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The Legislative Branch

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1 The Legislative Branch

2 How many? Each 10 years the Census is used to determine a state’s number of representatives Each representative in the House of Representatives has approximately 650,000 constituents Census- Official count of the people in the country

3 According to the Constitution, To become a Senator or Congress member you must…
Be a resident of the state in which you are elected Be at least 25 years old for the House and a citizen for 7 years Be at least 30 years old for the Senate and a citizen for 9 years

4 Most legislators… Have at least a college (and usually and advanced) degree Backgrounds in business or law

5 Powers of the Congress Levy and collect taxes Borrow money
Regulate interstate and foreign commerce Coin money Declare war

6 House Senate 435 members 2 year terms Elected in districts
Quicker to act Less prestigious Less press coverage Limited floor debate More influence on budget 100 members 6 year terms Elected by state Slower to act More prestige More press coverage Longer floor debates More influence on foreign affairs

7 The House of Representatives
435 Members 42 African Americans 75 women 27 Latinos 6 Asian Americans 1 Native American 3 Openly gay members 2 Muslims 2 Buddhists

8 House Leadership Speaker of the House John Boehner (OH)
Majority Leader Eric Cantor Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy Minority Whip Steny Hoyner

9 The Speaker of the House
Majority party Is elected from whole House vote Presides over House, assigns bills to committees and appoints representatives to special committees and commissions Decides what and when bills will be debated

10 How many Representatives in the House does each state have?

11 Minnesota’s 8 Districts

12 Our home district!

13 The Senate 100 members 17 women 1 Latino 1 African American
1 Japanese American 1 Native Hawaiian American 13 Jews The average age is 62

14 Senate Leadership President of the Senate (Vice President of the US)
President pro tempore Majority Leader Minority Leader Majority Whip Minority Whip

15 How Congress checks other branches
Oversees executive agencies Senate approves presidential appointments House can vote to impeach an official and the Senate conducts the trial Senate must approve (ratify) all treaties Congress can override presidential veto Congress can vote to amend the Constitution Can create federal courts

16 Elections… Since 1990, representatives running for re-election in the House have won 90 percent of the time. About 80 percent of incumbent senators win.

17 Copy down how a bill becomes a law onto p. 2 of your packet from p
Copy down how a bill becomes a law onto p. 2 of your packet from p. 227 of the textbook

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