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2 A GENDA Take a tour of the facility Go through Volunteer Handbook Fill out paperwork Pay for and receive t-shirt Schedule hours (optional)


4 G O THROUGH V OLUNTEER H ANDBOOK Mankato Family YMCA Volunteer Handbook Volunteer Level 1 Youth Worker Revised December 2011

5 M ISSION S TATEMENT To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind, body and social well-being for all.

6 F IVE C ORE V ALUES At the Mankato Family YMCA we demonstrate… Faith Caring Respect Responsibility Honesty …And we instill these values in the youth.

7 C HARACTER D EVELOPMENT The YMCA core values are part of what we call character development. It is challenging people to accept and demonstrate positive values. Whatever the condition of one’s character, there is always the potential to improve in both attitude and action. Empowerment-They need to feel valued by their community and have an opportunity to contribute to that community.

8 M ORE ON C HARACTER D EVELOPMENT Boundaries and Expectations-All kids need to know what’s expected of them and what the boundaries are with various activities. You are not a jungle gym, please do not let the kids treat you as one. If someone wants to sit on your lap please pull up a chair and ask them to sit next to you instead. Constructive Use of Time-They need enriching opportunities for growth.

9 M ORE ON C HARACTER D EVELOPMENT There needs to be a commitment to nurturing the internal qualities that guide good choices. The more developmental assets teens have the more likely they will value diversity, exhibit leadership, be successful, and overcome adversity. They will be less likely to engage in risky and harmful behaviors.

10 U NDERSTANDING Y OUTH AND T EENS Being aware what youth and teens are experiencing makes it easier to understand why they are behaving a certain way. They are searching for role models and need constant approval from adults. YOU are a role model whether you are trying to be or not, so always be aware of your behaviors and language.

11 M ANKATO F AMILY YMCA V OLUNTEER AND E MPLOYEE C ODE OF C ONDUCT In order to protect YMCA staff, volunteers, and program participants- at no time during a YMCA program should a volunteer be alone with a single child in an unobservable area. As volunteers supervise children, they make themselves always visible. Volunteers should never leave a child unsupervised. Restroom supervision: Volunteers will make sure the restroom is not occupied by suspicious or unknown individuals before allowing children to use the facilities. Volunteers will stand in the doorway while children are using the restroom. This policy allows privacy for the children and protection for the staff. If volunteers are assisting younger children, door to the facility must remain open. Always send children in pairs, and whenever possible, with staff/volunteers. Staff/volunteers should conduct or supervise private activities in pairs -diapering, putting on bathing suits, etc. When this is not feasible, staff/volunteers should be visible to others.

12 M ANKATO F AMILY YMCA V OLUNTEER AND E MPLOYEE C ODE OF C ONDUCT Staff/volunteers shall not abuse children including: physical, verbal, sexual, and mental abuse and neglect. *No type of abuse is tolerated and is cause for immediate dismissal. Volunteers must use positive techniques of guidance, including redirection, positive reinforcement, and encouragement rather than competition and criticism. Volunteers should respond to all youth with respect and consideration and treat everyone equally regardless of sex, race, religion, and culture. Volunteers will respect children’s right to not be touched in ways that make them feel uncomfortable, and their right to say no. Children are not to be touched on areas of their bodies that would be covered by a bathing suit. Volunteers will refrain from intimate displays of affection toward others in the presence of children, parents, and staff/volunteers. While the YMCA does not discriminate against any individual’s lifestyle, it does require that while volunteering, they will abide by the standards of conduct set forth by the YMCA.

13 D RUG AND A LCOHOL F REE /C LEAN A IR W ORK P LACE Tobacco, alcohol, or the use of drugs is prohibited in the facility and on the grounds. If you are hung over please stay home ~ kids can pick up on things easily and can sense when you were up late drinking.

14 D RESS C ODE Volunteers will be provided with a designated shirt. The shirt does cost $5, which will be reimbursed to you when you return your shirt at the end of your volunteer service. If you do not have your volunteer shirt, you cannot volunteer for the day. Name tags must be worn every day and can be found in the binder. Please wear pants and shoes appropriate for your duties. Under no circumstances should undergarments be showing. Tattoos, which do not reflect the YMCA values or mission, must be covered while on duty. Certain programs do not allow hats while on duty.

15 C HILD A BUSE A WARENESS In 80% of sexual abuse cases the child knows the offender and in 50% of all cases, the offender is a member of the child’s household. Abuse crosses all backgrounds. If you suspect abuse contact your supervisor immediately.

16 R ESPONSIBILITIES You must schedule a minimum of 20 volunteer/service learning hours with Volunteer Coordinator and be on time. It is your responsibility to contact your YMCA department supervisor if you are unable to make your shift (507.387.8255 and ask for your department). You must speak directly with your supervisor or someone working in the department if you are unable to let them know in advance. One “No Call/No Show” may result in termination from volunteering with the Mankato Family YMCA. We are relying on you to help facilitate programs here at the YMCA. You are a valuable asset to us and we appreciate all that you contribute to our programs.

17 M ORE R ESPONSIBILITIES While on duty, you must stay with your program and perform your tasks for the day. Please leave cell phones on “ silent ” or “ off ” and in the office until it is time for you to leave. Absolutely no texting! You have a responsibility to keep the environment physically and psychologically safe for all members. If you have concerns please notify your supervisor as soon as possible. You are required to wear a name tag, this allows the kids and the staff get to know who you are.

18 E XPECTATIONS Adhere to YMCA Code of Conduct. Interact fully with youth – avoid being a spectator. Be child-like, not child-ish! Help staff maintain control and keep the program running smoothly. Encourage kids who are alone to interact with the group. Learn names. Say hello and goodbye. Record hours truthfully in and out on time sheet and have it signed by department supervisor. Communicate first and last day with Volunteer Coordinator and department supervisor.

19 YMCA C ONTACT I NFORMATION General Information/Front Desk 507.387.8255 Your Supervisor(s) Naomi Chayer (Volunteer Coordinator) 507.387.8255 ext. 296 Cheryl Hamond (Program Coordinator) 507.387.8255 Ext 236

20 F ILL O UT P APERWORK We will go through all of the paperwork together. Please complete everything thoroughly and write legibly. Feel free to ask any questions.

21 P AY FOR AND R ECEIVE T- SHIRT We will go down to my office to get your t-shirt. Please have your $5 cash ready. If you do not have your $5 today, you can still get your t-shirt but you will need to bring the money in on your first day and give it to the front desk staff.

22 S CHEDULE H OURS (O PTIONAL ) If you know your schedule well enough and know when you’d like to volunteer, you may schedule your hours with me today in my office after you receive your t-shirt. When scheduling hours it is much easier if you can come at the same time and to the same place every week. This allows you to develop relationships here at the YMCA. If you do not schedule your hours today, I will be emailing you in about one week to set them up. *When scheduling your hours, it’s better to spread them out than to complete them all in a short period of time.

23 T HE E ND Thank you for attending the Mankato Family YMCA volunteer orientation! I look forward to seeing you around the Y!

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