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Technology Class Information You will need to copy all blue words in your folder.

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1 Technology Class Information You will need to copy all blue words in your folder.

2 Basic Classroom Rules: Once you are assigned a computer, sit in this seat unless you have permission to move NO food/drinks/candy/gum allowed Be respectful of classroom equipment and other students Stay on task Stay on appropriate websites

3 Bathroom/Water Policy You must have YOUR agenda to use the restroom You must use the restroom/water fountain closest to my classroom unless they are out of order You must sign out in the notebook by the door You must take and return the hall pass You may NOT make a habit of using the restroom or asking for water You may NOT ask for either privilege during instruction (unless it is an emergency)

4 Typing 1.The name of the software we use for typing is Typing Instructor 2.The desktop icon is a blue globe. Double- click on this icon and select your class period. Terminal 3.This will take you to the Travel Port. From here, select the globe labeled Terminal. Lessons. 4.Select the black screen labeled Lessons.

5 5. The lessons for the week will be written on the board. You must complete each lesson a minimum of three times each. 6. While typing each lesson, you should be learning where the keys are located and which fingers hit each key. The hands on the screen show you the correct typing technique. Typing

6 1.Go to the Travel Port and select “Terminal”. 2.Select the black square named “Lessons” 3.Using the dropdown box, find the lesson “Random Sentence Practice”. Type this lesson until you are instructed to set up your test. 4.Test Set-up – go back to the Terminal and select the black square named “Tests” 5.Test Name – Touch Typist Test, Music – None, Time – 5 minutes 6.After your test, leave your score on the screen and wait for me to record your AWPM Typing Test Day

7 To learn to type using the proper hand positioning (shown on the lessons) To increase your adjusted word per minute (AWPM) by at least 8 each nine weeks. This averages to an improvement of 2 WPM/typing test. To limit the amount of time spent looking at your hands and the keyboard Typing Goals

8 Typing grades are not issued until the end of the nine weeks. This ensures you have had enough time to develop your typing technique and improve your AWPM Typing is worth two (2) test grades each 9 weeks Letter grades are assigned based on how many AWPM you improve that 9 weeks: Typing Credit Increase in AWPMGrade 8 or moreA 6 – 7B 4 – 5C 2 – 3D 0 – 1F

9 Typing Technique 1.Home Row Keys – [A S D F J K L ;] 2.Your hands should stay at the home row keys as your “base”. Your thumbs align with the spacebar. You must use your pinky to hold the Shift key to make a capital letter. 3.The fingers are assigned the keys on a diagonal line with the home row. The diagonal slants to the left (\).

10 Keyboard Position

11 Class Assignments Assignment directions are numbered and placed in the class direction folders attached to your computer You are responsible for placing these papers back into the folders to ensure they are available for other students When you have completed your typing lesson, you should move onto the current project

12 Saving your work: 1.All work must be saved with your full name and the name of the project. 2.Computers have folders under My Documents for each period. 3.Save your work in this folder with the correct name. 4.If your work or folder gets moved to another location, the only way we can search for it is if you have saved with the correct name and in the correct folder.

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