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WELCOME TO BALL GROUND CURRICULUM NIGHT Mrs. Howell’s Second Grade Come in and look around! See if you can guess which piece of work describes your child.

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1 WELCOME TO BALL GROUND CURRICULUM NIGHT Mrs. Howell’s Second Grade Come in and look around! See if you can guess which piece of work describes your child on the front table! Read the descriptions carefully and open the door to see if you are correct!

2 BALL GROUND ELEMENTARY STEM ACADEMY Rich In Tradition and a Great Place To Learn


4 Our Class Schedule  7:15-8:00– Morning Routines  8:00-8:15- Calendar Math/Number of the Day  8:15-8:40- Whole Group Reading  8:40-9:40- Literacy Centers  9:40-10:00- Snack/Restroom/Review Morning Work  10:00-11:00- Math (Whole Group and Centers)  11:00-11:31- Grammar and Writing  11:31-12:01- Lunch  12:01-12:15- Restroom  12:15-1:00-Science/S.S./STEM on Fridays  1:00-1:40- Specials  1:45-2:05- Recess  2:05-2:30- Dismissal *** Library time will be scheduled on each Friday.

5 Classroom Information Agendas Homework Daily Transportation Indian Readers Technology Behavior Plan Rewards Grading Agendas/Homework Your child will have weekly homework packets. In addition to the homework packets, encourage your child to read nightly and review addition and subtraction. Further, be sure to sign your child’s agenda nightly! Daily Transportation Continue doing a great job of notifying me if your child has transportation changes. Please send in a note, write in your child’s agenda, or call the office with a transportation update/change.

6 Classroom Information Indian Readers The students will receive many opportunities each week to earn Indian Reader points. Each student has an individual goal based on the STAR reading assessment that was conducted. You will be updated throughout each nine weeks on your child’s progress. The students may take AR quizzes and choose an activity from the monthly reading choice board in order to reach quarter goals. Technology Technology plays a key role in our classroom. We will use several programs that integrate technology. The students will use SuccessMaker this year for extra practice in reading and math.

7 Classroom Information Behavior Plan  Green/Yellow/Red  Behavior Slips

8 Classroom Information Rewards · Hundreds Lunch Chart · Bug Jar · Stately Management · Desk Fairy Class Dojo=Monthly Reward

9 Classroom Information Grading  If you see a check or smiley face, it most often means that we completed the activity together or that we went over it in class.  Progress Reports and Report Cards: O- Outstanding Work (90-100 average) S- Satisfactory Work (80-89 average) N- Needs Improvement (70-79 average) U- Unsatisfactory Work (Below 69 average)

10 Second Grade Curriculum Language Arts/Writing Reading Math Science Social Studies Language Arts/Writing We will be using the Scott Foresman Reading Series for reading and grammar this year. I will supplement many activities to enrich the materials. The students will become strong writers and work on sentence skills and create paragraph writing entries with a strong opening, body, and closing. The students will apply spelling, grammar, and the writing process skills in the following styles of writing: narratives, expository (informational), persuasive, and response to literature. The students will keep a weekly journal where they will write a response about the story of the week. This will be a part of a guided writing group where the students will receive small group writing instruction. I am eager to see how much your child will progress in his or her writing throughout the year!

11 Second Grade Curriculum Reading In reading, we will be using a combination of reading materials. We will use the Scott Foresman Reading Series, level readers, and chapter books. The first 20 minutes of reading will be whole group instruction where the students will be learning about the reading skill, vocabulary, and phonics. During the last hour, the students are involved in literacy/writing centers. Students will rotate through 3 centers.

12 Second Grade Grade Curriculum Math We will be using Harcourt Mathematics Program and Common Core Math Tasks. Second Grade Math Skills Place Value Addition/Subtraction (Multiplication) Word Problems Telling Time Concepts Measurement Geometry Fractions Data Analysis/Tables, Graphs, and Charts Algebra Concepts Money/Making change

13 Second Grade Curriculum Science Units  Matter  Seasonal Changes  Energy  Pushes and Pulls  Night Sky Changing Moon/Moving Sun  Life Cycles Social Studies Units  Our Georgia  Georgia’s First People  Georgia Becomes a Colony  Civil Rights  Economics  American Hero Biographies

14 EIP  The Early Intervention Program… is designed to serve students who are at risk of not reaching or maintaining academic grade level performance offers additional instructional opportunities for students is focused toward reaching grade level performance in the shortest possible time

15 Eligibility / Qualifications for AIM  National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) “Gifted individuals are those who demonstrate outstanding levels of aptitude (defined as an exceptional ability to reason and learn) or competence (documented performance or achievement in top 10% or rarer) in one or more domains.  Cherokee County Nomination & Assessment include:  Mental Ability - CogAT  Achievement - ITBS  Motivation – Rating Scales, Interviews  Creativity – Torrance Test of Creativity, Rating Scales

16 Specials  If you are interested in meeting and or saying hello to the Art, Music, and PE teachers, you may find them in the Art Room! Thank you so much for coming out tonight!!!

17 Ball Ground Elementary Curriculum Night

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