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2 The Louisiana Purchase Purchased from France in 1803 About 800,000 square miles from the Mississippi to the Rockies Cost: $15 million or about 4 cents per acre! President? ___ future states created from the purchase. Oklahoma was admitted to the union ______. Adams Onis Treaty- solved the boundary dispute between Spain & U.S., gave Oklahoma two future borders. Which two?

3 Louisiana Purchase Map

4 Explorers in Oklahoma 1806 Expeditions: a. Captain Richard Sparks Red River expedition, stopped by the Spanish, barely made it into Oklahoma, but possibly the first. b. Lt. James Wilkinson explored the Arkansas River through NE Oklahoma during winter. What did they suffer from? Who probably saved their lives?

5 George Sibley In 1811, Sibley explored NW Oklahoma and discovered the Great Salt Plains. This was one of the greatest early discoveries in the Louisiana purchase. Why was salt so important?

6 Other Explorers 1817- Maj. Stephen Long explored SE Oklahoma and established Ft. Smith on the Arkansas River. 1819- English botanist Thomas Nuttall explored eastern Ok. Including Payne Co. He was impressed with wildlife and plant life found in our state. 1822- William Becknell went from Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico, crossing our panhandle, and established the Santa Fe Trail, which became a major trade route.

7 Early US Forts in Oklahoma Ft. Smith- 1817, located on Bell Point on the Arkansas River, along OK/Ark border. This was the first fort built in the SW US to protect settlers from ???

8 Forts on the Oklahoma Frontier Ft. Gibson 1824 Built on the Grand River near 3 forks, NE Oklahoma used to protect settlers from Indians. Ft. Towson 1824 Built near the Kiamichi river in SE Oklahoma to protect settlers from Indians

9 Fort Washita Built in 1842 on the Washita River, 18 miles north of the Red River by Gen. Zachary Taylor, it was used to protect Indians (Choctaws & Chickasaws) from Texans.

10 Three Forks This is the location where the Arkansas River meets the Grand and Verdigris Rivers in northeast Oklahoma. It became the major trading location of the American fur trade after 1800. The Chouteau brothers helped established the trade in the area with the help of the Osage.

11 Review Questions How much was the territory of Louisiana purchased for? How much does this calculate to per acre? Who found the Great Salt Plains? Why was the discovery of salt such a big deal at this time in history? What was the name of the first fort built in the SW US? What purpose did it serve? What was the name of the first permanent white settlement in Oklahoma? Who founded it? Who did they trade with?


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