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1 1 December 4-5, 2006 Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner Vienna, VA.

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1 1 1 December 4-5, 2006 Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner Vienna, VA

2 2 It’s NOT Just Training The World of DOE’s Acquisition Career Management Program Breakout Session #505 Cynthia Yee Acquisition Career Manager US Department of Energy April 15, 2008 2:10 – 3:10 PM

3 3 DOE’s Story GS-1102s represent 2.9% of DOE’s workforce but are responsible for 90% of the budget

4 4 DOE’s Story 90% of budget obligated through acquisition 1998 to 2006, budget increased 40% –Number of contract actions rose almost 30% GS-1102s decreased from 435 to 431

5 5 DOE’s Story Comparison with other agencies – 2005 NASADOE Budget: $16.2B$23.9B 1102s:718481 Retirement vulnerability –NASA: 33% by 2010 –Army: 41% by 2010 –DOE: 42% by 2010

6 6 DOE’s story As of 2/1/08 –354 GS-1102s –1115 CORs 49% GS-1102s certified to some level under FAC-C 10% of CORs certified to FAC-COTR GS-1102s –89% meet statutory education requirement –90% meet experience requirements

7 7 DOE’s story 54 GS-1102s eligible to retire TODAY Plus: –17 in 2008 + –18 in 2009 + –14 in 2010

8 8 It’s NOT Just Training New world of Acquisition Career Management –Established by OFPP Policy Letter 05-01 –Responsibilities statutorily defined but left up to agencies to implement DOE’s model –Different dimensions –Our story

9 9 Recruiting Cheer leader Human resource specialist Head hunter

10 10 Retention Psychologist Organizational development consultant

11 11 Certification Educator Researcher

12 12 Leadership Development Counselor Psychologist

13 13 Succession Planning Magician Futurist

14 14 Demographics Statistician Demographer

15 15 Studies Statistician Seer

16 16 Budget Miracle worker Accountant

17 17 DOE’s Structure Chief Acquisition Officer Senior Procurement Executive ACM –Supported by Site ACMs –Executive Leadership

18 18 DOE’s Structure DOE acquisition workforce –GS-1102s, contracting –GS-1105s, purchasing agents –Contracting Officers –Financial Assistance Specialists –Contracting Officer’s Representatives –Personal Property Managers –Project/Program Managers (OECM)

19 19 Recruiting Intake Mechanisms –College alumni associations –Corporate Intern Program –Coming Home to Work –Re-Hired Annuitants Direct Hire Authority –Not currently available –Too many applicants on certs Qualified?

20 20 Retention Incentives –Affordable? DOE brand –Flat organization –Work/life balance Economic factors

21 21 Certification Robust, mature In place since 1998 –Evolves to respond to external environment Based on DAWIA Electives replaced with mandatory training –Identified skill gaps Core technical Foundational skills

22 22 Leadership Development Expensive –Too expensive to do; too expensive to not do What works –Long-term (1 year rotations) –Push vs pull methodology What’s affordable –Formal program –Informal Mentoring Coaching

23 23 Succession Planning Accession –Leadership positions –Technical vs leadership competencies Sustainability –Entire organization –Enough/right people/right place Succession pool Trends

24 24 Demographics Longitudinal studies –Increase/decrease over time Composition –Right grades –Experience levels Retirement vulnerabilities –Take rate Attrition rates –Poaching from other agencies

25 25 Staffing Studies Human Capital Assessment –Survey –Focus Groups –Leadership Interviews Gap Analysis –Resource/Competency Gaps –Closure Plans GAO Framework/A-123 –Organizational placement –Policies, procedures

26 26 Budget Training needs –FAC certifications –Gap closure Fiscally austere times –Business case for training Time/bench strength for attendance –Who will cover the work?

27 27 DOE’s story Are leveraging relationships –Assisted IG in developing metrics Advisory Memo from IG to Deputy Secretary –Increased attention from senior leadership –Root Cause Analysis Not enough people in acquisition workforce

28 28 DOE’s story Talent Management Plan Active participation on IACMC Membership on FAI Board GAO Framework Site Acquisition Career Manager Council –COR Council

29 29 DOE’s story Received 2008 budget –Targeted priority training needs Scheduling –Availability –Capacity FAC-C certification courses Foundational skill courses

30 30 DOE’s story Significant challenges ahead but we’re up to it

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