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Samuel S. Wilks: The Statistician By Kristian Wilks – Lake Shore

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1 Samuel S. Wilks: The Statistician By Kristian Wilks – Lake Shore

2 The Early Years Born on June 17 th, 1906 in Little Elm, Texas – Parents: Chance C. and Bertha May Gammon Wilks – Siblings: Syrrel and William Wilks Lived on a 250-acre farm – Loved hunting and fishing as a child Built a radio at the age of 12 o.php?radio_box=25348

3 College Life Studied industrial arts at North Texas State Teachers College as an undergraduate Began teaching mathematics and manual arts at a high school College Life

4 College Life Began studying mathematics at the University of Texas – Received his master’s degree in 1928 Left Texas to study probability and statistics at the University of Iowa – Received his doctorate in 1931 College Life

5 Life After Graduation Awarded A National Research Council Fellowship by Columbia University for mathematics Served on the National Defense Research Committee – Award President’s Certificate of Merit Life After Graduation

6 Went on to marry Gena Orr in 1931 – Had a son named Stanley Neal Wilks Became an NRC Research Fellow working at… – University of London – University of Cambridge Went to teach Mathematics at Princeton Life After Graduation

7 Main Contributions “Blue-book” “Gray-book” Advanced Studies in… – Tolerance Limits – Average Confidence Limits Estimation of Confidence Regions Major Contributions

8 Main Contributions Editorship of the Annals Improving weapon design and production Helped found Institute of Mathematical Statistics and many other institutions Likelihood Ratio Test Advances Major Contributions

9 Main Contributions Annals of Mathematical Statistics – Where many of his works were published Biometrika Elementary Statistical Analysis – “Blue Book” Mathematical Statistics – “Gray Book” Important Publications

10 The Inevitable End Died in his sleep on March 7, 1964 at his Princeton home An award was named after him – The Stanley S. Wilks Award Greatly missed by the Statistic’s community The Inevitable End

11 Sources story/bios/wilkssamuels.pdf story/bios/wilkssamuels.pdf uel+stanley+wilks&lk=3 uel+stanley+wilks&lk=3 09/noether/noetheraward.pdf 09/noether/noetheraward.pdf Sources


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