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About Me  When I was your age…  I am here today because…  My expectations of you today are…

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1 About Me  When I was your age…  I am here today because…  My expectations of you today are…

2 Our ChAnGiNg World Some Fun Facts  In the next 6 minutes, 60 babies will be born in the U.S  Average annual earnings of workers age 18 and older with…  $83,144 - an advanced degree  $58,613 - a bachelor’s degrees  $31,283 - a high school diploma  $21,023 - without a high school diploma  1.5 – 3% of students SUCCEED as a professional athlete or performer

3 Evolving Technology THEN 1973 – First Cell phone Weight: 1 lb, 14 oz. 1964 – IBM Computer 8MB of Memory NOW 2012 Cell Phone Weight: less than 3 oz. 2012 Computer Thousands of times more memory!

4 Can you believe it? 25 years ago they didn’t have… DVDs Digital Cameras GPS PDA’s Self checkout lanes Satellite TV Email High Definition TV

5 In Your Lifetime Low skill jobs = eliminated Grocery stores cashiers Receptionists Bank Tellers Toll Takers Self Checkout Voicemail Systems ATM Machines EZ Tags

6 Are you preparing for life? Start preparing NOW! 0-14 14-18 High School 18-22 What are you going to do? 22-70 Working life Average of 48 years 70-90

7 High School 101 Research shows that a specific set of courses will help ensure that you have the greatest chance of success after high school 4 years of English Language Arts 4 years of Social Studies 4 years of Math 4 years of Science 2 years of a Foreign Language

8 But why Math and Science?  These are the foundations for careers in Engineering, Technology, Science and Math.  People with careers in STEM:  Help make the world a better place.  Shape the world for the future.  Make money while having a fun job!

9 (some) STEM Careers ScientistTechnologistEngineerMathematician NurseProgrammer (Application or Computer) Electrical EngDemographer DoctorMovie AnimationMechanical EngEconomist PharmacistAerospaceIndustrial EngAccountant VeterinarianSolar TechnologistPetroleum EngStatistician or Actuary Biologist, etcInformation Technology Chemical Eng, etcMany others….

10 Jobs of the Future Biotechnology & Life Sciences EnergyPetroleum Refining & Chemical Products Advanced Technologies & Manufacturing Aerospace & Defense Information & Computer Technology In Texas these industry clusters have been identified as key to the state’s future success... And they offer challenging, high-paying jobs.

11 Grand Engineering Challenges  Make solar energy economical  Advance personalized learning  Manage the nitrogen cycle  Provide energy from fusion  Provide access to clean water  Restore and improve urban infrastructure  Advance health informatics  Engineer better medicines  Develop carbon sequestration methods  Secure cyberspace  Enhance virtual reality  Reverse engineer the brain

12 What are employers looking for?  Solid academic preparation  Sound science and math foundation  Computer literacy  Good communication skills (oral and written)  Ability to think critically and make good decisions  Team-oriented employees  Motivated/Strong Attitude

13 How you can begin preparing  Start thinking about career options that interest you  Plan to take Advanced Placement or Dual Credit courses in High School  Begin preparing to take the SAT and/or ACT tests for college admission  Research Community Colleges and Universities that fit YOUR career interests  Develop a list of schools that you would like to visit

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