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Classroom Procedures Mrs. Moore 4/5 th Grade - Room 32.

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1 Classroom Procedures Mrs. Moore 4/5 th Grade - Room 32

2 Using RESPECT Take turns Listen without interrupting Use kind uplifting words Keep your work area to yourself Pick up trash Return supplies when you are finished Help keep the classroom clean Give people their personal space

3 How to Ask for Things Look person in the eye Say the person’s name Ask for what you want and say “please” Thank the person if they say “yes” and share If they say “no” politely ask “why” Say something to solve the problem

4 How to Ask Questions Look around the room for your answer before asking. THINK and OBSERVE Quietly ask a neighbor. Wait until the teacher is finished explaining. LISTEN Wait until person is finished speaking, try not to interrupt.

5 Getting the Teachers Attention INDEX FINGER = I have a question WHOLE HAND= I wish to leave my seat THREE FINGERS = I need a drink CROSSED FINDERS = I need to use the restroom THUMB = I have a comment or idea

6 Getting QUIET At teacher’s signal - Freeze Silent mouths Turn your face to speaker/teacher Pay attention Be ready for learning Listen for learning Expect that you will have to DO something

7 Morning Procedure 8:00-8:00 Enter quietly and with a scholarly attitude toward the day Walk to your seat If you have question or message for Mrs. Moore, write it on a note and turn it into her mailbox Do not stand around and talk to your neighbors or friends Empty backpack Turn in homework Sharpen pencil Check out new book if needed Follow directions on the board Complete the board work immediately

8 Your Desk Area Keep your supplies on your own desk DO NOT take things off of or out of other student’s desks Do not write on the desks Pick trash up around you, all trash belongs in the trash can not your desk DO NOT shove papers, make sure all work is filed in your binder Keep the inside neat by piling books on the left side and folders or other materials on the right side. LESS IS MORE…tons of supplies is NOT NECESSARY Desks will be checked by the teacher

9 Using Materials Scissors – Hold sharp part in your hand with carrying them – DO NOT run with them – Only cut paper, not anything else! Rulers – Used for measuring or drawing lines only!! Not for spinning on your pencil – DO NOT remove the silver piece – DO NOT write your name on Mrs. Moore classroom rules Compasses – Used for measuring only, not poking your neighbors Glue – Put the lid on or twist closed when finished – Use sparing amounts Dictionaries and Thesauruses – Turn the pages carefully – DO NOT write in them – If a page is torn, bring it to Mrs. Moore to be repaired RETURN ALL SUPPLIES WHEN FINISHED

10 When you are TARDY DO NOT interrupt instruction or student learning Read The Board For Instruction Quietly Get Organized Hold Pencil Sharpening Until Teacher Is Not Teaching In Front Of The Room Get To Work Right Away Figure Things Out Before Asking Questions (Be Observant) Students Will Not Sit And “Do Nothing” Hoping Teacher Will Pay Them Personal Attention For Being Late

11 Assignment Format all information is to be located at the top right hand corner of every paper – full name – complete date – subject – page number or assignment name 8 ½ notebook paper only (spiral bound paper needs to be cleaned up) Legible writing

12 Correcting Papers Practice INTEGRITY Use a pen, preferably a red one If your answer is wrong, MARK it wrong Do not change your answers If you did not hear an answer, circle it and wait until then end of the corrections to ask for repeats

13 Lining Up Push in your chair at teacher’s signal. WALK out the door and in line Voices silent (the quiet starts here) Face the front Stand still No saving places Keep your hands and feet to yourself Respect your classmates personal space

14 Recess Expectations DO NOT exclude people PEACEFULLY work out problems No tag anywhere ONLY Use the upper grade restrooms Stay at the top of the playground unless using restroom No kicking balls against the handball court, over the top of the court, or anywhere on the blacktop No games involving hitting someone with the ball Eat your entire snack at the tables, throw your trash away

15 Lunch Expectations Use your manners – chew with your mouth closed – don’t talking with food in your mouth – don’t play with your food – don’t share food with others Remember to eat healthy Wash your hands No throwing food Stay seated at your table Keep your table clean Pick up your trash

16 Using the Class Library Located pocket inside either front or back cover. Sign name and date on the card. Place the card in the file box alphabetically by your last name The book is due in two weeks. You may renew it once after that with the teachers approval. Remove the card from the file box Record the date it was returned Place card in pocket inside front or back cover of book Return it to the book shelf If the cover or a page is torn, give it to the teacher for repair

17 Taking Tests Keep your eyes on your own paper DO NOT talk Keep to yourself Use signals if you need something Stay seated when done READ READ when you’re done

18 Using the RESTROOM Remember to go before school starts, at recess and lunch Use the pass (2 per month). When your passes are gone you’ll spend 5 minutes on the bench at recess Wash your hands Throw away trash, keeping the restroom neat

19 Getting the Things you Need to Work Wait until teacher is finished teaching in front of the class. Quietly get up, and push in your chair. Go only to the place you need a supply from, do not stop to chat with classmates. Retrieve supplies carefully and quickly leaving a mess Refer to rules at the various locations Return supplies neatly so others may use them

20 When finished EARLY DO NOT inform the teacher by blurting out “I am DONE!” DO NOT ask the teacher “What do I do next?” Go back and check (make sure your writing is presentable and sentences or calculations make sense) Read the MUST DO and MAY DO lists Move to another activity quickly with out disturbing others around you. Put materials away quietly (dictionaries, rules, crayons etc..)

21 During Teacher Lessons DO NOT TALK while teacher is talking DO NOT yell out or blurt answers Raise your hand when instructed Stay seated throughout the lesson Use Signals Have paper and pencil ready to complete your work Focus on the lesson Listen carefully to and follow directions Make an honest effort to understand Ask sensible questions at the appropriate time DO NOT distract others

22 Study Time Behavior Work quietly and independently Stay in your seat unless otherwise directed by the teacher Concentrate on your work Use resources before asking the teacher Raise your hand if you have questions When finished work on your must do/may do activities

23 When Meeting in Groups Work on the assigned task only Bring all supplies at the beginning of your meeting Sit close together, voices facing one another Listen to the group leader Take turns DO NOT interrupt others Help each other – Interpret directions – Understand ideas and concepts – Solve problems Stay on task Finish assigned work When finished, everyone needs to do their MUST DO/MAY DO work

24 End of the Day 2:05-2:15 DO NOT pack up until the teacher’s signal. Record homework. Pack backpack. Organize your desk Clear the top off. Pick up trash near desk. Do your classroom job. Line up when dismissed.

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