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Framework for Teaching Proficiency System (FFTPS)

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1 Framework for Teaching Proficiency System (FFTPS)
At Teachscape we believe great teachers create inspired learners. Great teachers are made not born and Teachscape partners with educators to help every teacher be great.

2 Agenda Teachscape introduction
Overview of FFTPS and what it takes to pass Using the system check tool to assess IT requirements Customer support: what to do when you need help

3 Our Mission “Help all educators maximize effectiveness, enabling them to inspire inspiration in every learner.” Our mission is to help every educator maximize their effectiveness enabling them to inspire inspiration in every learner.

4 Improving Teaching Effectiveness
Founded: 1999 Based in San Francisco, CA Observation Tools: Innovative and flexible Learning Content: Engaging and authentic Professional Services: Adaptive and comprehensive

5 Long Term Partner for Teaching Effectiveness
1999 Teachscape founded 2001 Carnegie Corporation selects Teachscape and Stanford to develop English language learning resources for teachers 2006 Teachscape partners with McREL to develop online professional development modules 2009 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation selects Teachscape for Measures of Effective Teaching project 2011 Teachscape partners with ETS and Charlotte Danielson to develop first online proficiency test for classroom observers 2000 American Federation of Teachers and Teachscape develop New Teacher Support Series 2004 Teachscape launches the industry’s first classroom walkthrough software, implemented statewide in Florida and Arkansas 2007 Teachscape launches its first online master’s degree program for K-12 educators 2010 Teachscape launches Reflect 360-degree observation and evaluation system Big messages of this slide: Teachscape has been around and focused on improving teaching effectiveness for a long time Our first efforts focused on bridging the gap between research and practice: Teachscape was the first to develop a digital library of video-rich learning modules in partnership with leading education researchers such as Stanford, McREL and the AFT. Teachscape also pioneered the use of technology to support the classroom walkthrough process launching the nation’s first handheld walkthrough system in 2004. In recent history we have continued to be at the leading edge of improving teaching effectiveness and have expanded our solutions for classroom observation through our work on the MET Project and with Charlotte Danielson

6 Teachscape’s offerings to support teaching effectiveness
Walk Reflect Framework for Teaching Proficiency System Professional Learning Suite Development and Coaching Online Higher Education Programs Teachscape Reflect Improve Knowledge and Skills Observation and Evaluation of Teaching Teachscape partners to provide tools, content and services that support both parts of the continuous improvement cycle. How do you assess and measure teaching effectiveness? By looking at it! To support the effective and efficient assessment and measurement of teaching effectiveness, Teachscape provides a family of observation tools and training resources for observers to ensure that classroom observations of teaching are of the highest quality, reliability and validity. To help teacher improve their craft, Teachscape provides a range of services and learning content that helps teacher improve their knowledge and skills with both instructional pedagogy and subject-area content knowledge. This is our family of products.

7 Family of Observation Tools
Teachscape Walk Quick classroom visits Handheld devices Formative monitoring of teacher practices Reflect Live In-class observation and scoring Collect and score artifacts, evidence, and documents Reporting and observation management tools Reflect Video Video-based observation and scoring Collect and score artifacts, evidence, and documents Reporting and observation management tools Capture and share local best practices Our family of observation tools includes: Teachscape Walk – software on hand held devices for quick classroom walkthroughs for formative assessment and instructional planning purposes Teachscape Reflect Live – a complete observation management and reporting system that combines observation scheduling, live observation, document/artifact management and reporting. Teachscape Reflect Video – Platform for storing and sharing videos from any source. Includes commenting and scoring tools to support PLCs and teacher evaluation

8 Framework for Teaching Proficiency System
“The Framework for Teaching Proficiency System is a vital element of any fair and equitable approach to teacher evaluation. It provides assurance that when the Framework for Teaching is used for evaluation, it’s done with integrity and fidelity.” -Charlotte Danielson

9 Professional Learning Suite
PLS is easy to use and navigate. Teacher friendly.

10 We Partner with The Best
Thought Leaders Content Development Teacher Effectiveness Systems Associations Accreditation R & D

11 Improving Teaching Effectiveness Nationwide
NYS Teacher Evaluation Provider Detroit School Improvement OSPI Partnership for District Improvement Chicago Title I & Title II Memphis City Schools Denver Public Schools DeKalb County Learning Portal LAUSD CWT for Language Mastery Schools Client Stories: Washington state department of education (OSPI): provided comprehensive services and tools to 88 schools in the lowest performing districts in the state. Services included institutes (HYS, ELL, Math, CWT) and coaching, combined with the Professional Learning Suite and Teachscape Walk software. LAUSD: CWT institute and software in 40+ AEMP (pronounced “amp”) schools. AEMP = Academic English Master Program schools = schools with very high ELL and English Language Developing (ELD) population. Schoolwide focus on culturally competency and culturally relevant instruction. Customized standard look-fors to create custom AEMP Look fors that include cultural competence look fors. Denver Public Schools: Uses our professional learning suite resources district wide to provide high quality on-demand professional development. They particularly like our ELL resources. Texas: We provide online learning resources for over 600 early childhood programs across the state. Our early childhood online learning resources, developed with the Children’s Learning Institute at UT, Houston, are part of the statewide Texas School Ready! program to promote high quality pre-school statewide. Escambia County Schools: Uses Teachscape Reflect video to support new teacher (self-reflection and as a tool for new teacher mentors). Also has purchased the Danielson Proficiency System. DeKalb County Schools: Uses professional learning suite district wide. Have use the custom publishing tools extensively to build and offer their own courses. Memphis City Schools: Uses professional learning suite and CWT/Walk district wide. Is also a MET district and has experience with the Reflect Video prototype. Chicago Public Schools: Provide city-wide Title I and Title II professional development for nonpublic schools. Customize services (coaching, institutes) and PLS & Walk software delivered to over 80 schools. Detroit Public Schools: Comprehensive school improvement work. Some schools funded through the School Improvement Grants (using Turnaround or Transformation model). Others are Title I-funded. New York State: Teachscape and our partner Charlotte Danielson are approved by the state department of education as an approved provider of teacher practice rubrics for evaluation. Teachscape is the exclusive source for Danielson’s Framework for Teaching (2011 Revised Edition) How Teachers, Coaches and Principals use Teachscape software tools Diagnose common professional learning needs based on classroom observation Group teachers into online study groups for professional learning Study research-based teaching practices Discuss their challenges with colleagues and receive coaching and mentoring from experts Get feedback based on observational data from their coach or principal Complete graduate courses or Masters degrees to deepen their understanding of effective teaching Evaluate teacher performance through classroom observations Texas Statewide Early Childhood Escambia Schools Teaching Effectiveness

12 Agenda Teachscape introduction
Overview of FFTPS and what it takes to pass Using the system check tool to assess IT requirements Customer support: what to do when you need help

13 A Complete Solution for High Quality Observations
Framework for Teaching Observer Training Increase the reliability and accuracy of observers Deepen observer knowledge of the Components and performance levels in the Framework for Teaching Promote bias awareness Framework for Teaching Scoring Practice Provide observers with opportunities to practice before live observations Deliver feedback to observers including answer key and evidence rationale Framework for Teaching Proficiency Assessment Train observers to deliver valid, reliable judgments based teaching evidence Increase defensibility of the district’s evaluation system

14 FFTPS: Home Page Training Scoring practice Proficiency assessment
System check tool

15 Observer Training: Overview
~20 hours of training content Self paced Total training time can be faster or longer 11 online learning modules for observers Orientation to observer training Minimizing bias 9 modules on Framework for Teaching Overview Framework for Teaching Components in Domain 2 and Domain 3 detailed rater training on each component and performance level Over 100+ master scored videos

16 Observer training: home page

17 Observer training: overview page

18 Observer training: master scored videos

19 Observer training: exercise example

20 Scoring Practice: description
Provide opportunities for observers to practice Identifying and recording instructional evidence Aligning the evidence to a specific component of the Framework for Teaching Scoring classroom practice based on the evidence Receiving feedback on the score versus expert-assigned rubric and rationale Practice videos based on grade span user sets at registration Users can be set up to view videos for five different grade spans: K–5, 6–8, 9–12, K–8, K–12 Practice videos available to user based on assigned grade span Scoring practice provides extended practice opportunities using additional master scored videos.

21 Scoring practice: evidence and scoring page

22 Scoring practice: feedback page

23 Proficiency assessment: overview
Two stages. Recommend time to take each stage ~3-3.5 hrs Stage 1: multiple choice questions and videos. Stage 2: videos 2 chances to pass each stage of assessment Must pass stage 1 before moving to stage 2 Users typically only attempt one assessment (e.g., stage 1 or stage 2) in a day so they typically complete the assessment over multiple days User must complete assessment in one session of maximum length of 6 hours They can pause videos if they need to take a short break (e.g., restroom) If the computer is idle for 60 minutes or the user logs out, they will fail the attempt Detailed instructions are provided prior to each assessment attempt Users must contact Teachscape support if they face technical issues during the assessment Total (stage 1 + stage 2) assessment time Best case: pass both stages on first attempt = ~6 hours Longest: take 2 attempts to pass each stage = ~12 hours Assessment videos based on the grade span assigned to user (e.g., K–5, 6–8, 9–12, K–8, K–12) The Proficiency Test is the only test for classroom observers available on the market. Developed in partnership with ETS as a scientifically sound and psychometrically valid methodology for certifying observers, the Proficiency Test accurately and reliably evaluates teaching practice using the Framework for Teaching. Each test will include video examples from the following subjects: ELA, Math, Science OR ELA, Math, Social Studies

24 Keys to passing the proficiency assessment
Conduct a system check every time you use the FFTPS Contact IT department if you fail system check Wired internet connection better than wireless Spend enough time training We recommend~ 20 hours of training Train even if you have previous FFT knowledge The training content supports latest version of FFT and is aligned with the assessment Several users who considered themselves FFT experts and took the assessment without training failed on their first attempt. Once they trained they then passed. Practice scoring early and often Recommend 2+ hours of practice (e.g., score the entire set of practice videos 2-3 times) Allocate enough time to take the tests Each tests will take ~3-4 hours. Make sure your schedule is clear and avoid interruptions Study hard but be confident! Hundreds have trained and passed If you study hard you will be prepared

25 Agenda Teachscape introduction
Overview of FFTPS and what it takes to pass Using the system check tool to assess IT requirements Customer support: what to do when you need help

26 Overview of system requirements
FFTPS training, practice, and proficiency assessment rely heavily on videos. Users systems must be optimized to view videos. Network access Local district IT administrator will need to update network settings to allow users to access Teachscape related websites from their school computers and school network Internet connectivity Recommend 2Mbps download speed but can support 1-2Mbps Highly recommend using a wired connection while taking the proficiency assessment to ensure a consistent connection Users need to avoid peak network usage times at school when average bandwidth may drop below minimum requirements Hardware and software Can use PCs or Macs that meet minimum requirements for hardware, software, and monitor resolution Users should not use tablet devices (e.g., iPad) with FFTPS Where to find details Help section within the FFTPS provides detailed IT requirements Use system check tool to determine if you meet IT requirements

27 System Check tool: the user’s and IT staff’s best friend
Where to access the “System Check” tool from home page

28 System check: determine if you meet IT requirements
In seconds, automatically detects if user meets system requirements for Hardware Browser Monitor JavaScript, Cookies, Pop Ups Allows user to check if internet connection meets requirements (“”) Allows user to watch a video and listen to audio as a final system test

29 Agenda Teachscape introduction
Overview of FFTPS and what it takes to pass Using the system check tool to assess IT requirements Customer support: what to do when you need help

30 3 Keys to a successful user experience
1. Users should run the “System Check” every time they use FFTPS Users that do not meet system requirements represent 90-95% of all customer support inquiries. System check helps users address issues before they start using FFTPS 2. Users should contact and work with local IT to resolve any issues identified in a “System Check” or with network access Fixing any local hardware, software, connectivity, or network access issues almost always require local IT support 3. Users should contact Teachscape customer support if they run into problems during a proficiency assessment If users are in the middle of an assessment and experience a system problem, they need urgent support especially if the problem prevents them from completing the assessment Teachscape support:

31 Additional support resources available to users


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