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UNCW Facilities Update & Action Items August 22, 2014.

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1 UNCW Facilities Update & Action Items August 22, 2014

2 Action Items 2 Energy Conservation Performance Contract Financing Outdoor Enhancement Plan Modifications

3 3 Energy Conservation Performance Contract Financing

4 Proposed Performance Contract #2 4 Background: University was enabled to enter into performance contracts in 2003 First project ($4.3M) was financed in March 2010 with a 20 year term & was completed in October of 2011 Verified energy savings from PC #1 to date are $979,387 Proposed project is the second energy conservation performance contract (PC) undertaken by UNCW Performance contractor selected and approved by the UNCW BOT for Performance Contract #2 is Ameresco Investment grade audit with third party oversight by Celtic Energy was undertaken to validate the proposed energy savings Performance financial risk lies with Ameresco

5 Proposed Performance Contract #2 5 Benefits of Energy Saving Measures: Energy cost savings Efficient and code compliant mechanical, electrical and control systems Increased levels of safety - correct ventilation rates Improved HVAC system controls for system monitoring Increased comfort levels Efficient exterior lighting Reduced frequency of re-lamping Invest savings in excess of the guarantee in other energy saving measures on campus (SB 1292)

6 Proposed Performance Contract #2 6 UNC Wilmington Energy Saving Performance Contract # 2 Lighting System Improvements Lighting Controls Water Conservation Upgrade and Expand EMS Variable Primary Hot Water Pumping - Trask Chilled Water Pumping Upgrades - Dobo Chilled Water Pumping Upgrades - Trask Convert Fume Hoods to Low Flow - Dobo Replace Trask Complex Steam System - Trask Vending Machine Controls Cooling Tower Wells Irrigation Wells Campus Wide Outside Lighting Water Fixtures - S&BS Transformers- S&BS ECM 1ECM 2ECM 3ECM 4ECM 16ECM 17ECM 18ECM 21ECM 30ECM 52ECM 53ECM 54ECM 55ECM 59ECM 60 Area Almkuist Nixon Sports Medicine BuildingX XX Bear HallXXXX X Burney CEPX Cameron HallXXX X Computer Information SystemsXXXX X Cultural Arts BuildingXXXX X Dobo Hall DoboXXXX X X X Education BuildingXXXX X Friday AnnexX X X Friday Hall XXX X Hanover HallX XX Luetze HallXXXX X McNeill HallX X Morton Hall MortonXXX X NatatoriumX XX X Nixon AnnexXXXX Oriole-Burevitch LabX PPH Lab Social and Behavioral Science XX Trask ColiseumXXXXX X X Wagoner Energy PlantX X Main Campus XXX

7 Proposed Performance Contract #2 7

8 Proposed Scope & Terms of Performance Contract #2 8 Implement 15 Energy Conservation Measures across 21 buildings and the main campus Generate guaranteed savings of approximately $16.2M. Project construction cost estimate is currently $11 Million Construction duration is approximately 18 months Ameresco assumes payment risk on the outstanding debt not covered by energy cost savings Approval by UNCW Board of Trustees required to take next steps Approval process is multi-faceted through all State agencies where the final scope and estimates are established

9 Proposed Request to BOG for Performance Contract #2 9 (Action Item) Total financing including capitalized interest not to exceed $11.5 Million Finance Term not to exceed 20 years Annual Interest Rate not to exceed 3.75% Financing will be competitively bid, once State Agency approval occurs

10 Outdoor Enhancement Plan Modifications 10

11 Outdoor Enhancement Plan 11 Background: Student Recreation Center Expansion completed in April 2013 Expansion included no outdoor enhancements Competitive construction market yielded cost savings resulting in excess bond proceeds UNCW initiated a master planning effort for Student Campus Recreation Exterior Facilities & Student Athletics Facilities in August 2013 UNCW BOT approved the plan in December 2013 Design of The Outdoor Enhancement Project (phase one of the master plan) began in January 2014 Initial budget was $5 Million

12 Outdoor Enhancement Plan 12 Budget: Outdoor Enhancement Project was established with a budget of $5 Million Resolution of Student Rec Center designer claims, definition of contractor claim exposure, steps toward contract closeout and reallocation of infrastructure costs yielded additional funds of $2.5 Million Plan to invest the additional $2.5 million into the plan. The present project budget is established at $7.5 million without replacing the track

13 Outdoor Enhancement Plan 13 Proposed Budget & Scope Summary: Gateway Bldgs. & Infrastructure$1,500,000 Artificial Turf Recreational Field$2,500,000 Natural Turf Recreational Field$ 750,000 Design Fees $ 695,000 Construction budget baseball practice field relocation$ 475,000 Storm water Improvements$ 500,000 Fencing, Irrigation, Streetscape, Landscaping and FF&E $ 600,000 CM Fees, Design & Construction Contingency & Owner’s Reserve $ 480,000 Total(without track)$7,500,000 Track construction requires additional funding of approximately $2 million (source to be identified)

14 Outdoor Enhancement Plan 14 Timeline: Baseball Practice Field Relocation Construction Underway Storm Water Improvements Underway Artificial Turf Recreational FieldFall 2014 Design Complete December2014 Natural Turf Recreational FieldSpring 2015 Gateway Bldgs. & InfrastructureSpring 2015 Fencing, Irrigation, Streetscape, Landscaping and FF&ESummer 2015 Track Construction Awaiting Funding

15 Master Plan Approved in December 2013 15 Initial Plan for Student Campus Recreation Outdoor Plan with Student Athletics Facilities Enhancements - Approximately $45,000,000

16 Proposed Modifications For Approval 16 Enhanced Softball Improvements Adaptive re-use of Baseball Stadium (eliminates relocation costs) New Site for Tennis Stadium Replacing pond with green space

17 Site Plan Showing Proposed Modifications for Approval 17 Potential Modifications: Enhanced softball improvements (8D), adaptive reuse of baseball stadium (5A), new site for tennis stadium (6A), elimination of pond & replacing with green space (9), & reduction of parking at proposed tennis stadium.

18 Site Plan Showing the Current Scope of Work 18 Baseball practice 5B field underway. Fields 7B then 7A next. Portal Buildings 4D, 7C, & 7D in the Spring 2015 with site work & infrastructure. Progress on the track currently scheduled to be constructed in 2016 is contingent on budget availability.

19 Outdoor Enhancement Plan 19 Campus Recreation Fields soon to be replaced with a combination of synthetic and natural turf fields to improve drainage and enhance playability

20 Outdoor Enhancement Plan 20 Campus Recreation Fields soon to be replaced with a combination of synthetic and natural turf fields. Multiple sport striping will be provided.

21 Outdoor Enhancement Plan 21 Soils stockpile for use at the baseball practice field

22 Preliminary Rendering of Gateway Building 7C 22 The Gateway Building aesthetic will be coordinated with the landscape, streetscape and long term master plan intent. The design will allow for the inclusion of a multi-modal path and the accessible pedestrian use of Riegel Road. The buildings will provide focal points for secure entry and provide programmatic amenities. The buildings will be strategically located to increase the toilet fixture capacity in support of Athletic Facility improvements.

23 Floor Plan of a Gateway Building 23 The Gateway building shown on the site plan 4D, 7C & 7D provide focused entry points to the recreation & athletic complex. They also provide programmatic amenities.

24 24 Planned Softball Complex Improvements Future philanthropy will support increased seating, new accessible dugouts & press box, new scoreboard & field replacement with turn for increased playability.

25 Planned Softball Improvements - Scope and Timeline 25 Philanthropic Funding will complete the following improvements: 2014 – Install new artificial turf field (work is ongoing) 2014 (fall) or 2015 (summer) – Install new video board/scoreboard to replace existing 2015 – Replace & relocate existing dugouts: Provides for new wider dugouts, located 21” below the field, including a connecting restroom Provides ramps down to the dugout to comply with ADA requirements 2016 - Provide total seating capacity of approximately 800: 300 new chair seats behind the home plate backstop 500 new bleacher seats along the first and third baselines Seating will comply with ADA requirements 2017 – Replace the existing press box: Provides new, larger, two-story structure that will contain team space on the lower level Includes accommodations for radio and television broadcasting, game operations, and writing press on the second level

26 Outdoor Enhancement Plan 26 Grading the gravel sub-base at the softball field work

27 Outdoor Enhancement Plan 27 View of the softball infield construction showing ongoing drainage work and the synthetic turf application

28 Tennis Complex Feasibility Study 28 Potentially Funded by anonymous donor gift to Athletics Potential Benefits Include: Better orientation for playability, Elimination of the need for swing space Lower cost Integral storm water improvements Study outcomes will inform potential additional gift to fund the project

29 Study funded by anonymous donor gift to Athletics. Potential Benefits Include: Better orientation for playability, elimination of the need for swing space, lower cost, integral storm water improvements. Possible philanthropy to fund outcomes. Tennis Complex Feasibility Study

30 Tennis Facility 30 View of Ramped Complex: North - South orientation optimizes playability while affording accessible spectator seating.

31 31 View along the east-west axis at building entry and spectator platform. Tennis Complex Feasibility Study

32 Proposed Modifications For Approval (Action Item) 32 Endorse the use of additional funds Enhanced Softball Improvements Adaptive re-use of Baseball Stadium (no relocation) New Site for Tennis Stadium Elimination of pond and replacing pond with green space

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