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Partnership that Pays Plot No 84, Abchal Nagar Nilothi Extn, Chander Vihar, Nangloi, New Delhi (INDIA) +919560220088, +919868236075 +919873673188

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1 Partnership that Pays Plot No 84, Abchal Nagar Nilothi Extn, Chander Vihar, Nangloi, New Delhi (INDIA) +919560220088, +919868236075 +919873673188

2 Agenda “The Cleaner” Company Profile Health, Hygiene & Wellness Water Disinfection Disinfection Processes

3 Company profile Mission Statement : “To provide customers with world class disinfection and cleaning solutions for Air, Water & Surface” Established : 2009 Our Customers and specific focus : Operation Theaters, ICUs & Critical areas- Hospitals Cleaning & Disinfection Water Tanks Disinfection- Municipal corporations, Institutions, Schools & Group Housing Carpet & Furniture Disinfection – Offices, Schools, Corporates, Hotels & Institutions. Public Transport Disinfection – Buses and Trains

4 “The Cleaner” Your Hygiene & Wellness Partner

5 For so long now, we have believed that clean is defined by what our eyes can see. Our aim is to create awareness towards invisible contamination that is a threat to the society on a daily basis. Disinfection is a process that destroys or removes disease-causing organisms such as viruses, bacteria or protozoa What is Cleaning And Disinfection?

6 Why Is Disinfection Required ? It is by now widely acknowledged that infectious diseases are transmitted far more easily and rapidly in closed environments through which many people pass. e.g. Hospitals, Schools, Office, Public Transport etc. Humans, being the rather revolting creatures they are, constantly shed, secrete, and transfer various distasteful substances onto the surfaces they touch and approach. Contact with such surfaces are often unavoidable, but to reduce personal contamination to some degree we should go for disinfection process. Copyright 2010 The Cleaner

7 Microbes/Micro Organism Organisms or living particle too small to be seen clearly by the naked or normal eye. Present every where like water, soil, air, food, surface, soil, animals, plants, etc. Microbes are even present in Human Digestive System. Microbes as both good & bad characters.

8 Microbes/Micro Organism Micro Organisms are Bacteria - Typhoid, diarrohea, soar throat, wounds, etc Virus - HIV, Jaundice, cold, etc Fungi - Bread spoilage, coconut, etc. Algae - Pond, Water Tank Bacteria can double their count in 20 minutes. Virus & Spores are always in inactive condition, become active in favorable conditions. Algae grows only in the presence of water & sun light. Spores are reproductive part of microbes. Bacteria causes most of the diseases and virus causes dangerous diseases.

9 Holistic Sanitization

10 The Cleaner’s Specialization We specialize in proactive germicidal disinfection caused by Airborne, Waterborne & surface pathogens. Our products and services combat airborne and surface pathogens. We are committed to prevent infectious diseases & pathogens in an environment friendly manner. Our unique solutions work to limit the spread of infectious disease, including major public health threats of Tuberculosis, E.Coli,Influenza, Logionella etc. Our disinfectants are extremely safe, user friendly and biodegradable.

11 Cleaning & Disinfection Process Cleaning & Disinfection Process Hospital Disinfection & Sanitization: We follow specific disinfection process for specific purpose- 1.OT Sanitization 1.Vaccum – Floor 2.Spray and Wipe – Surfaces and Equipment 3.Fumigation - OT 4.Steam – Surfaces, Beds, Streachers etc..(Optional) 2.ICU Sanitization 1.Dry Moping 2.Disinfectant spray on critical / touch area 3.Wet floor moping with disinfectant. 4.Periodic fumigation of disinfectant ( Optional) 5.Steam disinfection (Optional) 3.Reception, Patient Wards, Public and General areas 1.Dry and Vacuum moping for dust collection. 2.Spray & Wipe of disinfectants on important / Critical area. 3.Wet moping (with floor disinfectant) on all floors. 4.Handles, bars, reception table etc disinfection through rapid surface disinfectant (H2O2 based) 5.Periodic fumigation of disinfectant ( Optional, Air Disinfection)

12 Cleaning & Disinfection Process Cleaning & Disinfection Process Hospital Disinfection & Sanitization: Cont: 4.Path Labs: 1.Dry and Vacuum moping for dust collection. 2.Spray & Wipe method to apply powerful disinfectant on all surfaces. 3.Rapid surface disinfectant application on all touchable surfaces (water taps, handles etc.) 5.Linen, Bedding & Pillows: 1.Chemical Treatment 2.Extraction 3.Steam disinfection (Optional)

13 Cleaning & Disinfection Process Cleaning & Disinfection Process Disinfection Process for Public Area (Non Medical) 1. Carpet and Chair Disinfection : We provide a Three Step Cleaning Process- 1. Vacuum Cleaning for dust collection 2. Chemical Spray 3. Extraction cleaning for deep cleaning. 2.Air / Rest Rooms Disinfection : We provide a Two Step Cleaning Process- 1. Cleaning the surfaces with Hi-speed cleaner-disinfectant (Effective against a basic range of micro-organisms, destroys orders and order-causing bacteria on surfaces in restroom areas, sinks, counters and other places where bacterial growth can cause malodors. 2. Aerial Disinfection through Fumigation Process (With Most Powerful Disinfectant). This process is ideal for Urinals and Toilets disinfection. 3.Transport Cleaning and Disinfection: We provide a Four Step disinfection process to disinfect the surfaces of Public Transport System - 1. Vacuum Cleaning (Dirt & Bacteria Removal) 2. Pressure Wash with Chemical (Internal & external surfaces) 3. Under body parts cleaning with pressure wash. 4. Application of Disinfectant on all internal surfaces.

14 Water Disinfection Water Tank Cleaning Process Present scenarios of disinfectants Chlorine as a disinfectant Our Solution

15 Water Tank Cleaning Process The Cleaner provides a Four Step Cleaning Process : 1. Mechanized Dewatering & Sludge removal 2. Pressure Cleaning 3. Vacuum Cleaning 4. Anti Bacterial Spray

16 Water Tank Cleaning Process

17 Present scenarios of disinfectants World Summit of Johannesburg,2002, announced that 2.87 Billion people will NOT have safe drinking water by 2013 if no action is taken immediately. The present Disinfectants used for water treatment have a proven ill effect on the human health and environment. Smart Eco -friendly water treatment concepts can be an answer to all the problems.

18 Present Scenario of Disinfectants The human resistance has decreased in case of several micro – organisms. Whereas the microbial resistance towards the classical water disinfectants has increased. Increased consumer's awareness towards water borne diseases and health issues will require an answer from the government and the industries.

19 There are many ways to disinfect water. It can be done by… UV Ozone Ionization Chemicals Etc.

20 Present Scenario of Disinfectants


22 Chlorine is a hazard to Human Health Use of chlorine is carcinogenic in drinking water (Mutagen X) Harvard Medical/ Barcelona Study 2007. Use of chlorine causes TriHaloMethanes (THM) e.g. chloroform, bromodichloromethane, bromoform bromochloromethane. Use of chlorine causes haloacetic acids (HAA) mono-,di and trichloroacetic acids and mono and di bromoacetic acids. Mutagen X cancer potency is 170 times greater than chloroform. Mutagen X, THM and HAA are linked to cancer, miscarriages, stillbirths and birth defects.

23 Other limitations of chlorine Chlorine does not kill ALL micro-organisms in water. eg. Legionella etc. Chlorine is pH dependent (< 7.5 pH). Chlorine is corrosive. Chlorine is hazardous to transport, store and use. Chlorine does not effectively remove the biofilm.

24 Chlorine as a Disinfectant Chlorine & chlorine type disinfectants (e.g sodium hypochlorite) generate “Free Chlorine” that does the actual disinfection job. This Free Chlorine or Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) dissociates into Hypochlorite (OCl-) and as the pH rises its disinfection property decreases. This Free Chlorine becomes more corrosive as the pH level declines. Chlorine generates by-products that are a proven and permanent risk to human health.

25 Our Solution We use world class & proven alternative to Chlorine to Sanitize water which has following properties: 2.5 times the oxidizing capacity of chlorine. Works like Ozone but is 1000x more soluble in water. Does not dissociate into free chlorine hence produces no THM's, HAA's or chloroforms unlike chlorine. THM's, HAA's etc. are considered to be cancer causing byproducts of chlorine disinfection. No taste and odor in the water as it checks the chlorophenol formation, chlorine by products and neutralizes the bad flavors of phenols and sulfites.

26 Summary of advantages of Our Solution Long shelf life (2 years guaranteed). Long stability (kinetic half time of the solution >30 days). 10 times more powerful than Chlorine. No harmful by-products and end-products Low equipment investment. Kills 100% of water-borne pathogens. Eliminates bio-film and prevents re-growth of bio-film in Water pipes

27 Important Areas of Water Disinfectant Uses 1.Disinfection of Drinking Water (Potable water) 2.Beverage Industry - Breweries 3.Industrial application: Wastewater, processing waters,... 4.Swimming pools - Whirlpools 5.Paper and pulp industry: bleaching, wastewaters. 6.Cooling towers: against Legionella - Biofilm removal 7.Food industry: milk, meat, slaughterhouses,... 8.Food Industry for Washing waters (vegetables) & Surface disinfection 9.Agriculture: irrigation, drinking water, wastewaters, farm disinfection (poultry, pigs).

28 Thank you Let The Cleaner assist you control infections the GREEN way Plot No 84, Abchal Nagar Nilothi Extn, Chander Vihar, Nangloi, New Delhi +919560220088, +919868236075 +919873673188

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