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Welcome! Mrs. Amy Jessee Social Studies Room B112.

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1 Welcome! Mrs. Amy Jessee Social Studies Room B112

2 WELCOME! Welcome to Mrs. Jessee’s Social Studies Class! Bell Ringer: Complete student information sheets and turn into basket.

3 My Kids

4 COPIES & OTHER REQUESTS If you need a copy of this or any other handout, PowerPoint, etc. please email me or drop a note in the basket. I will put it on my webpage if at all possible. Please remember that I am human and that I too get overwhelmed and forgetful. Lists and gentle reminders work best for me (and therefore you!).

5 Question: What is the difference between rules and procedures?

6 Question: Why are rules important?



9 BE THERE AND BE PREPARED Come to class prepared. – Bring your OWN materials to class every day. – Do not wait for teacher to tell you to get out pen and paper! – Be prepared to work and learn from start to finish. Be in the classroom BEFORE the bell rings. – Down the hall doesn’t count. – With another teacher doesn’t count.

10 LIVE RESPONSIBLY Learn something new every day. – Every class is important. Never ask “Are we doing anything today?” The answer is “Yes. Put forward your best effort. – Don’t try to rush through or take the easy way out.

11 LIVE RESPONSIBLY USE THE RESTROOM BEFORE COMING TO CLASS. – Don’t ask me to go to restroom before bell rings. Just make sure you go and get back before it does. – Don’t ask me to go during class. Chances are we will be too busy. There are only 50 minutes! If I say no you’ll have to wait.

12 UPHOLD INTEGRITY Use electronic devices for teacher- approved purposes only. Tell the truth. Do your own work. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

13 EARN AND GIVE RESPECT Comply with teacher requests. – This includes rules, procedures, verbal & written directions. Be respectful and pay consistent attention. – No sleeping, eating in class, playing with hair or other distractions, etc. Speak at appropriate times. – No talking when teacher is talking, when another student has been called on, during tests or independent work. Raise your hand and WAIT for your turn.

14 EARN AND GIVE RESPECT Respect others’ personal space and property. – Teacher’s desk is OFF LIMITS please. This is my personal space and contains my personal property. Hands to yourself. Keep classroom clean. – It is ALL of our responsibility to leave a clean classroom. Do not wait for others to clean up after you, but don’t pass by trash or out of place items just because you didn’t put it there.

15 FOOD Snacks and drinks should not be consumed during class time. This is primarily because once you are finished eating and sharing your food class is half-way over. Also the mess…

16 CELL PHONES NOT during class time! Violators will have devices confiscated. – First time, teacher will hold for rest of class. – Second time, parent must retrieve from admin. – Third time, 30 day revocation of privilege.

17 CELL PHONES Again, we only have a few minutes of classroom instruction and your full attention is required! Laptops, ipads, etc. are also included here as “electronic devices.” I am NOT allowed to allow YOU to use them unless they are specifically in my lesson plans for that day and Dr. Jordan has approved them.

18 DISCIPLINE PLAN CONSEQUENCES 1.Warning (name in behavior log). 2.30 seconds after class. 3.60 seconds after class. 4.Parent phone call. 5.Notice mailed to parent. 6.After-school detention. 7.Referral to administration. *Students who waive the right to 30/60 seconds after class will automatically receive a parent phone call.

19 ISSUES TO BE HANDLED BY TEACHER Tardies to class Poor performance in the classroom Minor classroom disturbances Level I Violations

20 ISSUES TO BE SENT TO ADMINISTRATION Fighting Threats to teacher, students, or staff Drug possession Cursing/verbal abuse Stealing Extreme class disruption Refusal to serve detention (after parent contact and proof of re-assigned detention) Level II & III Violations

21 If you have a problem… Come to me first. I will tell you if you need to see a counselor, administrator, etc.


23 Tardy Sign in. Silently find a seat (remember, first come first serve). Get into the lesson. If you need help teacher will come to you asap. See teacher during pre-dismissal. Repeated/excessive tardies will result in disciplinary action.

24 Absences You must see teacher at the END OF CLASS on the day you return. You will have 5 school days to make up any missed work. Unexcused absences do not apply.

25 Entering the Classroom Go directly to your seat. Complete opening assignment (bell ringer). Low voice.

26 Submitting Classwork Complete heading. No stray marks or graffiti. Silence when appropriate. Place in basket.

27 Heading Name Date Block# Title

28 Independent Work Silent unless instructed to collaborate. Collaboration does not mean to copy! Remember this is YOUR work not your neighbor’s. Turn in before leaving.

29 Submitting Classwork Complete heading. No stray marks or graffiti. Silence when independent assignment. Place in basket.

30 Lectures Stay in your seat. Quiet when teacher is talking. One person talks at a time. Raise your hand.

31 Test Procedures Clear desk. Pen in hand. Eyes forward. NO TALKING!!! Paper over when finished. Read quietly or head down until all tests collected.

32 Film Viewing Head up. Eyes forward. Silent. Awake.

33 Pencil Sharpener You may NOT leave the classroom to sharpen a pencil. Please make sure your materials are ready BEFORE class begins! Ink pens are preferred. White-out is not allowed. One student at a time. Silence. You may be asked to wait until after teacher finishes a lecture when necessary.

34 Restroom/Hall Pass Students are expected to go before class begins and/or to wait until after class ends. TEACHER RESERVES THE RIGHT TO DECLINE REQUESTS. Please provide documentation if there is a medical condition.

35 Restroom/Hall Pass Not while teacher is teaching. One at a time. Sign out (in/out book). Silence. Take the pass. Initial in (in/out book).

36 Pre-Dismissal Put away any papers/books. Clean your area. Low voices. If you were tardy, absent, or received consequences see the teacher. Remain seated until dismissed by the teacher (not the bell).

37 Exiting the Class The bell does not dismiss the class, the teacher does! Remain seated until teacher dismisses you. Walk when directed to leave. Silence. Go to the next class. Stop by the restroom if needed.

38 EVACUATION AND/OR FIRE Wait for teacher to signal when ready. Make sure teacher has roll book and Emergency Handbook. Last student closes door with lights off. Stay with the group and meet teacher outside. Participate in roll call before teacher gives the all-clear.

39 TUTORIALS ONLY on MONDAYS 3pm-4pm. Great way to retake failed exams, make up seat time, etc. Retaking failed exams is the best way to improve your grade!

40 PROGRESS REPORTS Every two weeks according to schoolwide schedule. Must be signed by parent and returned. I will NOT reprint progress reports for you. If you loose it, you will have to wait for for the next round to be printed. I can email them to you. If you have specific questions about your progress report, bring it to tutorial or after class, as appropriate. Progress reports will NOT be discussed during class time.

41 GRADES & ABSENCES 40% classwork, homework, participation, current events, journals, etc. 60 % quizzes, tests, projects, binders, etc.

42 GRADES The following grading scales will be used to report student achievement in school subjects: 100 - 70 Passing Below - 70 Failing NOTE: YOU MUST CALCULATE YOUR EOCT/FINAL EXAM GRADE INTO YOUR FINAL SEMESTER AVERAGE!!!

43 GRADES Students with excessive unexcused absences may receive a failing a grade for the year. This must be coded when grades are exported.

44 POP QUIZZES Students must be able to answer the following questions on demand: – What am I learning? – How do I know when I have learned it? – What happens when I don’t learn it? – What happens when I already know it?

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