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Personal Computer Personal Computer Students : 49814023 Bo-Dong Liao 49814070 Zan-Show Lee Teacher : Ru-Li Lin Southern Taiwan University of Science and.

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1 Personal Computer Personal Computer Students : 49814023 Bo-Dong Liao 49814070 Zan-Show Lee Teacher : Ru-Li Lin Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

2 Outline Definition History Classification Hardware Operating System References

3 Definition PC generally divided into the two models with two systems, divided into common desktop and notebook models.On the system developed by the integration of International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) developed by IBM PC / AT system standard, and Apple Macintosh

4 About the late 19th century, many turned out to be of great significance in computer science technology have appeared, including punched cards and vacuum tubes. German-born American statistician Herman He Leli design a tabulation machines, which should be used punched cards to large-scale automatic data processing. History

5 Atanasoff - Berry Computer was born in the summer of 1941, is the world's first electronic computer, which uses a vacuum tube computer, binary values ​​, reusable memory programming capability is extremely limited, but it makes people confident that the use of vacuum tubesnot only reliable,but also to implement the power of re-programming.

6 History Throughout the 1950s, the vacuum tube computers dominate the industry. September 12, 1958, later under the leadership of Intel founder Robert Noyce invented the integrated circuit. Soon after the introduction of the microprocessor. From 1959 to 1964 designed computer is generally referred to as the second generation of computers.

7 History By the 1970s, the introduction of integrated circuit technology greatly reduces the computer production costs, the computer began to millions of households. In 1976, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Computer. And the launch of the Apple I computer. The release of the Apple II computer in May 1977. June 1, 1979 Intel released an 8-bit 8088 microprocessor.

8 History In November 1990, Microsoft released the first generation of MPC (Multimedia PC Multimedia PC standard)

9 Desktop computers Desktop computers,also known as desktop computers. The desktop computer is a microprocessor, motherboard, hard disk, monitor, speakers, video camera and monitor integrated as one of the desktop. Classification

10 Notebook computers Is a small, portable personal computers, from the use of generally be divided into four categories: business,fashion,multimedia applications,for special purposes.Business mobility, long life time; fashion looks specifically; multimedia application type is a combination of powerful graphics and multimedia processing; special purpose can be used in harsh environments, and more than bulky. Classification

11 Tablet PC A small, portable personal computer, touch screen as the basic input device. It has a touch screen allows the user through a stylus for the job rather than the traditional keyboard and mouse. The majority of the Tablet PC support finger operation, using finger gestures, writing, zoom screen pattern. Classification

12 PDA Generally refers to a handheld computer. The advantages of the PDA is a lightweight, compact, mobile and strong at the same time without losing the functionality of the powerful, the drawback is that the screen is too small, and the battery life is limited.Many PDAs can also have a Wi-Fi connection as well as the Global Positioning System. Classification

13 Hardware The following figure shows the basic hardware of a modern computer should. 1.CPU 2.RAM 3.Motherboard , MB 4.Graphic Card , VGA 5.Hard Disk , HDD 6.CD/DVD-ROM/Recorder 7.Power Supply , Power , PSU

14 1. CPU The CPU is the most important core of the computer internal 「 all actions 」 you do in Windows to go through it, to dispatch all instructions. Open the side panel, then generally can not see, and when the boot on the CPU is too hot, there is no radiator. 2. RAM The CPU requires ultra-high-speed storage device (temporary) memory as auxiliary.RAM to save the data in the status of the power supply to power a pull, which immediately disappeared. General computer's memory capacity is about 256MB to 4GB 3. Motherboard The motherboard is the largest components in the computer, simply say the motherboard is CPU and communication components "platform".

15 ` The graphics card is responsible for all display-related actions, such as connected to the screen show the Windows screen, 3D screen playing video or watching movies, and so on, are done by the graphics card. 4. Graphic Card 5. Hard Disk Windows and all the MP3, videos, documents and files are all on the hard drive, as long as the hard disk is not broke, your information will be able to permanently saved on the inside, hard disk will be the permanent record of the magnetic data.But on the other hand, it casually hundreds of GB and hard disk the same price of memory capacity only about 1/200. 6. CD/DVD- ROM/Recorder ` ` CD-ROM drive is used to read the disc, the disc is another data storage medium, and now are at least a recordable CD, to read DVD Combo machine, or directly on the DVD burner. 7. Power Supply ` Finally, all of the above components are electronic goods, by the Power supply. 110V AC household outlet, it is not possible to directly supply power to the various parts, be sure to convert through Power DC voltage for the use of the different parts.

16 Wattage Calculation

17 Display: also known as the monitor screen, the image display device of the computer. Keyboard: The keyboard is one of the computer input device. Mouse: a small, sliding device is also important and contemporary computer very common input devices one.

18 Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows is Microsoft launched a series of operating systems. Operating System

19 OS X OS X is Apple's R & D and launched a series of operating system, the successor of the original Mac OS. Operating System

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21 References 8. 2%E5%A4%AB%C2%B7%E6%B2%83%E5%85%B9 %E5%B0%BC%E4%BA%9A%E5%85%8B 9. 10. 11. 089510448896_jpg.html 12. ter.png 13. 14. BF%E9%9B%BB%E8%85%A6 15. beginners-guide-to-choosing-a-pda/

22 References 16. 805 17. zh- 18. SF_LCD_monitor.jpg 19. keyboard.svg 20. Tastenmaus_Microsoft.jpg 21. 22. LION.png

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