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College Meeting May 7, 2014 College of Engineering, Forestry & Natural Sciences 1.

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1 College Meeting May 7, 2014 College of Engineering, Forestry & Natural Sciences 1

2 Tenure and/or Promotions Biological Sciences Neil Cobb – Research Professor Brett Dickson – Associate Research Professor Pauline Entin – Professor Civil Engineering, Construction Management & Environmental Engineering John Tingerthal – Associate Professor with tenure 2

3 Tenure and/or Promotions Electrical Engineering & Computer Science John Georgas – Associate Professor with tenure Earth Sciences & Environmental Sustainability Erik Nielsen – Associate Professor with tenure Mathematics & Statistics Elise Kennedy – Senior Lecturer Nándor Sieben - Professor 3

4 Tenure and/or Promotions Mechanical Engineering Bryan Coopperrider – Associate Professor of Practice Heidi Feigenbaum – Associate Professor with tenure Brent Nelson – Associate Professor with tenure 4

5 Retirements Sally Evans 25 years Center for Ecosystem Science & Society 5

6 Retirements Dr. Michael Ketterer 15 years Chemistry & Biochemistry 6

7 Retirements Dr. John Wettaw 47 years Chemistry & Biochemistry 7

8 Retirements Dr. Craig A. Roberts 15 years Civil & Environmental Engineering 8

9 Retirements Cynthia Lee Rose 11 years Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals 9

10 Retirements Dr. Stephen E. Wilson 34 years Mathematics & Statistics 10

11 Chair Transitions Chemistry & Biochemistry Marin Robinson (2009- 2014) Ed Civitello (begins July 1, 2014) Mathematics & Statistics Terry Blows (2011-2014) Mike Falk (begins July 1, 2014) 11

12 Some Recognitions President’s Award Bruce Fox – Forestry CEFNS Teacher of the Year Tad Theimer – Biological Sciences Goldwater Scholars River Black – Biomedical Science Cedar Mitchell - Microbiology 12

13 The only constant is change! 13

14 Student Services Expansion and Changes Program Coordinator Sr. – Kathryn Sherer Additional Advisors: Provost authorized two new advisors summer 2013 – Lourdes Giovani – full time Biology – Barbara Mendez – full time Engineering (EE/CS) Advisor CHM/P&A/Math – Tomantha Horseherder New Position: Scholarships and Development - Kelley Horn Program Coordinator for Recruitment and Retention (75%) – Jennifer Johnson 14

15 Departmental Staff Expansion CEFNS funded three new part-time Administrative Assistants Chem. & Biochem. (Jeannette Thompson) Physics and Astronomy (Vanessa Bowden) Engineering Programs (Kimberly Coyle-Pohs) 15

16 Tenured/Tenure-Track Searches Searches during the upcoming academic year: Biological Sciences (physiology) Chemistry & Biochemistry (analytical) Civil Engineering (transportation) Earth Science & Environmental Sustainability (water & food; 0.49FTE in SESES and 0.51 FTE in SBS Sustainable Communities) Electrical Engineering (tbd) Mathematics & Statistics (statistics; big data) 16

17 Increase Research Expenditures Carnegie High Research status VP for Research Senior Hires Informatics Research Centers 17

18 Senior Faculty Hires Update Michelle Mack, Professor Department of Biology University of Florida Ted Schuur, Professor Department of Biology University of Florida 18

19 Informatics Update Goals: Develop a productive research program in informatics that supports NAU’s High Research status. Develop academic programs in the future after the research program is secure. 19

20 Informatics Update Original plan Hire two senior faculty (both external) one of whom would serve as Director of the Informatics Program Hire a few junior faculty/research faculty Program and associated faculty would report directly to the Dean of CEFNS 20 A University program; not associated with a department.

21 Informatics Update Original plan Establish a computer cluster to support informatics/big data research Hire a cluster operator Provide funds for administrative support and operations 21

22 Informatics Update Current plan Appoint a Director and an Associate Director (both internal) of the Informatics & Computing Program (Director search underway) Tenure-track Assistant Professor Slava Fofanov hired March 2014 (bio-statistician) Hire two 0.5FTE tenure-track & 0.5FTE soft money Assistant Professors 22

23 Informatics Update Current plan Program and associated faculty would report directly to the Dean of CEFNS but have a department affiliation A computer cluster (Monsoon) to support informatics/big data research has been established Cluster operator in place (Chris Coffey) Provide funds for administrative support and operations 23

24 New Centers  Landscape Conservation Initiative Tom Sisk, SESES  Institute for Sustainable Energy Solutions Tom Acker, Mechanical Engineering  Center for Ecosystem Science & Society Bruce Hungate, Biological Sciences  Center for Bioengineering Innovation Kiisa Nishikawa, Biological Sciences 24

25 CEFNS Grant Programs Updates Travel Grants AY14 Spring ’14 $23,720.50 awarded, 30 applications, 25 funded Fall ’13 $15,919.00 awarded, 17 applications, 13 funded Grant Writing Awards (new) AY 13/14 $20,974 awarded, 3 applications, 2 awards of one month (21 days) summer salary each Lucking Family Faculty Awards May 2013 $8,174 awarded, 10 applications, 2 awards for education enhancements May 2014 $10,926 awarded, 11 applications, 2 awards for research enhancements 25

26 Performance Metrics Those that apply to CEFNS... Student course completion Number of students graduated Research Expenditures 26

27 Performance Metrics Number of CEFNS students graduated 27 Approximately 900 students set to graduate this Friday

28 Performance Metrics The quality of the education we provide is important to all of us. Remain dedicated to our students and the excellence of the NAU experience. This is NAU’s Grand Challenge! 28

29 Performance Metrics Research Funding Awarded July 1, 2013 – Jan. 31, 2014 (previous equiv. period) Direct Costs: $8,433,342 ($8,714,280; -3.2%) Indirect Costs: $2,064,549 ($2,266,537; -8.9%) 29

30 Fundraising Update Gifts and pledges received July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013 (12 mo.) $2,643,991.28 July 1, 2013-March 31, 2014 (9 mo.) $3,345,256.54 30

31 Health and Science Building Update On schedule for move in mid-summer 2015 31

32 Student & Academic Services Building New home for Lumberjack Math Center Location on central transit spine near San Francisco Parking Garage Open January 2016 (tentative) 32

33 CEFNS Rebranding Project Goal Establish a national identity for CEFNS based on its externally recognized strengths 33

34 CEFNS Rebranding Project University Advancement o Marketing Department (Sandra Kowalski)  Move rebranding from University level to College level  CEFNS approached as first College to participate 34

35 CEFNS Rebranding Project Progress to date Consulting firms have submitted bids and selection process is underway Work will begin this summer 35

36 36

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