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Module 2: Maintaining Restrooms SPARKLING RESTROOM 1-2-3 TRAINING PROGRAM.

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1 Module 2: Maintaining Restrooms SPARKLING RESTROOM 1-2-3 TRAINING PROGRAM

2 Restroom Maintenance  Restroom cleaning is often the highest cost area and the least favorite area to clean  Frequent maintenance of restrooms ensures restroom cleanliness is sustained throughout the day, increases overall productivity, and keeps costs low  For optimum results, maintenance programs should include a recurring combination of spot cleaning, daily cleaning, and top-to-bottom cleaning

3 Spot Cleaning  Most frequent – especially important during high- traffic periods  Ensures restrooms are free of debris and messes plus makes daily cleaning easier  Maintains cleanliness of high-touch surfaces

4 Spot Cleaning  Keep surfaces dry and stock supplies throughout the day  Pick up loose trash  Refill soap dispensers  Refill toilet paper and paper towel dispensers  Check toilets, urinals, sinks, mirrors, walls, partitions, and floor for spills or other messes and clean as needed  Check high-touch surfaces, including door handles, faucets, and toilet/urinal flush handles, and clean as needed

5 Daily Cleaning  Depends on restroom usage  Clean toilets, urinals, sinks, mirrors, floor

6 Top-to-Bottom Cleaning  This type of cleaning should be done as needed, depending on the size and traffic of a facility  Follow procedure in Module 1 for a thorough top- to-bottom cleaning

7 Monitor Restroom Maintenance  Determine how frequently a restroom requires maintenance based on traffic and usage  Establish a cleaning schedule, outlining required tasks and how often they need to be done  Document necessary procedures  Assign accountability using a Restroom Service Log

8 Restroom Service Log  Employees initial and date to record what tasks are performed and how often  Assigns accountability to employees  Increases efficiency and ensures restroom is well- maintained

9 Sample Service Log

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