklahoma High-Tech companies Company mentors guide projects Proposals for business student R&D interns are welcome (no market research) Companies, colleges, and universities lead programs Proposal Intent deadline February Proposals due February - funding May Next proposal cycle September - funding January Contact Dr. Arnulf (Arni) Hagen 405-319-8411

93 Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology...from concept to commercialization R&D Intern Program Stopping the “Brain Drain” An improved Oklahoma technical human resource base that trains future scientists and technology leaders -- an essential ingredient for growing and attracting technology-based business and producing high skill/high wage jobs Chad Smith and Rochette Wurth – Cameron University

94 Our Partners Funding Sources OCAST UHA EOVF Foundations Clients Entrepreneurs Technology Firms Researchers Inventors

95 Increase the Number of Knowledge-Based Companies Develop and Grow Financing Resources Accelerate Technology Commercialization and Wealth Creation Our Goals

96 GOVERNOR’S CUP 12 UG Semi-Finalists and 6 Graduate Finalists Roundtable Scholarship Award Official Application MANAGED BY i2E POWERED BY ISOCENTRIC Oral Presentation Deadline Apr. 07, 2008 12 UG Semi-Finalists and 6 Graduate Finalists Roundtable Scholarship Award Official Application MANAGED BY i2E POWERED BY ISOCENTRIC Oral Presentation DeadlineApr. 07, 2008

97 Ameliorate Composites- Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City A microcapsule intended to “self repair” microscopic cracks in epoxy based composite materials. - Rily Sanders Matthew Sattre and Andrew Spellman Argent University of Oklahoma, Norman A web-based software designed to automate the commission tracking process, and provide consolidated commission statements and commission revenue projections. Ryan McLaughlin Travis Green, Patrick Martinez, Ashraf Oklah, and Stephen Pestinger

98 Enviro-Clear Innovations LLC Rogers State University Cost effective algae control solutions for swimming pools, cooling towers, refineries, power plants and petrochemical plants. Josh Compton Jason Cantrell, Bethia Davis, Brandon Gaffney, Ashley Isaac, and Stephanie Wayne Everylife Technology Solutions, Inc. University of Oklahoma, Norman A complete software package that automates and controls each energy efficiency system in the home. Nick Carden Jordan Bishop, Kyle Finley, Yu Cheung Lee, and Chris McAfee

99 Fusion Recruits University of Oklahoma, Norman A social networking website that allows athletes and coaches to create profiles featuring relevant information. Bobby Lepak Eddie Coates, Jonathan Prickett, Jeff Ragan, and Trent Rexing LuxomHorizon Oklahoma State University - Tulsa An innovative Multiple Listing Structure, operating from a revolutionary Social Networking Platform. Faculty Advisor: Ron Bussert

100 Medtrieval Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma City Automated Medication Retrieval Unit Nathan Nelson Rocky Chavez, Timothy Harlin, and Ashley Nguyen Nantiox University of Oklahoma, Norman Biotech platform pharmaceutical technology for ophthalmic diseases. Kim Saylor William Cunningham, Derek Perkins, Chris Shilling, and John Woodson

101 SensorTech Services Oklahoma State University, Stillwater SensorTech Services is a chemical sensor technology company. Adam Lodge Corey Else, Craig Oglesby, and Sara Wiese SlipStream Ventures, LLC University of Oklahoma, Norman Revolutionizing the way users interact with their television, using lightweight, simple and interactive programs. Stuart Keating Alina Anderson, John Collins, Sophia Gatsiadis, and Joshua Wadlin

102 Synthesized Nano Coatings LLC University of Oklahoma, Norman Synthesized Nano Coatings LLC has created a patented nanotechnology-based fabric enhancing treatment for use with cotton. Ben Ikard Chas Gilmore, Tyler Ledlow, and Brendon Quick Univisor LLC Southern Nazarene University, Bethany An internet based technology that provides academic institutions with a computer-assisted academic advisement solution program. Kyle Edwards Mat Clouse Mara Kee, and Cody Lidster Cellular Crayons The University of Tulsa A smartphone application that allows people at sporting events to order concession stand food and have it delivered to their seat.

103 NCUR National Conference on Undergraduate Research NCUR 2017 University of Central Oklahoma


105 NCUR First 1987 with 400 students 2017 will host 5,500 students Conference Oral presentations Poster presentations Proceedings All fields

106 CUR – Council on Undergraduate Research - CUR – Council on Undergraduate Research - Project Kaleidoscope - Project Kaleidoscope - National Collegiate Honors Council - National Collegiate Honors Council - Oklahoma Research Day 2013 March 8, 2013 - Location: University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond OK March 7, 2014 – Location: UCO

107 Research and Grant Proposal Management Central Office of Research Each College has a Sponsored Programs/Research Grant Facilitator Professional Organization – Council on Grantsmanship and Research Oklahoma – 31 st in Nation in grant $ obtained



110 National Foundations, such as Lumina, Bill and Melinda Gates, Kellogg, Ford, Robert Wood Johnson, Sloan, Kresge Foundation, Hewlett Foundation

111 Dr. Linda Mason Coordinator of Grant Writing Assistance 405-225-9486

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