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WELCOME TO TRUMAN We will ensure student success through engaging learning experiences, collaborative leadership and a focus on maximizing student achievement.

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1 WELCOME TO TRUMAN We will ensure student success through engaging learning experiences, collaborative leadership and a focus on maximizing student achievement.

2 Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. - Helen Keller

3 Introductions of Office Staff  Principal – Mr. Molinar  Campus Secretary – Mrs. Hill  Dean of Instruction – Mrs. Fowler  Assistant Principal – Mr. Bartlett A – L  Assistant Principal – Ms. Simmons M – Z  Counselor – Ms. Alarcon A – L  Counselor – Ms. Bowens M – Z  PEIMS/Registration – Mrs. Jackson  Attendance – Ms. Baker

4 Special Guests  Truman Cheerleaders  Truman NJHS  Teachers/Staff  PTA

5 Truman’s Mission: To continue the school’s tradition of having a positive culture and image for all of our students, staff and community

6 The School Day  Supervision begins at 8:00 AM. Please DO NOT drop students off at school before 8 AM  Breakfast will be served at 8:05 AM  6 th graders will be dismissed in the morning from the small gym  First bell rings at 8:38 AM  First period begins at 8:45 AM  Last period ends at 3:55 PM  Students must be off campus by 4:10 PM - No Loitering Allowed

7 Arrival & Dismissal  Students may enter building through the back doors or gym area at 8:00 AM  The school buses will drop off in the back of the school  Once students are dismissed at the end of the day they are to leave the building immediately. Students are not allowed to gather and hang out in the building

8 Truman Bell Schedule PERIODREGULAR Enter Building8:38 1 st 8:45-8:52 (Announcements) 8:52 – 9:37 2 nd 9:41 – 10:26 3 rd 10:30 – 11:15 4 th 11:19 – 12:39 5 th 12:43 – 1:28 6 th 1:32 – 2:17 7 th 2:21 – 3:06 8 th 3:10 – 3:55 LUNCH SCHEDULE A Lunch11:19 – 11:49 4 th Begins 11:53 B Lunch11:44 – 12:14 4 th Resumes 12:18 C Lunch12:09 – 12:39 5 th Begins 12:43

9 Students will transition to 4 th period at the 11:15 bell. Students will not be escorted to the cafeteria by their teacher. Students will enter and dismiss the cafeteria in a uniformed fashion. We will have a slightly staggered lunch. Students will have 4 minute passing periods once dismissed. A soft bell will be used for the tardy during lunch (11:53 & 12:18). Students will have a designated numbered table to eat. The cafeteria tables will be divided into two sections with A & C lunch on the east side and B lunch on the west side. The stairs leading to the gym will not be used during lunch.

10 Clubs & Organizations  Band  Orchestra  Choir  Mariachi  Legos Robotics  Cheerleading  Student Council  NJHS  Athletics  Theatre Arts  Step Team

11 Kindness Across the Prairie In an effort to prevent bullying and create a safe and nurturing environment for all GPISD students, the following four programs are used throughout our district: 1. Handprints on Hearts (HOH) 2. Capturing Kids’ Hearts 3. Teen Leadership 4. Rachel’s Challenge

12 Kindness Across the Prairie  Hand Prints on Hearts - Is a mentoring program for our students  Capturing Kids’ Hearts - We aim to capture kids’ hearts while engaging their minds  Teen Leadership – Is a course that teaches students to take responsibility, express themselves, and appropriately handle problems and decisions when they arise  Rachel’s Challenge – Is a program that inspires students to treat others with compassion and to start a "chain reaction" of kindness

13 An Inspirational Legacy

14 Truman is a Rachel’s Challenge Campus.

15 Bullying  Truman has a ZERO tolerance for bullying  Truman has a Bully Locker for students to anonymously report bullying  Bullying – Is to engage in written or verbal expression or physical conduct that the school board or designee determines will have the effect of physically harming a student, damaging a student’s property, or placing a student in reasonable fear of harm  Cyberbullying – Is the use of any electronic communication device to engage in bullying or intimidation

16 Hallway Expectations  We will use red tape to direct student traffic  We will have stairwells labeled for traffic to go up or down only.  Refrain from loitering  We will walk in the hallways keeping our hands and feet to ourselves  We will only eat in the cafeteria  Students will use inside voices while in the building  Headphones are only allowed in the morning from 8:05-8:35  PDA will not be allowed  Teachers will monitor hallways by standing at their door during all passing periods

17 This is how we walk in the building

18 This is how we will monitor

19 This is how we walk as a class

20 Truman ID Policy  You must have a student ID to leave any classroom. This includes going to the restroom, library, lunch and other places  Students will be given 5 restroom passes per month. If a student loses their ID, they may buy a new one for $2 and 2 restroom passes will be added  A student ID is required to attend extra curricular activities. This includes sporting events, dances, and other school functions  Violations will be corrected, and failure to comply will result in an ISS placement  You are not allowed to alter your ID (example…no pictures or stickers added.)

21 Restroom Pass 1. 2/22/RM 2. 2/23/JH 3. 2/24/NT 4. 2/25/CC 5.

22 Tardies  Students are tardy when the teacher closes the door at the sound of the bell  Outside doors (By 6 th ELA wing) will be opened to allow students more time during passing periods  You will be given 3 warnings each month  Further violations will result in an ISS assignment

23 Student Expectations  Dress Code – Pages 19 & 20 Middle School Handbook  Cell phones – One warning then confiscated and given to parent with a $15 fee or held until the end of the year.  Major classroom disruption – Automatic Referral  Insubordination – Handled by Truman Discipline Management Plan  Fights – 1 st Offense 3 days ISS & ticket 2 nd Offense 3 days OSS & ticket 3 rd Offense DAEP  Drugs/Alcohol – Automatic DAEP placement

24 Discipline Consequences  Cool Off/Answering the CKH 4 questions  Teacher/Student Conference  Parent Meetings  Teacher Detention  ISS  Student’s Placed on BIP’s  Extended ISS placements  Alternative School (DAEP)  Police Citations

25 Truman Core Values  We will work together to continually improve Truman’s positive culture  We will be consistent with our Values  We will model good behavior  As a staff, we will continue to teach our students our expectations

26 Dates to Remember  Week of August 13 th - New Student Registration 8:30AM – 11:00AM & 1:30PM – 3:00PM  August 14 th - 6 th Grade Orientation 7:00PM – 8:00PM  August 20 th - Schedule Pick-Up 9:00AM - 12:00PM & 2:00PM – 5:00PM  August 21 st 3:00PM - 7:00PM  August 22 nd 8:30AM - 11:00AM & 1:00PM - 7:00PM  August 27 th - First Day of School  September 3 rd - Labor Day/No School  September 11 th - Meet the Teacher 6:00PM – 8:00PM

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