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Provider-Perceived Barriers (from least to greatest) 5. Physical Access –Equipment Access –Building Access –Restroom Access 4. Appointments 3. Communication.

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1 Provider-Perceived Barriers (from least to greatest) 5. Physical Access –Equipment Access –Building Access –Restroom Access 4. Appointments 3. Communication –Talking about Needs –Understanding Provider 2. Insurance Coverage 1. Transportation

2 Some saw equipment as more of a barrier

3 Physical Access Barriers Building and Restrooms are very similar For the most part, equipment access is a greater barrier Exceptions: –Detox –Hospital –HVMA –MH/SA

4 Treated the same by providers

5 Communication Barriers Both communication and understanding were treated the same by all providers Highest barriers for: –Detox –I/P Behavioral –Rehabilitation Lowest barriers for: –PC

6 Good: all medical facilities Bad: most non-medical services

7 Insurance Coverage Coverage is a low barrier for all basic traditional health services Lowest for Detox c/c to methadone I/P Behavioral easier to cover than MH/SA

8 Transporation vs. Appointment Transportation is by far perceived highest by all providers C/c: appointments easy to get, but transportation difficult Coincide, except: –Hospitals/Methadone –Rehabilitation


10 Major Barriers by Provider Follow Similar Pattern within each barrier PC is lowest overall Dentist is highest, followed by HC & HVMA

11 Notable Differences: 1.Coverage PC & Hospital are lower than others Dentist, MH, & HC are higher 2.Understanding PC is lower than all others 3.Building Access Dentists are distinctly higher than others

12 Provider-Perceived Access Barriers Hypothesis 3: There are differences between providers and consumers in their perceptions of access barriers

13 Providers higher than consumers Similar pattern!

14 Overall Barriers Coverage Transportation Talking About Needs Appointments Understanding Equipment Restrooms Building ConsumerProvider

15 Big Gap!

16 Much Closer!

17 Overlaps with Talking

18 Top Barriers: Outpatient MH/SA Consumer Self-Report 1.Transportation 2.Coverage 2. Talking/Understanding Provider-Perceived 1.Transportation 2.Coverage 3.Talking/Understanding REMARKABLY SIMILAR!

19 Top Barriers: Freestanding Detox Consumer Self-Report 1.Coverage 2.Transportation 3.Appointments 3. Talking Provider-Perceived 1.Talking/Understanding 2.Transportation 3.Appointments Logistics are bigger barriers for consumers than is Talking about their needs.

20 Top Barriers: Inpatient Psychiatric Consumer Self-Report 1.Transportation 2.Talking 3.Appointments 3.Coverage 4.Understanding Provider-Perceived 1.Transportation 2.Talking/Understanding 3. Appointments 3. Coverage Very similar; consumers see Talking about needs as more of a barrier than Understanding provider.



23 Top Barriers: Dentists Consumer Self-Report 1.Coverage! 2.Appointments 3.Transportation 3.Talking/Understanding Provider-Perceived 1.Coverage 1. Transportation 2. Talking/Understanding 3. Equipment

24 Top Barriers Outpatient Medical Consumer Self-Report 1.Talking 1. Transportation 2. Appointments 2. Understanding Provider-Perceived 1.Transportation! 2.Coverage 3.Talking Consumers see Talking about needs as biggest barrier verses Transportation by providers; hospitals are similar.

25 Top Barriers Hospitals Consumer Self-Report 1.Talking/Understanding 2. Transportation 3.Equipment 4.Coverage Provider-Perceived 1.Transportation! 2.Talking/Understanding 3.Coverage 4.Equipment

26 Top Barriers: CHC Consumer 1.Transportation 2.Appointments 2. Talking/Understanding 2. Coverage Provider 1.Transportation 2.Coverage 3.Talking/Understanding 4.Appointments 4. Equipment

27 Summary of Findings: Preliminary Results Barriers higher for providers vs. consumers Similar pattern overall Foremost barrier –Provider = Transportation –Consumer not as clear Differences in perceptions –Importance of Appointments –Talking vs. Understanding

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