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Reading: Letter. Unsur Bahasa: Simple Present Future Tense.

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1 Reading: Letter

2 Unsur Bahasa: Simple Present Future Tense

3 Penggunaan Bahasa : Ungkapan menawarkan dan responnya

4 Letter Dear Betty, I’m writing to you concerning my last day in Jogya. I just got back from Borobudur, the wonderful temple I’ve ever seen. The weather is fine. We are now staying in a hotel. It’s not far from Malioboro. We are treated well here.

5 It has many excellent staff who serve the customers. We plan to go around Malioboro after taking a short nap. We want to enjoy having “Lesehan there. It is a kind of a restaurant but we sit on the ground.

6 Many kinds of local handicraft are sold along Malioboro street. Both domestic and foreign tourists are interested in them. I want to buy some souvenirs. Don’t worry, I’ll also buy you the most interesting one. Love dara

7 1. The letter above talks about… a. The wonderful Borobudur temple b. Special handicraft from Jogya c. Dara’s last day in Jogya d. A comforatble hotel near Malioboro

8 2. Dara wants to buy …as souvenirs. a. Domestic tourists b. Foreign tourists c. Lesehan d. Local handicraft

9 3. What does Dara think about Borobudur temple? a. Remarkableb. Terrible c. Horribled. Boring

10 4. Which of the following statements is incorrect? a. People sell many kinds of handicraft along Malioboro street. b. It is not too long to reach Malioboro from the hotel where Dara stayed. c. Dara hated staying in the hotel d. Lesehan is in Malioboro

11 Dear Angelica, Thank you for your letter. It was indeed exciting to read about your recent trip to Perth. You had a wonderful time, didn’t you? Well, I may not be as lucky as you but my trip to Genting was equally thrilling. I had heard a lot about this popular gateway from a friend of mine and everything was just exciting as she had described.

12 We stayed overnight at my uncle’s house in Kuala Lumpur and left quite early so as to avoid the hot, midday sun. As soon as we arrived, I was the first to get out of the car. It was very cold but the air was fresh and clean. I took an instant liking to this place.

13 My brother and I spent most of our time entertaining ourselves at the recreation centre while my parents had a good time at the pub which is strictly for adults. I felt sad to leave this wonderful place after a brief stay but I’ll be there again. Perhaps you can be with me the next time. Write soon, won’t you? Your friend, Sally

14 1.Where did the writer of the letter go ? a. Perthb. Genting c. Singapored. Indonesia

15 2. With whom did Sally go ? a. Alone b. Angelica c. A friend of her d. Her brother and parents

16 3. What does the text talk about? a. Angelica and her friends b. The writer’s family c. Recreation area d. Exciting trip to Genting

17 4. “..felt sad to leave this wonderful place after a brief stay …” The underlined word means … a. long b. short c. everlasting d. small

18 5. “ I had heard a lot about this popular gateway from a friend of mine”. The underlined word means … a. Perth b. Kuala Lumpur c. Genting d. Her uncle's house

19 Simple Present Future Tense Pengertian: Pola kalimat yang digunakan untuk menyatakan kejadian yang akan berlangsung

20 Pola Kalimat : + Subject + will + verb1 + Subject + tobe going to+verb1 -Subject+will not(won’t) +verb1 -Subject+tobe not going to+verb1 ?Will+Subject +verb1? ? Tobe+Subject+going to+verb1?

21 Contoh kalimat : +.I will open the windows + We are going to join football competation next week. - I won’t close them. - We are not going to join the badminton match. ? Will you turn off the lamp? ? Are you going to watch us?

22 1. Riska : Have you finished doing your assignment? Ferdi : Not yet. But I … soon. a. finishb. will finish c. have finishedd. was finishing

23 2. Dian : Have you got a plan for this weekend? Tuti : Yes, I …to the new mall in town with Sita.Let’s join us. Dian : That’s a good idea. a. go b. went c. am going to go d. have gone

24 3. Cindy: Uhh. This room is too dark. I can’t see the letters well. Vira : Don’t worry. I … on the lamp. a. turnedb. will turn c. have turnedd. am turning

25 4. The man can’t see where he is going. There is a hole in front of him. he … into the hole. a. is fallingb. is going to fall c. felld. has fallen

26 5. Mother : Oh. I forget to close the door of the kitchen. Daughter : I … it a. closeb. am closing c. have closedd. will close

27 6. Badru: There is no money in wallet How can I get home? Rizal: here it is, use mine Badru: Thanks for lending me the money. I …you back on Friday. Rizal: Oh no You don’t need to. It’s for you. Badru: Thanks a lot then.

28 a. Payb. paid c. have paidd. will pay

29 Ungkapan penawaran A. Offering a help Can I help you? What can I do for you? Let me help you to …! Shall I …? If You like I could … What can I do to help? Would you like any help? Is there anything I can do ? Need some help!

30 Offering something Would you like something to drink? Can I offer you a drink? Will you have some drink? Have a drink? Would care for …?

31 Ungkapan menerima tawaran Yes, please Thanks very much That’s would be very nice Thank you, I would That would be very nice I’d love …! With pleasure

32 Ungkapan menolak tawaran No, thank you I am not sure I can Not this time, thanks. No, thanks. I can manage myself

33 1. Young man :The bag looks too heavy for you to lift….? Old woman :That’s very kind of you young man. Thank a lot. a. What can I do for you? b. Would you like any help? c. I would be careful if I were you d. How about leaving it here

34 2. Young man : You looks thirsty. Shall I take a glass of water? Old woman : … a clear water will be nice. a. Thank you, I would b. How wonderful it is c. What about a glass of water d. I can manage it myself

35 3. Man 1 : Cigarette, sir. Man 2 : … I quit smoking. a. That’s very kind of you b. That’s my favorite c. It’s really enjoyable d. No, thank you.

36 4. Neno : Ok, This restaurant is famous for its “satay kambing” …? Firda : Is it? Yes, please. a. Don’t try it b. Would you like some drink c. Would care for some? d. What would you like to have?

37 5. Shopkeeper : …? Customer : Yes, Do you have scarves? Shopkeeper : Yes, let me show you some. a. Can you help me? b. What will you do, madam? c. What would you like to do? d. can I help you, madam?

38 Episode 5

39 Reading : Brosur perjalanan wisata Unsur Bahasa : Simple present perfect tense

40 Penggunaan Bahasa : Ungkapan Kepastian/Ketidakpastian

41 Tour package Full-day city tour 2-day stay at Malacca Village resort Hang Tuah’s well Gadek hot Spring Serkam Grilled fish Port Dutch Port Cape Rochado

42 Extras Free breakfasts during stay at Malacca Village Resort Free shopping voucher worth S$50 given to the first 50 reservations Free rides on trishaws within Malacca town throughout stay Free dinner voucher for all honeymoners

43 Departure : daily by coach Accommodation : Twin-sharing PENINSULA TRAVEL LTD 23 Asia Road # 03-03 Raja Complex Call our toll-Free Number : 1800- 7532641

44 Informasi tertentu 1. Where do we spend the night if we join the tour? a. Mallacca village resort b. Hang tuah’s well c. Cape Rachardo d. Peninsula travel LTD

45 Informasi rinci 2. The package tour provides us two vouchers for… a. Full day tour and room b. Shopping and dinner c. Riding on trishaws and breakfast d. Visiting Dutch Port and Serkam Grilled fish port

46 Gambaran umum 3. What does the text talk about? a. Peninsula travel agent b. Full- day tour c. Accommodation d. Extra tour

47 Makna kata (sinonim) 4. “departure : daily by coach”. The underlined word is a kind of … a. Ship b. Bus c. Plane d. Bicycle

48 Relax cruise “Island Explorer” is a 17 m length, around the world sailing yacht, with a capacity of 20 passengers. Leaving from Benoa Harbour, we take you in 2 1/2 hours (cruising at 8 knots) across the Badung Strait between Bali and Lembongan Island.

49 Including : Air conditioned hotel transfers BBQ buffet lunch all you can eat with crisp salad Shared game fishing/trolling Snorkeling Sea kayaking Banana boat riding

50 Semi sub marine Underwater Explorer Glass bottom boat Pool use at the Coconut Beach Resort Morning and afternoon tea, snacks, fresh fruits, etc


52 Sit back and Relax, feel the warmth of ocean breeze on the deck while you enjoy your morning and afternoon tea and coffee with some refreshments (soft drinks, beers and wines at reasonable prices). You may also try you luck in trolling fishing on this enjoyable cruising trip.

53 The fun continues as you arrive on Lembongan Island Bay, where you have a great BBQ buffet lunch with crisp salads, and join all water activities US $ 75 pp

54 Informasi umum 1. The brochure offers us … a. a luxurious yacht b. an enjoyable cruising trip c. the warmth of the ocean breeze d. a great BBQ buffet

55 Informasi tertentu 2. What is the name of the yacht? a. BBQ Buffet b. relax Cruise c. Island explorer d. Island Bay

56 Informasi rinci 3. We gets the following thing free, except, … a. banana boat riding b. water activities c. refreshment d. BBQ buffet

57 Makna kata 4. “ …feel the warmth of ocean breeze on the deck …” The underlined word means … a. soft, gentle wind b. hazardous waves c. heavy storm d. rough sea

58 Pengertian : Pola kalimat yang digunakan untuk menyatakan kejadian/pekerjaan yang telah selesai dikerjakan. Pengertian : Pola kalimat yang digunakan untuk menyatakan kejadian/pekerjaan yang telah selesai dikerjakan. SIMPLE PRESENT PERFECT TENSE

59 Pola kalimat : +Subject +have/has+verb3 -Subject+have/has not+verb3. ?Have/has+Subject+verb3

60 Contoh kalimat : + They have visited Jogya + She has been here all day -They haven’t visited Solo. - She hasn’t been there all day ? have they visited Borobudur? ? Has she talked about it?

61 1. Aan : Come to my house. Let’s finish homework with me. Tito : I … it. Aan : How diligent you are. a. do b. did c. will do d. have done

62 2. Nina : Look a wallet Ayu : Someone …it here. Let’s find out whose wallet it is a. leaves b. has left c. will leave d. is leaving

63 3. Riris : Do you know where Tiara is? Didi: No, I …her since this morning. a. don’t see b. didn’t see c. haven’t seen d. won’t see

64 4. Cici : Will you join the tour to Bali? Mimi : I …it yet. I am still confused whether to join or not. a. won’t decide b. haven’t decided c. am going to decide d. Didn’t want to decide

65 5. Michael : How beautiful the scenery in this place. Rudy : Is this the first time you’ve been here? Michael : Yes, … a. I have been here many times b. I’ve never been here before c. I am not here anymore d. I wasn’t here last time

66 Ungkapan kepastian I am sure about it I am really certain about it No doubt I am absolutely certain about it That’s my conviction I am quite sure

67 Ungkapan ketidakpastian I am not sure about it I can’t say for certain I can’t make up my mind I am not really sure There is some doubt in my mind

68 Mr. Arman : We cannot continue our Journey. We’d better stop and take a rest. It’s going to rain soon. Mr. Bachri : Are you sure it’s going to rain soon? Mr. Arman : Yes, … Look The sky is cloudy and The weather is very hot.

69 a. I am quite sure about it. b. I can’t say for certain c. I doubt it d. I approve it

70 1. Budi : I heard that you are going to London. How long will you stay there? Adnan : … It depends on the situation if I finish my business faster, I will be home soon.

71 2. Ady : Look at this new coke It looks so tasty Tom : … I haven’t tried it yet, a. I am sure b. No doubt c. Do you think so? d. I can’t say for certain.

72 3. Mother : Help your sister with her suitcase. Alin : She doesn’t want to. She wants to carry it herself. Mother : … she can It’s too heavy for her. a. there is no doubt b. I hope so c. why do you do that d. I am not sure

73 4. Galih : Where is Teddy? Have you told him that He should be her soon. Heny : Yes, I have … He will be come soon. a. absolutely notb. I am certain c. I doubtd. By the way

74 5. Susy : Do you think Winda agree to join us to go to the mall? Lisa : …she I looks busy recently. a. No doubt b. that’s a good idea c. I am not sure d. that’s what I think

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