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Classroom Procedures Cooper - Garrison – Sowers 2014-2015.

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1 Classroom Procedures Cooper - Garrison – Sowers 2014-2015

2 Procedures are necessary… Every part of your life (McDonalds, loading music on your phone, etc.) has procedures and the more familiar you are with them, the smoother things will go and your chances for success will increase. The rest of this presentation will inform you of the procedures for this classroom for this year. Adhering to these will allow for the best opportunity for success.

3 Entering the Classroom Our classroom is a place of work. In here, we will expect and experience SUCCESS. Be ready to work and do your work. Please come into the classroom in a business- like manner and begin your Fast Break Assignment.

4 Fast Break Assignment Some people call it Bell Work. Every day when you come to class, you will have a Fast Break Assignment to do. It will be located on the whiteboard closest to the door. You will be expected to start it soon after setting your things down at your desk. Completed Fast Break assignments are emailed to the instructor.

5 Note Taking, Planning, & Questions Each student is required to create a document(s) that will be used for note taking, planning, and questions. Utilize this document and take good notes!! It is suggested that you begin new entries by date.

6 Lecture and Modeling Expected to give your full and undivided attention. Expected to be an active participant in your learning. Which means that you need to be engaged and stay with the instructor during lectures and demonstrations. Ask questions at the END of instruction so they may be addressed right away for the entire class.

7 Lecture and Modeling

8 Student Data Files When assigned tutorials or other projects requiring specific files (ie., special brushes, stock photos, or text files) you will find them on the Garrison (shsmedia\shsweb) “G” drive. – Microsoft Office 2013 Data Files folder – Then look for the sub folder for the specific software application you are using If specific files or images are NOT required then you may choose.

9 Student Data Files When selecting images and text to use in your projects be sure that it is school appropriate. If you feel the need to ask whether something is appropriate, it is safe to assume that it is not. Be sure to properly cite sources for text and images that you use.

10 Need to sharpen your pencil… Get up and sharpen it, unless… – I am talking to the class – Someone else is talking to the class Please be considerate of others in what you say and what you do. Talking, using your computer, or getting up to sharpen your pencil, while someone else is addressing the class are examples of rude and inconsiderate behavior.

11 When someone is addressing the class…

12 Emergency Alert Signals Fire Drills and Security Lock-downs are examples of Emergency Alert Signals. These are very important and I take them VERY seriously. Please follow the proper procedures and my instructions. When it’s necessary to evacuate, please act accordingly and appropriately. We will practice to make sure you understand your responsibilities.

13 This is Business/Technology Class… Please only do Business/Technology assignments in here, until you have completed all the work due this class period. When you’ve completed that, then you’ll need to complete any work that’s due which you haven’t turned in. Then, please feel free to work on whatever other work you’d like.

14 Have a question… Unless someone is addressing the entire class, please follow these procedures: Politely ask one of your classmates, first. If they don’t know, politely ask another one. The rule should be PLEASE ask 3 before me. If they don’t know, get my attention and feel free to ask me.

15 Need to use the restroom… You will be given 6 bathroom passes to use each semester. You will be responsible to keep track of them. You must redeem one of your passes each time you use the restroom. Please do your best to use the restroom after instructions and/or work has been assigned. You MUST have a pass and your school ID on your person ANY time you leave the classroom. Please do not interrupt any whole-class instruction to use the restroom.

16 Need to use the restroom…

17 Homework May be required for planning or preparation of project assignments!! Additionally it is the practice that results in you learning how to become proficient in your technology skills. It doesn’t happen by accident or luck. Your homework grade is based on you completing the assignment. After I grade it, I will return it for YOU to check for accuracy and to make any necessary corrections. This is YOUR responsibility!!

18 What to do with Homework… Homework is due when you enter the classroom. If it’s not turned in then, the highest grade you can get is an 70. You can earn 5 extra points on your homework by taking notes and turning them in with your work. If your homework is not turned in within 7 days of the due date, you will earn a zero for that assignment.

19 Tardies Tardiness is not an acceptable behavior in my class. You are considered tardy if you are not in the classroom when the bell BEGINS to sound. You are given one verbal warning. The second tardy results in a detention. Each one after that results in a referral and the consequences as outlined in the student’s handbook.

20 Tardies

21 If you’ve been absent… It is your responsibility to get any work you missed while you were out. The whiteboard under the Objectives will have all the assignments for the week on it. If you have any questions on any of the work, ask one of your classmates first, then ask me. Do not procrastinate on this work. Get it done quickly so you don’t fall behind.

22 If you’ve been absent…

23 If you need extra help… National Honor Society has after school tutoring on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you need additional time in the lab to complete your work you may see me for a study hall pass. There will be online tools to which you will have access. Many are linked to my school web page.

24 When I want your attention… I don’t talk to hear myself talk, so when I need your attention, there’s normally a good reason. I will say, “If you hear me, clap once.” If you hear me, clap once. I will continue this, adding one clap each time, until everyone has stopped talking and all eyes are on me. I expect that by the 2 nd or 3 rd clap, you will be focused and ready to listen.

25 When I want your attention…

26 Need paper or pencil… To succeed in life, you need to be prepared. Being prepared includes having the necessary supplies, such as ear buds, flash drive, and a writing utensil with you each day you come to class. In the event you are unprepared, pencils are available for you to purchase for 10 cents. I will also have paper available for you to access occasionally.

27 Need paper or pencil…

28 When visitors are here… We are going to be so successful this year that many people will want to come in and see us at work. When visitors are in our classroom, you will treat them with the utmost respect and courtesy, and unless instructed to do otherwise, you will continue working as if they weren’t there.

29 When I’m not here… “A person’s true character is revealed by what they do when nobody is watching them.” Let this saying dictate how you act when I am not in the classroom. My expectation of you is that there will be no difference in your behavior whether I am in the classroom standing next to you, if there is a substitute present, or if there are no adults in the classroom.

30 Saving and Submitting Your Work Always save and name your work properly in the following format: LastnameFirstnameClassPeriod_nameofproject.FileExt ension For example: DoeJohn3B_cyberbullying.pptx If you submit something generically titled like tutorial.jpg, or file1.docx, it will not be graded. Always save your work in your student folder and backup with a flash drive. Completed Fast Break assignments are emailed to the instructor.

31 Headings on Papers All written assignments (papers, tests, quizzes, homework, etc.) should have the following information at the top right-hand corner of the paper: Student NameBilly Bob Period and A or B Day2A Assignmentp125, #1-20

32 Headings on Papers

33 Turning in classwork Each class will have their own folder in the back of the classroom. It is your responsibility to put the work in the appropriate folder. Please put the papers in there neatly and as much as possible, please have them all facing the same way. Digital project work will be submitted to the electronic drop box set up for your class.

34 Turning in classwork

35 Turning in Late/Missing Work There is a folder which is used specifically for this. It is in the same place as the folders used for turning in on-time work. It is your responsibility to put late and/or missing work in the correct folder. You have seven days from the day the assignment is due to turn in the work, otherwise you will get a “0.”

36 Returned Papers Since I occasionally make mistakes, I highly recommend you hold on to your work until report cards come out. If you have an assignment missing and you “know” you did it, the only proof you have is the returned paper.

37 Bell to Bell… You will be expected to take advantage of your class time to do work. The excuse, “I’ll wait and do it in Study Hall,” isn’t good enough to not do your work in class. I will expect you to stay in your seat until the bell rings. If you are standing when it rings, we will politely wait for you to sit before dismissing everyone.

38 Bell to Bell…

39 What grade do you want to earn? There is no reason why anyone in my class should earn a grade less than a “C.” If you work in class every day, pay attention, and don’t play around, you will do real well.

40 School-Wide Announcements This one is real simple…you will be expected to be quiet when announcements are made. If I have you during 2 nd period, you will be expected to be quiet when Channel One is being played, as well. You are expected to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance as well.

41 Collaborative Learning Groups Basic Expectations – You are responsible for your own work and behavior – If you have a question, ask your fellow group members for help. – If your group members asks for help, try your best to help the person. – Ask the teacher for help only if the entire group is stumped and everyone can agree on the same question.

42 “Please” and “Thank You” These two words are truly “magic words.” You will be amazed at how people will react to you when you generously use these two phrases. You will hear me say them often, and I expect you to use them when appropriate.

43 Cell Phones You may not have your cell phone, or other electronics out and in use during class unless given specific instructions. Failure to follow this procedure will result in your device being impounded in the local Cell Jail. You will be allowed to bail your device out at the end of class with an apology. Repeat offenders will face additional disciplinary action.

44 Cell Phones

45 Computer Etiquette There are rules of behavior (etiquette) that dictate what is acceptable and what is unacceptable when using someone else’s computer. Therefore, you are not at liberty to change the computer settings. This is an educational facility, it is imperative that all equipment remains in a uniform configuration. Computers will be used strictly for class purpose only. Absolutely under NO circumstances may a student retrieve personal e-mail, chat (including IM), play any type of game, streaming videos, OR music from the Internet. By breaking this policy, you are putting yourself at risk for being removed from the program.

46 Instructor’s Stuff The things on my desk and around my classroom are my personal property. You will be expected to leave them alone unless given permission to handle them. I will respect your things, please extend me the same courtesy.

47 Final Thoughts… Our theme for the year is “Excellence – Expect It!” This indeed will be our goal and focus this entire year. We will expect excellence in our academics, work ethic, behavior, and how we treat each other. It is unacceptable to laugh at, make fun of, pick on, or bully others. These types of behaviors will be dealt with severely and swiftly. As we pursue excellence this year, we will not have time for these kinds of behavior, nor will they be tolerated. I guess it boils down to this…

48 Classroom Management Plan Behavior Expectations 1.Do the right thing every time.  Punctual  Polite  Productive 2.Always do your BEST!!! 3.Treat others with respect; the way you want to be treated.

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