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Adventures Beyond the Classroom 6th Grade - 1st Day

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1 Adventures Beyond the Classroom 6th Grade - 1st Day
Welcome Adventures Beyond the Classroom 6th Grade - 1st Day

2 MIND BENDER A3 #13 Two girls and two boys (Alexander, Bertha, Glenn, Hiroko), whose last names are Kraft, Loring, Silverman, and Tyndall, were born in different months (February, January, May, October) of the same year. Match up everything from the clues below. Glenn was born after Tyndall and before Hiroko. Bertha is older than Kraft and younger than Loring. Silverman is not the youngest, and Tyndall is not the oldest.

3 Solution Alexander Bertha Glenn Hiroko January February May October
Kraft Loring Silverman Tyndall Alexander Bertha Glenn Hiroko January February May October January February May October Solution

4 ABC Website You may access all the information from this orientation on the website:

5 My Family

6 Mrs. Tyner We are going to have a great year learning how to think productively, plan projects and designs, communicate what we have learned, discuss causes and effects, and make decisions. There are a few things we all have to do in order to make our classroom run smoothly.

7 I will greet you when you get off the bus at the school
I will greet you when you get off the bus at the school. We will walk together to the classroom. When we come into the room you will hang up your backpack in your locker. Place any notes you may have in the “NOTES” Box on my desk. Get your composition book. Get started Morning “Mind Bender” Activities

8 Hallway and Restroom There are classes being conducted in all areas of the school. Students are expected to walk quietly through the school. If you need to go to the restroom, sign out on the notebook near the door. Go quickly and make sure you wash your hands before you return.

9 Emergency Procedures Since we are in a “storm shelter” room there are a few procedures you need to know about. Fire Tornado Intruder

10 Fire Drill When the alarm sounds, line up quickly and quietly at the door. Without talking, follow the teacher outside to the safety spot. Stay in a straight line, I will take roll once we are outside. We will wait quietly for the signal for us to return quietly to our classroom.

11 Severe Weather When the alarm sounds, you should go immediately to your seat. The Multi-Handicapped class will come to our class during this time they will sit calmly on the carpet. You are to stay in your seat and make sure your listen to instructions.

12 Intruder Alert You will quickly and quietly move to our spot in the classroom. You may not move or talk. You can not go to the bathroom or leave the room at this time. Make sure you watch and listen to your teacher

13 If your teacher has an Emergency
You need to remain calm. One person will go to Mrs. Thompson’s Mr. Newingham’s, or Mrs. Nix’s classroom to get help. Another student will push the button to call the office. When the office person answers, everyone may say, “We have an emergency, send help.”

14 When Mrs. Tyner is Teaching
Your eyes should be on your teacher or the presentation. Pay attention to what is being said. If you have any questions, wait until I am finished teaching or ask if you have any questions.

15 Morning Meeting Once we finish the “Mind Benders” we will have a Class Meeting. Our Class Meeting is an important way for us to learn and have fun together. In order to make this possible, you MUST follow the rules for the Meeting. During this time we will say good morning to each other and participate in an activity.

16 Meeting Times It is important that we listen to each other. This means we do not talk when our friends are talking or when I am talking to the class. We all need to participate - this means listening, participating in activities, and responding to questions. We are all friends. We’ll sit by a different friends each day.

17 Respect for one’s parents is the highest duty of civil life.
Thought of the day: Respect for one’s parents is the highest duty of civil life. Think about the things your parents do for you. They feed you, provide a home for you, and get you to school, just to name a few. It’s important for you to respect your parents by obeying their rules and listening to the things they tell you. In your journal, write about a reason it’s important to respect your parents. Begin your sentence this way: One reason it’s important to respect my parents is ___________________________.

18 Manners and Courtesies
Remember you represent your family when you come to school and when you are here for ABC classes, you represent your school. Make your parents proud by being well behaved. Do the right thing even when no one is watching just because it is the best thing to do.

19 Manners and Courtesies
When a person enters the room to talk to me, you must lower your voice to a whisper so she will be able to hear what that person needs to say. When an announcement comes on, you must stop talking and listen to the speaker.

20 6th Grade Units 1st Nine Weeks – Independent Study
2nd Nine Weeks – Shakespeare 3rd Nine Weeks – Marine Science 4th Nine Weeks – Building and Engineering

21 Grades ABC Report Cards go home each nine weeks. You will be graded on 1 to 5 point scale. Work that is completed correctly and well will receive a 3. In order to receive a 4 or 5, you must complete work in a fashion that is over and above what is expected.

22 Completion of Work You will complete your work in the ABC classroom. You may do research at home. You may bring in supplies and materials needed for your presentations; however, you must complete all work in the classroom.

23 First Unit – Independent Studies

24 Here are some tips for coming up with a research topic:
Independent Study Here are some tips for coming up with a research topic: Pick a field that interests you: Look through books, magazines, and newspapers to find a topic that catches your attention and makes you want to find out more about the subject. Choose a topic for which lots of sources are available: Make a list of preliminary sources available on your topic.  If the list is too short or the sources are not credible, find another topic. Avoid topics that are too broad: If you start with a broad category, you’ll need to narrow it down.  For example, you might narrow the broad topic of Soccer, to be about a particular player. You must have a clear research question (problem) to address in your paper. For example, Mia Hamm faced some challenges as a child because of a problem with her feet.

25 1st Step As tempting as it may seem to dive right in and start writing (so you can get it done) a good research paper starts before you start crafting stellar sentences. First, you'll need to brainstorm a topic.

26 Brainstorm Pick something that interests you. This is the single most important brainstorming step. If you're into sailing, maybe it's World War II watercraft that'll float your boat. If your tastes are tantalized by other cultures, perhaps you could compare traditional foods from two different countries. How yummy would that be? Choosing a topic that interests you is sure to make the work go more smoothly.

27 List Write a list of absolutely every idea you can think of.

28 Think and Look Flip through books in our classroom or a textbook. Have you covered a topic within the last year that made you curious and want to know more? Here's your chance to investigate something your teachers have introduced that you thought was kind of cool. Being around books gets good ideas flowing. Flip through newspapers and magazines too.

29 Think and Look Think of your family and friends.
Your father or grandfather may have fought in a war so you have someone you are able to interview about the war. You may have a family member that has struggled with an illness or a problem on which you want to find more information.

30 Think and Look Think of your family and friends.
Your father or grandfather may have fought in a war. You may have a family member that has struggled with a problem or experienced a great honor. You'll probably use books, articles, and the Web for most big projects, but don't forget about additional resources like the people in your life.

31 Make a Decision Today When you finish your list, read it again. Circle three favorite topics. Write those three things in a Decision Making Matrix. Look on the internet and at several books to narrow the topic down to ONE. Make sure you write your topic in your composition book. Write in on Mrs. Tyner’s decision clipboard.

32 Class Dismissal ABC Students are to board the bus at 2:20.
At about 2:00 we will quickly clean up and turn off computers. We must be packed up and ready to go at 2:10.

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