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Quran Declares the sublime idea of future vision of individuals and nations, beyond the future boundaries one can imagine : “Our Lord! grant us good.

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4 Quran Declares the sublime idea of future vision of individuals and nations, beyond the future boundaries one can imagine : “Our Lord! grant us good in this world, and good in the Hereafter, and save us from the chastisement of the Fire (of Hell).” (Al-Baqarah: Verse 201)

5 Future Mapping Future mapping is a powerful process for creating vision and possible future scenarios, deciding how to achieve it and generating a motivation to act. It helps creative thinking and the sharing of ideas and builds a strong sense of common purpose among those that do it together.


7 Environment

8 In today’s world, no nation can make advances without engaging a large number of its human capital in research and development. The success of a country in future can be determined by number of students enrolled in its institutions of higher learning at present.

9 Percentage of Higher Education in Pakistan

10 Due to lack of guidance and information 250, 000+ students are suffering annually 41, 000+ appear in entry test of medical colleges and only 5,000 of them get admission 70,000+ appear in entry test of engineering institutions and only 7,200 get admission (in PEC accredited programs). 150,000+ students of other groups are confused to choose any discipline

11 Consequences of Improper Future Mapping Wastage of time and money Frustration Unemployment Addiction to drugs Indulgence in criminal activities Paucity of determination to the work


13 Many students find it difficult to envision their future - to know where they are going. They don't have enough experience about their options; or they have preconceived ideas about the 'only' career they want. Often this is based on what a parent or friend is doing.

14 Their career is not the sole, or even the most important aspect of their future. In reality, Achieving balance in life is the center of life. For this reason, there are several areas of life that require attention. Personal Professional Familial Community/Society Students Need to Know that:

15 The Personal Areas of Life Deal with needs, desires and passions. This area may include: Physical fitness, Home and surroundings, Recreational activities, Friends, romance, Travel, Your appearance, Your social life, and so forth.

16 Familial Aspects of Life Deal with their family – both the family they have now and the family they may have in the future including a spouse, children and maybe eventually grandchildren.

17 Community/Society Aspect of Life may be narrow, concerns for the neighborhood or city Or they may be expansive concern for the country, the nation or even the world. Voting, Serving in a Public Office, Participating in Community Improvement Efforts, or Simply Voicing Your Concerns.

18 Professional development and being the best that you can be in your chosen career makes you feel good about yourself and will likely lead to career advancement which will enable you to provide the financial support that you need to fulfill other needs in your life. This is good as long as there is a balance and other aspects of your life are not neglected. Professional Aspect of Life

19 Students Need to Know that: They will find Happiness and fulfillment from achieving a balance that is right for them between each of these areas of their future life.

20 Throughout your life, be cautious about extremes. Be sure that you don’t spend all of your time and energy on one area of your life while neglecting the others.

21 How I will spend my life? What I will be known as ? What my lifestyle will be like? How much I will earn and will be doing what? How will I manage family or relationship commitments?

22 Which field suits me best? What is the scope of any field or discipline? In which discipline/field and institution the admission can be sought? What type of jobs one has to do in a particular profession? What can help me achieve my goals, and what obstacles could get in my way?


24 Teachers have to encourage the young talents and help them to enhance their skills. An Interactive and practical learning session would mould the minds of students to better understand the subjects.

25 Learn about who your student is, what they do well and what they enjoy. What are their natural strengths? What are they good at? What comes easily to them? What activities are more difficult? How do they learn best and solve problems?

26 Help them to: Identify their natural abilities Consider their interests Formulate two or three reasonable choices Begin to focus on those choices Start getting work in the areas chosen

27 Teachers should conduct assessments which would test the students' talent, attitude, personality etc. Teachers could advise the student about the various career opportunities available to them. They should also educate about the difference between real life and the school or college life.

28 INSIGHT Skills (what am I good at?) Aptitudes (what am I capable of?) Interests (what am I motivated to do?) Values (what is most important to me?) Personality (what work roles and environments would suit me?) ‘Career Drivers’ (what are my key career needs?) ‘Past Positives’ (what activities & environments enable me to thrive?)

29 Planning With the increased clarity and confidence which insight can provide, student will be in the best possible frame of mind to brainstorm ideas for his/her future. Teacher / Student Counselor will help you to narrow down your list, and to produce a focused and realistic action plan.

30 Teachers should encourage students to participate in Co- curricular activities which would help the students to prove their talents and enhance their skills.

31 Teachers can also refer some websites which offer online tools (self-assessment tests, aptitude tests, personality test, career quizzes etc.) in career Mapping. They should also encourage their students to attend Career Mapping Workshops, Career Development Seminars, and Career Mapping Campus Groups etc.

32 Career and Future planning is the main route which leads a person to the right path of success and honour to secure his/her future. Teachers can play an effective role to help advance students on that route.



35 Career Guidance Center can offer seminars for students seeking information on a variety of career-related topics. Representatives from various local & foreign Universities conduct seminars & deliver lectures regarding career information and career development. Career development seminars

36 Career Planning Workshop During the workshop Students will discuss career planning strategies Students will also begin the process of career self- assessment Students will use self-assessment information to identify and evaluate potential career options Career planning barriers and solutions

37 Personal Career Counseling Services Our institution can arrange Personal Career Counseling Services for individuals for a short period of time.

38 Resource Library The institution should develop a comprehensive career resource library including career-related books and handouts, prospectus of various local and foreign Universities etc.


40 Career Options for Pre–Medical Group Botany-Zoology-Chemistry


42 Statistics  Lecturer Research Analyst Statistical Officer Quality Statistician Bio Statistician Statistical Analyst Economist Consultant Banker P & D Officer Financial specialist Market Research Analyst Economics General Science Group Economics-Stats-Maths

43 Civics Political Correspondent Public Relation Officer Social Scientist Foreign Service Worker Political Analyst Intelligence Agent Islamiyat Teacher Scholar Religious Leader Researcher (Islamic Law) Commissioned Officer Columnist / Writer Humanities

44 Self-awareness is very important: Start your Future mapping by better understanding yourself. Tell them: That life has a way of changing our best plans. So be flexible in your approach. Tell Your Students That: The empires of Future are empire of Mind.

45 “Come to the Edge,” He said, “we are afraid,” They said, “Come to the edge,” He said. They came. He pushed them and They


47 "The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious."




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