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Jo Gomez Married to Rudy Gomez Mother of 5 grown children ages 33-21 3 grandchildren BS in Elementary Education, LSU with certification in PreK -3; MRE.

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1 Jo Gomez Married to Rudy Gomez Mother of 5 grown children ages 33-21 3 grandchildren BS in Elementary Education, LSU with certification in PreK -3; MRE from Loyola, NO Teaching for 20years in public & parochial schools Like to garden, read, cook and travel

2 Rupi Sidhu Married to Sukhminder Dhillon Mother of 2 children, Sahej age 9 and Arjun age 6 BS in Computer Information Systems, University of the Frazer Valley I am working to toward becoming a middle school math teacher Like to cook, garden, read

3 7:45-8:10 Centers 8:10-8:25 Pledge & Calendar & Prayer 8:25-8:45 Recess 8:45-9:00 Religion 9:00–9:30 Literacy 9:30-10:05 Centers  10:05-10:40 Prayer & Lunch (left side) 10:40-10:50 Restroom 10:50-11:25 Math Centers 11:25-11:55 Enrichment: PE-MTF;Span–Th;Wed alternates PE/Music 11:55-12:15 Story time 12:15-12:40 Math Activity 12:40-1:00 Recess 1;00- 1:45 Free Choice Centers 1:45-1:55 Restroom 1:55-2:40 Nap 2:40- 2:50 Snack 2:50 Dismissal

4 Learning about God and Jesus Playing, exploring, sharing their ideas with their friends and their teachers Singing, dancing, laughing Listening Learning prayers : the Sign of the Cross and the Morning Offering(found in student hand book online) Learning how to get along with others and express themselves. Learning procedures for coming into the class, lining up, walking in line, sitting in our learning circle, speaking to the teacher, tattling, working in centers, naptime and going to the restroom Learning the letters of the alphabet, their sounds and that letters make words for us to read Learn their numbers and how much is 0-10. Plus much more.

5 * Star of the Week is a special time for your child to shine. We as a class get to learn all about what makes your child special. We ask that you help your child decorate a poster with photos of him/her with family, friends, pets. Your child can also draw themselves and things that they like or are interested in. This project does not have to be elaborate. Speak to your child about what would he/she would like the others in the class to know about him/her. Let your child help choose pictures and decide what to draw. We will hang this poster in the classroom for the week so bring it that Monday. You are welcome to eat lunch with your child that week and read a story to the class if you desire. Assigned weeks are in your folder and online. The star of the week may take our special friend, Froggy home for the week and contribute to an explanation of Froggy's adventures in his special journal.

6 * Labeled water bottle (for recess- should be taken home and cleaned every day) * Labeled change of clothes including underwear and socks in a large ziploc * Labeled bath (not beach) towel to cover with for naptime-no large blankets (this stays in booksack) * Labeled small plush animal to cuddle with at naptime * Students in PreK-4 must use book sacks that can be carried or strapped over the shoulders

7 * Pale off white letter that tells you the papers you need to fill out and return to school * No school pictures envelope as of Wednesday night * “A Child’s Bible” – Keep at home * Also a Snack Calendar for August & September (24 snacks/no nuts or processed with nuts) * Star of the Week assignment list * Preschool Student Handbook (you can go online to read Parent/Student Handbook) * Letter from our Guidance Counselor; support groups for those who have suffered a loss; PreK can participate * Card to hang on your rearview mirror for carpool * Homework—God Made You Unique * Student information sheet * Media Consent sheet (taking lots of pics, please sign yes) * Communication Journal 1 st 9 weeks & Take Home Folder should stay travel back & forth between home & school every day

8 White sheet entitled: 2014-15 Student Information Sheet for Ms. Jo’s Class

9 * AM – escort student to cafeteria between 7:05 -8:00 am. Breakfast for extension students is served until 7:50 am * PM – parents must go to the library to sign out their child. Then pick up your child from the extension classroom.

10 * Parent should park in the front parking lot for arrival. Park & walk your child in. * Children are dismissed at 2:55 and will be escorted, by a teacher to the carpool areas (the parking lot closest to the playground) * Must use the carpool line to pick up your child * Check out students before 2:30pm.

11 All parents & visitor are required to sign in at the office and wear their visitor’s badge while on campus For field trips to be an official chaperone you must go through child protection—see Edie Boudreaux. Please get certified we will need you to help chaperone our field trips. 2 field trips –fall (pumpkin patch); spring (zoo)

12 * SCHOOL BEGINS PROMPLTY AT 7:45 a.m. Students reporting after 7:45 a.m. are tardy and must check in at the school office with a parent or guardian present. * All children are to be escorted to the Preschool room by an adult or responsible older sibling. Older responsible siblings are allowed to walk the student to class before 7:45 am but must speak to the teacher before dropping the child at the room. “Good morning Mrs. Gomez. Here’s ________.” Policies

13 If a child is ill, he should not be in school and should not be sent back to school until he is well. If a child’s temperature is elevated, he should not return to school until his temperature has been normal for twenty-four hours without the use of Tylenol or Motrin. Parents must call the school prior to 9:00 a.m. if their child will be out sick

14 * If a child becomes ill during the school day, the procedure will be as follows: * 1. The child will be sent to the office or First-Aid Room by the teacher. * 2. If the illness is serious enough to warrant parental attention, the school will call the child’s parent. PLEASE KEEP YOUR EMERGENCY AND PERSONAL PHONE NUMBERS CURRENT. * 3. Under no circumstance is a child to GO HOME without reporting to the school office and without a parent’s permission.

15 * Contact me at * Call me at home 225.756.9013

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