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Jaguar, the god of the underworld, called the Balam, was worshiped by the Mayan people.

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3 Jaguar, the god of the underworld, called the Balam, was worshiped by the Mayan people

4 Hey Leopards~~~~We’ve got Spots too!!!!!!!!!!!

5 How do you know if you have crossed the path of a Jaguar or a leopard ?

6 Can you see the spots inside the spots?

7 There is No such thing as a panther!!!

8 It is just a black JAGUAR!!!

9 Scientific Names: Puma, Felis, Acinonyx, and PANTHERA

10 Jaguars Scientific Name is: PANTHERA ONCA Panthera leo: Lion Panthera tigris: TigerPanthera pardus:leopard

11 Let’s name him Jag! Adopted in honor of the 06-07 jaguar students

12 Gua was adopted in honor of the 07-08 Jaguars!

13 Ari and the baby were adopted in 08-09!

14 Aaron Harris gave us Storm, in honor of the 09-10 Jaguars!

15 We hope to adopt a black Jaguar from ebay/ Big Plush this year! 36" REALISTIC STUFFED BLACK PANTHER BIG PLUSH ANIMAL Store: BIG PLUSH Giant Stuff...BIG PLUSH Giant Stuff...

16 The OFFICIAL shoe of the JAGUAR!

17 Save your money for a pair! Or ask Santa to bring you a pair

18 Our Team colors are Black and Silver See Mrs. Resa for a Team Shirt TODAY!

19 Mrs. Walker 9 th year as the Jaguar Social Studies Teacher, 17 years teaching. Has 3 children; all of them were born in Germany. Makes delicious cupcakes, so make sure your name is on the calendar!

20 DR. JONES 9 th year as the Jaguar Science teacher, 100th year teaching Likes to take science trips to the creek. Was born and raised in Auburn

21 Ms. Foster 1 st year as the Jaguar Language Arts teacher. Is a painter Is an Auburn Graduate and Fan Has been to 6 different countries outside the U.S.

22 Ms. EVANS 8 th year as the Jaguar math teacher, 11 th year teaching Has a Standard Poodle named Khaki Is originally from Macon, Georgia

23 Rules: Follow the R.O.A.R. Jaguars are to be responsible young adults. Rules are to ensure the fair and consistent treatment of all students. Earn your ROAR bucks

24 Consequences 1 st : Silent Lunch 2 nd : Silent Lunch and parent contact 3 rd : SL, Team Detention and parent Contact 4 th : Silent Lunch and administration conference 5 th : SL, Team Detention and Parent Contact 6 th : Office Referral We do not expect Jaguars to break the rules. If needed, we will implement consequences!

25 Planners Jaguars are to have their planners with them at all times. Jaguars are expected to write down their homework in all classes on a daily basis. Jaguars are to use their planners as a pass out of the room.

26 LOCKERS Follow the Schedule You may use a pass out of class Before Homeroom: Top After Homeroom: Bottom Plan Accordingly: Do not go to your locker in between each class. Get materials for 2 maybe 3 classes at a time. If the congestion does not get better, we will assign you locker times.


28 Progress Reports Will be sent home every Thursday. Your parents may also view your PR online.Have your parents sign the Thursday folder sheet to indicate they have seen your Progress Report.

29 PBS Teams will earn Paw Points toward incentive activities. Paw Points can be earned by students making good decisions and following rules and instructions. Teams can earn points every week. A week runs Friday through Thursday.

30 Points can be earned by : Making good decisions and avoiding silent lunch Turning assignments in on time (no missing work) Coming to class on time and avoiding tardies Following directions and avoiding detentions Following school rules and avoiding office referrals

31 Bonus points can be earned every Friday for students wearing team shirts! REMINDER: Every Thursday Wear Your Black/Silver JFDrake Tshirt! If you have Converse Allstars wear them too!

32 Team activities: recess, sit anywhere at lunch Grade level activities: dances School-wide activities: movie nights

33 TOP TEAM REWARD This WILL Be the Jaguars!!! The team per grade level with the most points will earn an additional reward~ a walking field trip to restaurants!


35 PBS POINTS Earn Points for the Jaguar Team To Earn:3 points2 points1 point0 points Silent Lunches Less than 15Less than 30Less than 4545 or more Tardies (to class) Less than 15Less than 30Less than 4545 or more Office Referrals Less than 15Less than 30Less than 4545 or more Detentions (school or team) Less than 15Less than 30Less than 4545 or more Missing Assignments Less than 15Less than 30Less than 4545 or more

36 Largest of the South American Cats, once roamed the US.

37 Jaguar is derived from the Native American word yaguar, which means “He who kills his prey with one leap”.

38 Unlike many other cats, Jaguars love water and are quite good Swimmers!

39 Jaguars have the strongest jaw muscles of any other cat.

40 Females have litters of one to four cubs, which are born blind and helpless at birth

41 Jaguars mostly take on large prey such as deer, but they are opportunist. They will eat anything from frogs to fish to birds to domestic livestock.

42 Jaguars are nocturnal creatures, meaning they prefer to be active at night.

43 Jaguars are unrivaled hunters, with no enemy except for man.

44 Even though they are now protected, Jaguars are still hunted for their attractive fur 

45 Welcome to the 2010-2011 School Year! We have bumper stickers and other Jaguar items that you can purchase. JAG

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