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Regional Offices: It's All About Change

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1 Regional Offices: It's All About Change
Texas State Data Center Meeting May 23,2012 Cathy L. Lacy Denver Regional Director U.S. Census Bureau

2 Why are we changing? Budgets will be severely constrained and may well decline over the coming years, while field challenges increase. Our survey sponsors are demanding lower costs, improved efficiency, and increased responsiveness. Survey organizations increasingly use real-time administrative information to create leaner infrastructures.

3 Regional Office Boundaries 2013

4 Wave Implementation Timeline
San Antonio January 2011 Phoenix April 2012 Oklahoma City June 2012 Denver August 2012 Albuquerque September 2012 Houston October 2012 Dallas & Kansas City November 2012

5 New RO Organization Chart Survey Support
Regional Director Assistant Regional Director Coordinator A Survey Statisticians (Field) Field Supervisors Field Representatives Coordinator B Survey Statisticians (Office) Coordinator C Coordinator D Administration Automation Recruiting Geography Partnership

6 Transition Timeline and Key Milestones
This process is happening now Posting for new positions began in July 2011 Training related to new duties and responsibilities begins in October 2011 Survey Statistician Field (SSF), Field Supervisor (FS), & Field Representative (FR) teams will transition to new supervisory structure in 7 waves between January and November 2012 The entire transition will be complete no later than January 2013

7 How does Texas fit into the Region?
Texas is home to 47.7% of the population of the new Denver Region. Texas is the 2nd largest state both in population and land area in the is U.S. If you add the population for all New England states plus New Jersey, Delaware & Washington DC it would still be less than the population of Texas. Montana is the closest in land area at 145, square miles, compared to Texas at 261, square miles.

8 Denver Partnership & Data Services
As part of Denver Regional Office our goal is to make the valuable Census data available at no cost to all by providing: Information Sessions & Presentations Data Workshops Hands on computer trainings Answers to specific data inquires Collaboration with partnering organizations

9 Data Available Community/Neighborhood Profiles
Population Characteristics Housing Quality/Costs Retail Sales Service Industries Construction Governments Transportation Employment Dynamics Current Economic Indicators Yearly Population Estimates

10 Contacts Paula Wright Paula.K.Wright@Census.Gov Office: 214-253-4482
Suzee Privett Office: Lacey Loftin Lacey. Cell: Angeles Ortega Office: Cell: Jerry O’Donnell Office: Cell: Pauline Nunez Office: Cell: Amadeo Shije Cell: Kimberly Davis Office: Partnership and Data Services Program Denver Regional Census Office 6950 W. Jefferson Avenue, Suite 250 Denver, Colorado 80235 Phone:

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