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Your Logo Here Your Copyright here, Year Acquisition Project Update Name, Title [Your Company Here] Date Here.

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1 Your Logo Here Your Copyright here, Year Acquisition Project Update Name, Title [Your Company Here] Date Here

2 Your Logo Here Your Copyright here, Year Project Focus  Identify and evaluate trends in integration of software systems using business process workflow approach  Evaluate potential candidates for participation in [Product] spin-off  Validated opportunities for engagement scenarios with specific potential partners

3 Your Logo Here Your Copyright here, Year Methodology  Used two assessment and qualification levels  Initial on-site meeting to validate progress, attain direction and continue refinement  Basis: Determine receptiveness in the market place for a process-centric Integration product  Broad view of target product categories

4 Your Logo Here Your Copyright here, Year 4 perspectives of analysis  Partnering activity and trends among players in the 5 categories  Profiling on acquisition, investment and merger activity  Expanded scope to conduct company vision and product review  Confirmed breadth and depth of vision for integration

5 Your Logo Here Your Copyright here, Year Research Highlights  4 Value Characteristics for our product line: Vision, process centric, lack of tool, competitive positioning  Still first to market with pure “business, process, workflow integration product” solution for our value characteristics  Market focus is on trading marketplaces and [product category]  TAC’s focus is on supporting [product] tasks  Tool vendors are most active in competitive investments  Primary target partner in enterprise space are also acquisition candidates

6 Your Logo Here Your Copyright here, Year Insights to Partner Strategy  Most aggressive partnering (through acquisitions) in first half of 2003 occurred among leading organizations (in TAC segments)  Leaders think as enablers and partner with many organizations in and around their vertical in order to create their market space rather than fill existing apparent holes  Leaders recognize the value of investing in, acquiring, partnering with niche players that extend their portfolio in a competitive direction  Leaders create market spaces and enjoy first-to-market advantage by delivering enabling technology and devices ahead of the existence of well-developed vertical applications and content partnerships

7 Your Logo Here Your Copyright here, Year Business Drivers  Consolidation pressures to retain leading position in the segment.  Broadening of [product market] concept on customer side requires expanding functionality and updating architecture to enable ASP model  Partnering with key customers and vendors to share costs, development and marketing efforts  Result provides instant referenceable customer(s) upon release of a new product or service, thus increasing probability of success  Partnering with well-known / name-brand suppliers and device manufacturers to jointly offer solutions the marketplace can take advantage of  Return on investment. Most have established investment pools, the firms try to control the entire channel by investing in / acquiring key channel organizations  Leaders have developed partner support groups to provide hands-on technical and business guidance to organizations that want to utilize their technology, ensuring that opportunities are fully exploited

8 Your Logo Here Your Copyright here, Year Trend analysis level 1 CategoryAcquisition Acquired by other MergerInvestmentMost activeShare ASF 8100BEA75% CRM 3100PeopleSoft50% B2B e- commerce 0500 I2 Techn. Commerce One 40% EAI 5001Silverstream90% SI 9311Computer Associates Sierra Sys. 14%

9 Your Logo Here Your Copyright here, Year Trend analysis level 2 Category# of entries# with vision# with product “available” candidates ASF 521Broadvision CRM 1230 Siebel PeopleSoft Clarify B2B e-commerce 730 Oracle Onyx Ariba EAI 1862 Vitria Candle Crossworlds Macola SI 3410Bluestone

10 Your Logo Here Your Copyright here, Year Trend analysis level 3 Category“available” candidates# of activities Direction of interest ASF Broadvision2 acquisitions CRM Siebel1 acquisitionE-commerce CRM PeopleSoft2 acquisitionsCRM and CRM ClarifyAcquired byNortel B2B e-commerce Oracle0E-commerce B2B e-commerce Onyx0E-commerce B2B e-commerce Ariba1 acquisitionTrading tech. EAI Vitria0Partnering EAI Candle0Partnering EAI Crossworlds0Partnering EAI Macola0Partnering SI Bluestone0Partnering

11 Your Logo Here Your Copyright here, Year Trend analysis level 4 Category Range value of deal PreferenceCandidatePreference ASF UnavailUnavail.BroadvisionEquity CRM 450 M / equityEquitySiebel444M CRM PeopleSoftUnavail CRM ClarifyUnavail B2B e-commerce < 10M / equity-Oracle- B2B e-commerce Onyx- B2B e-commerce AribaEquity EAI 28M – 1.3BCashVitria- EAI Candle- EAI Crossworlds- EAI Macola- SI 1M – 1.3BCashBluestone-

12 Your Logo Here Your Copyright here, Year Implications for [Your Company]  First to market opportunity for NEWCO within [market]  Business drivers are aligned with revenue and stated market penetration objectives  Number 2 position in ASF and EAI category likely to be receptive to partnering offer that provides opportunity to differentiate  Mixed partnerships will leverage NEWCO’s efforts and ensure market penetration  BUT: Partnering trends show preference for acquisitions to control competitive functionality, not shared access!  Partners in NEWCO should therefore be carefully selected to avoid competitive complications

13 Your Logo Here Your Copyright here, Year Primary Partner Targets  eCRM, B2B trading exchanges and EAI tool vendors  Ariba, Bluestone Consulting and Broadvision are the clear choices  BEA Systems is the leader in EAI space, others are lagging by substantial lengths  Tibco in the infrastructure arena  System Integrators are secondary, but should be involved for distribution to verticals  The time is NOW, and the window of opportunity is short

14 Your Logo Here Your Copyright here, Year CRM Trends  Products are moving to the web. Concept is broadening to view the relationship from the perspective of the consumer. New entrants are using ASP models and are fully web- enabled  Distinct split between enterprise and mid-market offerings. New entrants are addressing small to mid market needs  Shifting concepts about consumer interaction cause shift in product (company) positioning  Offerings are beginning to implement self-service model  Connectivity beyond the HR and marketing systems still not implemented  PeopleSoft expanding from HR to include CRM, Call Center capability through Vantive  Nortel Networks expanding to include CRM for the enterprise through Clarify

15 Your Logo Here Your Copyright here, Year ASF Trends  Partnering focused more on extending capabilities and assuring compatibility  BEA Systems  Serious direction setting in component and consulting partnering  Serious commitment to EJB and middleware integration - 6 of 6 partnerships in this area  “The automation workflow co.” acquisition will accelerate development of sophisticated workflow modules  Vignette  Up and comer in ASF – acquiring its way into number 2 position through Oberon integration  Commitment to EAI and infrastructure – purchased On Display  Lack of stated vision with respect to business level process integration tools  Broadvision  Partnering with ASP and “Advocate Partners” in addition to traditional VAR, consulting and technology  Focus on streamlining and improvement of efficiency through e-commerce solutions

16 Your Logo Here Your Copyright here, Year EAI Trends  Partnering activity was mostly acquisition oriented. Most energy is spent on enabling IT to provide integration services to business departments through messaging, app. server and other solutions.  TibCo  Expanding from strong middleware position to include process and application integration capability  No acquisitions, partnerships with strong enterprise level application vendors (Siebel, Clarify etc.)  Only EAI to provide serious Business Process modeling capability  Hitachi  Software division has strong Business Process integration knowledge and capability  No product comparable with [our product]  Candle  Strong integration tool, IT developer focussed  No acquisition and investment activity, extensive partnering activity  Crossworlds  Focus on software development, not ready to ship product

17 Your Logo Here Your Copyright here, Year B2B e-commerce Trends  Onyx  Only b2b with business process integration vision among B2B vendors today.  Partnering predominantly with front office e-commerce type companies  No acquisitions or investments during review period  Ariba  Significant press coverage through IBM – i2 deals  Heavy partnering activity during fall winter/spring 2000  Only one acquisition in this period  CommerceOne  Acquiring to enhance portfolio of technologies and functionality  Partner orientation toward global system integrator  I2 Technologies  Almost no content partners  Just announced (March) big deal with IBM and Ariba for Automotive marketplace implementation

18 Your Logo Here Your Copyright here, Year SI Company Trends  Most organizations appear to be ‘stuck’ in providing integration services to IT, certainly in the mid-market segment  Bluestone Consulting  Most active in partnering for strategic positioning, possibly because closer to a software developer than a pure integrator.  Only one with explicitly stated vision of integration from a business process perspective  Comprehensive Systems orientation, no specific vertical  Sierra Systems  Actively acquiring, but focused on specific vertical: geographic mapping and planning systems  Computer Associates  Acquiring capability to develop e-commerce presence through “bizworks” product line  Significant size deals: Sterling Software (4B in equity), Platinum Technology

19 Your Logo Here Your Copyright here, Year Specific Observations  Number of firms with explicit statement of vision and product for BPI is relatively small.  BUT: each category has a leader that has developed specific functionality similar to [product], leaving others to catch up  Most activity is concentrated on acquisitions as a way to jockey for position  Most EAI energy is spent on enabling IT to provide integration services to business departments through messaging, app. server and other solutions.  Firms with well-developed business / partner development & support organizations and investment funds will dominate the market  Providers of enabling tools, data and technology MUST creatively partner to help propagate end-user / vertical applications that utilize their product or be swept aside by those who do

20 Your Logo Here Your Copyright here, Year Lack of Action=Lost Opportunity  In this highly competitive marketplace, first-to-market advantage will only be held by firms delivering enabling technology that provides real world solutions  Caused by the direction set by the leaders in each category, there is natural demand for [product] like capability to hold on to, and bypass the current secondary position many of the candidate are in  The key players in the market MUST ACT NOW or forever lose out on these opportunities, and potentially, on survival

21 Your Logo Here Your Copyright here, YearRecommendations [Our Company] Should:  Recommended target partners  Recommended Target Acquisition Companies  Dual strategy partners in both categories to ensure viability with lowest risk  Timeframe here

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