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SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT Adam Moore Latonia Woods Juan Torrealba.

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1 SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT Adam Moore Latonia Woods Juan Torrealba

2 SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT  Ludwig Von Bertalanffy  Russell Ackoff  Peter Senge  W. Edwards Deming

3 Ludwig Von Bertalanffy  Author of General Systems Theory  Organismic System Theory  General Systems Theory  Are we using these concepts today?

4 Author of General Systems Theory He was a biologist with interest in theoretical biology, philosophy of science and man, theory of symbolism, and a broad range of social problems

5 Organismic System Theory Defined the fundamental laws of biological systems at all levels

6 General Systems Theory System Theory is an interdisciplinary field which studies relationships of systems as a whole Principles from Ontology, philosophy of science, physics, management, and organizational theory

7 Are we using these concepts today?

8 Russell Ackoff  Systemic approach to innovation  Systems thinking

9 Systemic approach to innovation Chairman of the Board of INTERACT 350 corporations and 75 government agencies in the United States and abroad Analysis has been the dominant mode of thought in the Western world for 400 years.

10 Systems Thinking A system is any set (group) of interdependent or temporally interacting parts Systems thinking involves the use of various techniques to study systems of many kinds System thinking also helps us integrate the temporal dimension of any decision Systems thinking techniques may be used to study any kind of system

11 Peter Senge  Learning organizations  Five disciplines of a learning

12 Learning Organizations Where people continually expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, and where people are continually learning to see the whole together

13 Five disciplines of a learning LEARNING System Thinking Personal Mastery Team Learning Building Shared Vision Mental Models

14 W. Edwards Deming  An Unknown American Statistician  Author of Japan’s post-World War II economic boom  Deming’s Vision  Deming 14 points for management

15 An Unknown American Statistician In the early 1950s, Deming presented his ideas to big American companies, but they were all cool to his ideas For example, GM in particular felt it could not produce its products quickly enough given the consumer demand for new cars

16 Author of Japan’s Post-World War II Economic Boom The pursuit of quality is the key to higher productivity, bigger profits, more jobs, and therefore richer society Quality has to be pursued along every link of the supply chain Deming’s Ideas took hold in Japan’s industry, and we know how the quality of their products is valued, especially here in the US Deming never ran a business, but his teaching on quality control had many Japanese corporations beating their US competitors by the late 1970s

17 Deming’s Vision 100 percent committed to what he does The best manager is the one who communicates quickly, honestly and accurately One of his goal each day was to learn at least one thing from every person he met It is tough, exhausting, frustrating, arduous, uphill battle trying to get there, but pursuing Deming’s vision does yield tremendous bottom-line business results

18 Deming 14 Points for Management 1. Create constancy of purpose towards improvement 2. Adopt the new philosophy 3. Cease dependence on inspection 4. Move towards a single supplier for any one item

19 Deming 14 Points for Management 5. Improve constantly and forever 6. Institute training on the job 7. Institute leadership 8. Drive out fear 9. Break down barriers between departments

20 Deming 14 Points for Management 10. Eliminate slogans 11. Eliminate management by objectives 12. Remove barriers to pride of workmanship 13. Institute education and self-improvement 14. The transformation is everyone's job

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