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ENGR 101/ HUM 200: Technology & Society November 3, 2005.

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1 ENGR 101/ HUM 200: Technology & Society November 3, 2005

2 Agenda Exam rescheduled for Tuesday 11/8 Interim Project report due Monday 11/7 Review of Amory Lovins video “Making It Better” Projects

3 Amory Lovins Video Title: “Designing Products and Considering Consequences” What were your takeaways? Review design examples –9 Dots problem –Interface Corp. –Village Homes, Davis, CA

4 9 Dots Think outside the box E. Land: “People who seem to have had a new idea have often simply stopped having an old idea.” Origami method, geographic method, cut out dots, statistician’s, fat line

5 Pipes & Pumps Large pipes more expensive, less friction Pumps more expensive –Optimizing the parts but “pessimizing” the system Lay out pipes first, then equipment Twelve fold savings because of friction reductions

6 Village Homes Early green housing development Amenities including green spaces, edible landscape, low crime Swales and orchards capture water Savings on energy and irrigation costs High real estate value

7 4 Principles of Natural Capitalism Dramatically increase the productivity of natural resources Shift to biologically inspired production models Move to solutions-based business model Reinvest in natural capital See HBR article and

8 Natural Capitalism Protect the biosphere Improve profits and competitiveness Make resources more productive –California: waste = unsaleable production –“We all live downwind and downstream of what we make!” –Value of biosphere services is $33 trillion annually!

9 Making It Better Define “better” How will you know you have succeeded? Clearly define target users (scope) If interviewing or testing them, how identify or recruit them? Multiple ways to prototype

10 Next class Unit 4 readings online by Friday Friday screening Amory Lovins video lecture Groups meet Exam scheduled for Tuesday the 8 th ; review session will be Monday 5:30pm- 6:30 pm Pick up tests and Bridge Builder exercise!

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