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Program Overview and Highlights December 7, 2013 – September 12, 2014.

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1 Program Overview and Highlights December 7, 2013 – September 12, 2014

2 Mission Statement YPDR ensures that safety, environmental protection, and professional management practices govern our operational programs and procedures as we work to achieve our goals: provide storm- strengthened shelter and safe and sustainable classrooms, rejuvenate water, sanitation and hygiene facilities, manage environmental and economic initiatives, provide training and responsible employment to local residents, and coordinate logistical support with the international aid community in their disaster response effort.

3 Projects

4 Housing Program In partnership with Polish Humanitarian Action, YPDR built 900 storm- strengthened core shelters for families in need

5 Damage Assessments

6 Aerial Assessment

7 3 rd Generation Model (In Cooperation with University of San Carlos)



10 Model House Construction

11 Innovation in Development 1.18sq m living space 2.Concrete posts for a stable foundation 3.Design is upgradeable and movable to allow families to customize and relocate their homes if necessary 4.Elevated bedroom floor for improved air flow and safety in the event of flooding 5.Woven bamboo siding (Amacan) for increased ventilation 6.Slanted siding for structural stability and increased living space 7.Covered outdoor patio to provide shade 8.Cross bracing and metal strapping to keep the house sturdy in the event of a future storm

12 Beneficiary Homes


14 1. Built 8 Phase I, II, and III model homes in Barangay Sungko, Barangay Kabangbang, Barangay Beigad, Barangay Sillon, Barangay Kang-Keibe, Barangay Suba, and Barangay Pooc with the help of local carpenters. 2. Built 900 homes in Bantayan Island. 3. Distributed materials for 906 homes. 4. Trained 105 local carpenters in storm-strengthening construction techniques. Housing Program Highlights

15 School Program YPDR is working to rebuild schools on Bantayan Island by clearing debris, re- roofing classrooms, repairing electricity, rejuvenating water and sanitation facilities, and replacing completely damaged classrooms

16 Debris Removal

17 Classroom Repair

18 Solar Lighting

19 Roof Repair

20 School Program Highlights 1.Removed 100 truckloads of debris 2.Painted 2 wells 3.Repaired and painted 19 classrooms 4.Repaired and painted 6 bathrooms 5.Removed 4 hazardous structures from Santa Fe Elementary and Santa Fe High Schools 6.Built and planted 7 garden boxes 7.Repaired 2 canteens 8.Repaired the rain gutters on 5 classrooms 9.Installed 1 concrete pathway 10.Plumbed 7 sinks 11. Built 1 tool shed 12.Build a new 3 classroom building at Santa Fe High School

21 School Program Highlights Continued 1.Repaired and painted 1 entryway 2.Painted 5 rooftops 3.Repaired and painted 7 walls 4.Painted and repaired 7 courtyard benches 5.Painted 1 courtyard stage 6.Repaired 1 broken door 7.Built 2 disposal bins 8.Painted 74 tire planters 9.Painted 20 concrete flower planters 10.Painted 49 hanging planters

22 School Program Successes Continued 21.Painted 54 school signs 22.Built 1 teacher’s table 23.Unclogged 6 restroom drains 24.Cleaned out 3 classrooms, cleaned 50 desks and 75 chairs at Pooc Elementary School 25.Cleared out 200 boxes of textbooks from storage at Santa Fe Central Elementary School 26.Cleaned school clinic and painted wall at Madridejos Elementary School

23 Sanitation Facility Repair YPDR recognizes the vital importance of proper water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities and practices in preventing illness and keeping people healthy and safe

24 Sanitation Facility Repair



27 Sanitation Facility Repair Highlights 1. Repaired 7 hand washing stations at 5 schools 2. Restored the water supply to Santa Fe High School. 3. Constructed 21 toilets Returned 33 toilets to operational status at local schools. 4. Conducted a hygiene promotion session and performed educational puppet show on hygiene for over 6,000 children in the municipalities of Santa Fe, Madridejos, and Bantayan. 5. Provided hand soap for all hand washing stations at Santa Fe High School. 6. Conducted damage assessments of the water supply and toilet facilities at 24 schools on Bantayan Island. 7. 10,260 bars of soap have been distributed to students and families.

28 Environmental Restoration Program Utilizing the oceanographic knowledge of YPDR’s President, Christopher White, a former commercial deep sea diver, and Director Joseph Ferris III, a veteran captain with over 15 years experience on a scientific research vessel, YPDR is restoring native marine habitats through the use of artificial reefs.

29 Environmental Restoration Program

30 Environmental Restoration Program Highlights 1.Built a low impact oceanographic research vessel 2.Conducted 7 underwater surveys to locate damage to coral reefs 3.Built 100 marine domes (artificial reef structures) to mimic native coral, attract fish, and stimulate coral regeneration 4.Deployed 80 marine domes 5.Collected 20 kg of dead coral to recycle into new marine domes

31 Distributed and delivered 1500 bags of rice (37,500 kilos), 700 sanitation kits, and 3000 water kits to local families with Malteser International Delivered a truckload of school supplies, 45 tents, and 25 shelter kits with Malteser International Transported 150 emergency shelter kits with UNHCR Unloaded a shipment of rice from World Food Programme with Samaritan’s Purse Distributed 129 boxes of clothes from a private donor Delivered 50 kilos of rice from private donors to Bantayan District Jail Distribution

32 Joint Medical Missions YPDR has facilitated the medical treatment of 3,357 patients in the course of 18 medical missions in partnership with SAMU Delivered 250,000 USD worth of medical supplies to Bantayan District Hospital, Santa Fe Health Services and Mandridejos Health Services. Examined over 250 children for back to school clearance in partnership with doctors and nurses at Bantayan District Hospital

33 Maritime Rescue Instituted the island’s first ever emergency communication system to coordinate effectively in future emergencies Evacuated 300 people from a stranded ferry off the coast of Bantayan Island Provided safe transport in YPDR vehicles for 4 children who required emergency medical treatment in Cebu

34 Educational Puppet Show YPDR’s educational puppet show has been performed for over 6,000 children. The show educates kids on hygiene topics, like washing hands and rushing teeth, in a fun and accessible way.

35 Beach Cleanup YPDR has hosted 7 beach cleanups with local children in Santa Fe, Bantayan, and Madredejos. After picking up the beach with the kids, we give a talk about the importance of keeping the beaches clean

36 Art Program In conjunction with 24 project, YPDR hosted an art therapy program for 100 children in Santa Fe

37 Support Our Work! Contributions in Perspective: $1000 USD will sponsor the training and materials for a local carpenter to build a home for a family in need VISIT WWW.YPDR.ORG/DONATE

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