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Mrs. Read’s 2014 PPCD/Pegasus

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1 Mrs. Read’s 2014 PPCD/Pegasus
Welcome Mrs. Read’s 2014 PPCD/Pegasus

2 A little about our class…
PPCD/Pegasus is a unique classroom setting that combines a preschool program for children with disabilities with a district preschool program for teachers’ children. Children in this class benefit from being paired with non-disabled peers to experience and be exposed to appropriate communication, social, and behavioral skills.

3 Our Daily Schedule 7:45-8:00-Morning Announcement/Breakfast
8:00-8:15(12:15-12:25)-Calendar/Circle Time 8:15-8:30(12:25-12:40)-Mon-Social Skills, T/Th- Fine Motor, Wed/Fri- Motor Lab 8:30-8:40(12:40-12:50)-Restroom/Diapering 8:40-9:10(12:50-1:15)-Story/Activity(M-craft,T-math,W-science,Th-SS,F-Theme) 9:10-9:30(1:15-1:30)-Recess 9:30-9:45(1:30-1:45)- Snack/restroom/diapering 9:45-10:15(1:45-2:15)-Shape/Letter of the week and activity rotations 10:15-10:35(2:15-2:30)-Centers 10:40-11:40(2:40)AM PPCD Dismissal-Pegasus/All day PPCD Naps 11:45-12:15=Student Lunch *Full-day students will have guided reading groups and other planned enrichment activities during their 2nd rotation of Story/theme and letter rotations.

4 Our Curriculum We follow the Texas Pre-K guidelines in our classroom you can find them at Each child also has individual goals that we work on in small group and 1-on-1 settings. These are the goals that you will receive progress updates on each 9 weeks. Our class activities are all language rich and are designed to help our students overcome language deficits. We integrate reading, language, math, science, and social studies activities into thematic units that change approximately every 2 weeks.

5 How can you help at home? Talk to your child- I will be sending out weekly newsletters that include some talking points for you to discuss with your child as it relates to what they are learning in class. Read to your child- We do not have assigned reading, but I encourage you to read daily with your child. Listening to you read helps them become familiar with various speech patterns and serves as a model for appropriate communication. It is also a great time to ask your child some questions about what you read to work on their listening comprehension skills. Be consistent- Provide your child with predictable and structured routines. Be consistent with your expectations, and remain clear on what you deem acceptable.

6 Communication with me Your child will come home with a daily binder that will inform you on their activities for the day as well as their behavior. You may also use this to write notes to me. me anytime: (I will respond ASAP, but always within 24 hours) Get on our class list if you have not already done so (at meet the teacher). Call and they will direct you to our classroom. You can set up a conference with me if there is a concern you wish to discuss in detail.

7 REMIND 101 TO JOIN Visit the link
This is a text-reminding system I will use for classroom and school reminders and special announcements. TO JOIN Download the Free Remind App and enter our class OR Text (832) with this Visit the link

8 Early release days to note
PM PPCD students will not attend the following dates: 10/24/14 11/6/14 11/7/14 *AM PPCD will release at 10:15 AM PPCD students will not attend the following dates: 2/13/15 3/6/15 5/22/15 *PM will release at 10:15


10 Before you leave…Forms to take/sign if interested
T-shirt order form- $7.25 by September 10th PTA Membership sign-up Room mom Breakfast List


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