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Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) Justin Ray.

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1 Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) Justin Ray

2 JUSE “The objective of JUSE is to promote systematic studies needed for the advancement of science and technology, whereupon to contribute to the development of culture and industry.”

3 Major Contributions Quality Statistical Quality Control Deming Prize

4 History Pre-WWII Japan known for cheap, low- quality manufacturing.

5 JUSE Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) –Founded: May 1946 –Founder: Ichiro Ishikawa –Rebuild Japan’s economy through engineering and technology

6 Early Development 1949 – Economic Stabilization Board –technological advancements abroad Statistical Quality Control

7 American mass production E. S. Pearson Walter Shewart –Inexpensive to implement –Reduce costs –Increase competitiveness

8 Deming W. Edwards Deming visits Japan 1947 Invited by JUSE to return in 1950 –Reputation for statistical methods –“Eight-Day Course on Quality Control”

9 Deming Eight-day seminars published by JUSE. –Elementary Principles of the Statistical Control of Quality Deming donated royalties to JUSE. –Deming Prize

10 Deming Prize Est. 1950 Deming Prize for Individuals –“... outstanding contributions to the study of TQM or statistical methods used for TQM.” Deming Application Prize –“... company that has achieved distinctive performance improvements through the application of TQM.”

11 JUSE Noteworthy Member –Kaoru Ishikawa Son of JUSE founder, Ichiro Ishikawa Leader in Japanese quality movement Developed the basic seven tools of quality (B7) Emphasized involving operating employees in quality improvement Coined term: company-wide quality control

12 JUSE Activities Quality Month –Education and Training Courses Quality Management, QC Circle Reliability Engineering Multivariate Analysis, Design of Experiment Marketing Analysis, Sensory Evaluation, Products Liability ISO Management System (QMS, EMS), OHSMS, ISMS and others.

13 JUSE Activities Also teaches many other seminars throughout the year on several management topics.

14 Quality Control Circles Small groups of front-line employees Improve quality within their circle of influence Improve workplace and learn from one another

15 Quality Control Circles Headquartered within JUSE organization Branch offices assist with developing circles Currently over 426,000 QC Circles registered in Japan

16 Conclusion JUSE early adopter of quality control. World leader in providing quality control education for all industries. Major contributor to the study and development of quality management.

17 References Foster, S. Thomas. 2007. Managing Quality: Integrating the Supply Chain. Third Edition. pp. 47-48. Koyanagi, S. 1951. Statistical Quality Control in Japan. The American Statistician. Vol. 5, No. 5. pp. 8-9. Tsutsui, William M. 1996. W. Edwards Deming an the Origins of Quality Control in Japan. Journal of Japanese Studies. Vol. 22, No. 2. pp. 295-325. JUSE official website: The W. Edwards Deming Institute official website:

18 Additional Readings Nixon, Frank. 1962. Quality Achievements in Japan. The Statistician. Vol. 12, No. 2. pp. 119-124. Marsh, Robert M. The Difference Between Participation and Power in Japanese Factories. Industrial and Labor Relations Review. Vol. 45, No. 2. pp. 250-257.

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