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The FAQ’s From Mrs. Hinkle. With a little help from Wallace and Gromit.

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1 The FAQ’s From Mrs. Hinkle

2 With a little help from Wallace and Gromit

3 Routines & Expectations Be seated and ready to begin when the bell rings.

4 Ready to begin means … Seated Materials out Listening If the bell rings and you’re not ALREADY seated and ready, you’re tardy. You'll be charged a fine of 5 Moose Dollars.

5 Ready to begin means … Look at the agenda to see what books or materials you will need, and get them. If you have misplaced materials such as a pencil, book, or handout, you may "buy" or "rent" for 5 Moose Dollars.

6 Ready to begin means … Listening, not talking If you’re in a conversation when the bell starts to ring… The starting bell beeps 5 times. You have until the fifth beep to finish your sentence.

7 Ready to begin means … Take care of restroom and locker visits during passing period. A fee of 10 Moose Dollars will be charged during class.

8 Planner & Agenda Daily Agenda & Homework are on the board and on the website. Copy them in your planner.

9 Thirsty? If you're thirsty, you’re welcome to get a drink of water. However, only one person at a time. Please don't create a "herd at the watering hole." You can also bring bottled water and keep that at your desk.

10 Hungry? Don’t eat treats unless you brought enough for everyone. However, you may eat “orphan snacks” and real food. Please clean up after yourself.

11 At the End of Class Please don’t pack until told to do so. Stay in your seat until the bell rings. If you pack during instruction or get up early, you’ll be the last out of the room.

12 If You’re Absent If you’re absent, check the web site. Feel free to email me.

13 If You’re Absent When you come back, check the “Dog Gone Absent Work" folder for any materials that were saved for you.

14 If You’re Absent Ask me about making up what you missed. This is your responsibility. As much as I love you, the world will continue to rotate in your absence. Essential:

15 If the Dog Ate Your Homework You pay a fine of one Moose Dollar You get late credit (60%) Your parents are notified

16 Crime and Punishment Verbal warning Quality time with Mrs. Hinkle Behavior reflection signed by parent Contact with parent Office Referral

17 The Good Stuff Moose Money Team Points Preferred Activity Time Honor & Glory Self Respect

18 Let the Adventure Begin!

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