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Life beyond your degree….. Karen Barker Careers Consultant

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1 Life beyond your degree….. Karen Barker Careers Consultant

2 Student Quote! “Don’t get too stressed about it. With appropriate preparation and careful decision- making you can take on just about anything!”

3 Options available to you depend upon: Your work experience (before and during your studies) Your understanding of your skills, motivations, interests so you can target your search Your academic results Your awareness of the options How well you research your target market How soon you start your search Clarity and presentation of your CV Spoken English language –Warwick offers support via Centre for Applied Linguistics Your ‘employability’ – generic factors looked for by many employers

4 Career Planning Cycle

5 Understanding Who I am? What skills are required to do the job? To what extent do I have these skills? What am I naturally good at? What skills do I enjoy using? What skills would I like to develop? What are my key strengths?

6 Skills of a statistics student! Good mix of subject specific, technical and softer skills Problem solving, time management, handling a mass of diverse data Drawing conclusions Numeracy & IT Written & oral communication Ability to develop and evaluate logical arguments

7 Examples of your Skills come from….. Work Experience/ Part-time jobs Involvement in student societies Voluntary work Academic work and projects Hobbies & Interests Personal Life

8 Graduate Market: skills in demand Source: Association of Graduate Recruiters Survey Summer 2006

9 30 Second Advert “ I possess a combination of excellent maths and IT problem solving ability coupled with strong people skills and consulting experience from my time managing a team of programmers on a client project at HSBC”

10 Researching What’s Out There

11 What Are Your Options? Further study Graduate Employment Work & Study Voluntary Work Temporary Work Travel

12 Generating Ideas Prospects – Options with Statistics ( postsheets/statistics.pdf) postsheets/statistics.pdf Your Degree….What Next? ( /Home_page/Your_degree___what_next_/n ext_steps/p!egimdpL) /Home_page/Your_degree___what_next_/n ext_steps/p!egimdpL Destinations Data

13 What do statistics students do?

14 Statistics - 2006 Graduate Destinations 82% opted to work within the Finance sector –Mergers & Acquisitions Analyst –Real estate & property Trader –Auditor –Actuarial Trainee Operational Research Consultant Market Risk Analyst Sports Statistician

15 Other jobs directly related to your degree Statistician Market Research Risk Analyst Research Scientist Teaching Insurance Management Consulting Pension Scheme Manager

16 Typical Employers Government Statistical Service (GSS) The National Health Service Pharmaceutical Industry Research councils and institutes e.g. medical research council National Foundation for Educational Research Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) Consultancies, insurance companies and Investment Banks

17 Statistics – 2006 Further Study 14% opted for further study including –PGCE –PhD Statistics –Msc Management Science & Operational Research Need to consider funding –EPSRC ( –ESRC ( –BBSRC ( –NERC( –MRC(

18 Identifying Vacancies Vacancy database Web based resources Sector Specific Directories Newspapers and journals National/ Regional / Warwick Careers fairs Recruitment agencies Networking – e.g. employer presentations

19 Your Network ME Current/Last Employer Related Professions Other students Friends & Relations Other Geographic Areas Social and/or Interest Groups University or Department

20 Early Deadlines! Deadlines are getting earlier and earlier Investment Banks 19 th October – Mid November Accounting Firms less rigid Civil Service end of November NHS – 30 th November Postgraduate Study – Autumn Term/Early Spring

21 Next Steps!

22 Getting Ahead Think about what is right for you Attend employer events – presentations & recruitment fairs Book a careers appointment Visit our website Use the information in the Careers Hub Make use of Warwick Careers Contacts Don’t panic – we are here to support you!

23 Support from the Careers Service One to one appointments Information in the Careers Hub Careers Fairs & Employer Presentations Interactive group Career Sessions Career Management Certificate Mock interviews Vacancies Database

24 Dates for your diary! General Recruitment Fair8 th & 9 th October City & Finance Fair25 th October City & Finance Alumni Event 25 th October (Evening) Technology & Engineering Fair 8 th November International Fair15 th November Law Fair20 th November

25 How to make the most of Employer Events Research your target employers –Trends in the industry –Recent deals –Press reports Think about your 30 second advert Compile some intelligent questions beforehand Be clear about their application process

26 New Website! –

27 Some useful websites Royal Statistical PSI (Pharma Industry) eap29_/jobs.html Data All allstat.html

28 And finally….. Remember the Careers Centre is here to support you in: –Working out where you want to be –Taking the steps you need to take to get there What we can’t do, is find you a job – that’s down to you! Good luck with your final year!

29 Final Thought “For future success ask yourself these four questions: why?, why not?, why not me?, why not now?”

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