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“When you are willing to make sacrifices for a great cause, you will never be alone.”

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1 “When you are willing to make sacrifices for a great cause, you will never be alone.”

2 the life and times 197 3 200 2 201 1 2013 Founded as Emergency hospital for 350 beds with 5 main departments: Therapeutic, Cardiology, General Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Vascular Surgery Hospital has been reorganized to closed joint stock company Renovation works were started, new Interventional Cardiology Department has been opened Hospital has been renamed after great Benefactor, Maecenas Michael Aramyants devoted to his 170 th anniversary 2013 Rebranding of Hospital: New management style, New image, New perspectives...


4 Therapeutic Department General and Invasive Cardiology Department General Surgery Department Plastic Surgery Department Traumatology Department Maxillofacial Surgery Department Otorhinolaryngology Department Endoscopic and Reconstructive Gynecology Department Reanimation & Anesthesia Department Vascular Surgery Department Main departments:

5 Endoscope Cabinet Paraclinical services: Laboratory: - Clinical - Biochemical - Bacteriological - Serological X-Ray Study Cabinet Ultrasound Diagnostics Cabinet Electrocardiography Cabinet Heart Ultrasound Diagnostics Cabinet Treadmill Cabinet Tomography of Cranial Bones Audiometry Cabinet Pantomography Cabinet Ultrasound Diagnostics of Uterus and Fetus Duplex examination of veins and arteries

6 Auxiliary functions: Laser Therapy Cabinet Reflexology Physiotherapy Cabinet Defectologist Acupuncture Cabinet Neuropathist Medical massage Dental Cabinet Urological Cabinet Gynecology Cabinet Traumatology Cabinet Endocrinology Cabinet

7 Conference Hall (135 seats) Other services & facilities: Meeting Room (30 seats) Cafeteria Commercial Drug Store Commercial Leasing Areas (700 sq.m.) Parking (1500 sq.m.) ATM, Payment Terminals In-hospital Pharmacy Reception Statistic service Information desk Disinfection service Accounting Planning & Quality Assurance Division Library Warehouse

8 Our team: Samvel Harutyunyan General Director Melik Harutyunyan Executive Director Nadejda Harutyunyan Chief Medical Officer

9 Our team: Pavel Ananikyan General Surgeon, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Academician Bagrat Mkrtchyan Head of Gynecology Dpt., Doctor of Medical Sciences, Docent Arthur Muradyan Head of ENT Dpt., PhD of Medical Sciences, Docent Ashot Sofyan Head of Traumatology & Orthopedics Dpt., PhD of Medical Sciences Karen Adamyan Head of General & Interventional Cardiology Dpt. Gregory Khachatryan Head of Maxillofacial Surgery Dpt., PhD of Medical Sciences Docent

10 Our team: Levon Gharibjanyan General Surgery Deputy General Director, PhD of Medical Sciences Petros Ananikyan Scientific-Clinical Deputy General Director, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Albert Manukyan Head of Operational Unit, PhD of Medical Sciences Karine Tokhunts Head of Reproductology Service, Doctor of Medical Sciences Professor Lilia Aslanyan Echographyst/Sonographist Mher Sargsyan Head of Urology Service

11 Our team: Hamlet Hovakimyan Head of Radiology Gagik Pivazyan Head of General Surgery Dpt. Anna Juhanyan Head of Therapeutic Dpt. PhD of Medical Sciences, Docent Karen Melkonyan Head of Anaesteziolgy & Reanimatology Dpt. Gagik Avagyan Endoscopist Narine Khachatryan Head of Emergency Unit

12 Our team: Karine Simonyan Laser Therapist Anahit Grigoryan Defectologist Firlena Grigoryan Statistician Narine Avagyan Epidemiologist Gohar Sedrakyan Head of Endocrinology Service Nelly Elgujyan Head of Diagnostic Laboratory Hasmik Grigoryan Head of Physiotherapeutic Service

13 Main facilities:


15 Main indicators:

16 Cured patients quantity 2009-2013

17 Main indicators:




21 Average acquisition cost: $200 Average contribution: - $1,200 Average contribution: $300 Average contribution: $15,000 Average attrition: 15%


23 Cash Flow: 20092010201120122013 State Orders 106’688.1101’581.078’202.076’903.897’687.7 Paid Services 142’352.9146’940.0594’366.0737’346.0594’726.4 Other Income 7’729.012’320.014’802.058’694.051’712.1 TOTAL256’770.0260’841.0687’370.0872’944.8744’126.2 INCOME (thousands AMD) 20092010201120122013 Salary 11’863.0136’142.0243’000.0290’963.0303’164.0 Taxes 45’834.031’301.049’000.049’643.0135’624.0 Loan payments 15’074.05’049.020’687.035’480.754’556.0 Medicines 36’297.054’362.0228’000.0221’683.0241’624.0 Utilities 39’252.038’812.039’512.034’335.053’000.0 Renovation -59’798.029’573.0105’772.011’000.0 Equipment -43’215.011’846.938’670.015’237.0 Other exp. 10’131.05’372.02’835.03’000.04’600.0 TOTAL158’451.0374’051.0624’453.9779’546.7818’805.0 EXPENSES (thousands AMD)

24 Income Generation: 20092010201120122013 Reception 4062127230284 Diagnostics 2’4862’4284’2503’2723’228 Polyclinics 953623721821855 Inpatient unit 2’5432’5542’8582’9582’481 Reanimation 8469605042 Physiotherapy 227111169178189 Traumatology 487403409476459 Quantity of admitted patients by departments

25 Paid services by departments 20092010201120122013 Qnt.AmountQnt.AmountQnt.AmountQnt.AmountQnt.Amount Therapy 1722’0751491’6501693’3102406’8802585’377 Cardiology 7552’6006701’910976337’7421’605424’015748240’520 General Surgery 55349’37860153’93058371’77053072’35952475’761 Vascular Surgery 1143’760922’430702’750681’330306’070 Traumatology 361’830362’479514’490493’390485’540 Gynecology 1618’97323413’84024629’24033842’60030052’270 Plastic Surgery 1430532830798’015384’345385’590 ENT 36018’65033918’81227735’71529939’30027239’040 Maxillofacial Surgery 36524’12436921’24035441’25828433’18021731’795 Reanimation --69506021550200-- TOTAL 2’530111’6952’591117’1712’865534’5052’961627’5992’435461’963 Inpatient paid services quantity & income by departments

26 Income structure by types:

27 Expenses structure by types:


29 Our new look


31 New diagnostic center Renovation of main building, particularly General Reanimation, Traumatology and Orthopedic, Surgery Departments and Operational Block Short-term plans: Purchase of medical and office furniture Renovation, Equipment and Modernization of hospital wards Optimization of functions, departments and services profitability appraisal, opening of new effective departments: urology and lithotripsy, neuro-vascular surgery, neuro ophthalmology, neuro physiology, MRT and CT cabinets, reconstructive vascular surgery, ophthalmological diagnostics cabinet and excimer laser eye surgery, immunological laboratory, mammography, etc. Acquisition of missing equipment and replacement of obsolete equipment

32 40 Dzorapi Street, Yerevan, 0015, Armenia +374 10 538512 +374 10 536763

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