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Presented By- District Statistical Officer, Kuruksheta Department Of Economic & Statistical Analysis, Haryana.

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1 Presented By- District Statistical Officer, Kuruksheta Department Of Economic & Statistical Analysis, Haryana


3 Haryana Integrated System of Statistics (HISS)

4 Economic and Statistical Organization is known for collecting of statistical data of the State in particular. Statistics literally means Collection, Compilation, Presentation and Interpretation of the quantitative information. Various important publications are brought out by this department which are of immense help for the Policy Makers and Plan Formulators. Statistical Abstract Haryana. Census of Haryana Govt. Employees Booklet on Haryana Economy Economic Census

5 Document published by DESA, Haryana annually since 1966-67 Presented in Budget Session of Haryana Vidhan Sabha every year Contains multifarious information on different parameters of various departments. Available Useful information of central Government departments also. Statistical Abstract

6 Published since …… Statistical Abstract

7 Comprehensive statistics covering all important socio-economic aspects of the State’s economy such as Area, Population, Agriculture, Irrigation, Forests, Animal Husbandry, Power, Industries, Labour, Roads, Transport, Health, Education, Co-operation, Public finance, Prices and State income etc What it Contains …..

8 Formulating future development plans and policies by Planners, Administrators, Legislators, Financial Institutions and various research organizations interested in the economy of the State. Useful reference for statistical requirement of Planning and Policy making. Research Scholars of universities / Colleges. Beneficial in what way …

9 Economist Statistician. Research Scholars Planners RTI Activist NGOs Govt. departments Bankers Volunteers USERs

10 Hard Copy- since 1966-67 Accessibility

11 Soft Copy- since 2005-06 Accessibility

12 Department website at District Statistical Offices State Head Office Presently Accessible at..

13 The ever increasing demand for the Statistical Abstract from Government Departments, Universities, Research institutions and Research Workers is a matter of gratification for its immense usefulness. Reason behind to think to widen the scope of availability ….

14 Very rare availability of all volume at one place Chances of missing are very high. Very Difficult to Search Very Difficult to switch one year to other – On website have to download the complete file. Also very time consuming. – In case of hardcopy first to track the copy and then to again search the particular page. If anyone want to take the photocopy, has to take the copy out side of the office. By the passage of the time, life of books …….. May be torn by some needy in absence of Photocopier availability. A person specially deputed to care them. A person need a lot of time to search. Some time a person has to come again and again. Limitations ….

15 “HISS” is set up at District statistical Office Kurukshetra. All the Statistical Abstracts converted from Hard to scanned images. A software is developed for searching the data year wise and parameter wise. Beauty of the software is this, if at any time we want to change the reports, we have to simply change the image of that particular page. No technically complexity. New year data can be added easily. Proposed System

16 Easy to search Easy to switch between one year to other Can be Mailed easily Very Simple to use Complete set i.e. from 1966-67 to latest by 2012-13 No need to download any pdf file. Multiple copies / System can be added easily. All depend on the availability of resources. Life, forever. Advantage over Present system

17 More we expose the data/information more accuracy will come. Definitely departments/information provider will try to keep the record more seriously and will try to provide the accurate figure. Presently many time very fudgy figure provided by them. Raise awareness First people will take or use the Touch Screen as a fun (Simply clicking the things that comes in their mind), but gradually as the time spent, they start to use them effectively/seriously. Start to compare the figure with different periods. People will know, What the changes coming in figure/pattern with time. When option/Solution is available why not people, use the latest/advance technology to deal with the “Big Data,” efficiently and the wider adoption of data- driven decision making People will have a better understanding of a field that is often unknown or misunderstood. People will compel to think that Statistics is not just a collection of numbers or formulas. It’s not just lines, bars or points on a graph. It’s not just computing. Statistics is so much more. It’s an exciting—even fun—way of looking at the world and gaining insights through a scientific approach that rewards creative thinking. Other objective we want to achieve

18 Now let’s come on how the System means “TOUCH SCREEN” Actually Work







25 Think any word in your mind and search.

26 The information seeker can directly mail the desired information to his/her email address.


















44 Thank You


46 Data collected from all the Government Departments in prescribed format every year. The booklet contains vital information of category-wise Government employees. Very significant for the Government to assess the financial implication for granting any financial benefit to Government employees. Helpful for the Government to plan future budgetary estimates and generation of employment in the state. Help the Government to calculate financial implication if funds are sought from GOI due to pay revision of Government employees. Census of Haryana Government Employees

47 Economic Census gives the basic entrepreneurial data for planning and development in the State Six Economic Census have been conducted earlier throughout the country during the year 1977,1980,1990, 1998 2005and Economic census


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