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Welcome to First Grade! Mrs. Kathy Rydzewski First Grade Teacher

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1 Welcome to First Grade! Mrs. Kathy Rydzewski First Grade Teacher

2 Our Daily Schedule 9:00—9:10 Homeroom Procedures 9:10—9:35 Class Meetings 9:35—11:25 Language Arts (Reading, Handwriting, Writer’s Workshop, Listening, Journal, Spelling, Phonics, Guided Reading, and Centers) 11:25—12:25 Recess and Lunch 12:25—12:50 Language Arts/Silent Reading/Read Aloud 12:50—1:50 Mathematics 1:50—2:00 Snack/Restroom Break 2:00—2:40 Specials Day 1: Music Day 2: Library (Remember to return books) Day 3: Gym (Wear Sneakers) Day 4: Art Day 5: Computer 2:40—3:25 Social Studies/Science 3:25—3:35 Clean up and Dismissal

3 Specialist Schedule Day 1 Music Day 2 Library Day 3 Gym Day 4 ArtDay 5 Computer

4 Is Your Child Ready to Learn? A good night’s sleep Book bag with homework folder and agenda book Lunch or money in their accounts Homework that has been completed and checked by an adult Supply box containing sharpened pencils, crayons, scissors, erasable markers, and glue stick

5 Language Arts Curriculum Language Arts Super Kids Phonics Spelling Vocabulary Fluency Comprehension Writing Workshop Writing Fundamentals Transition from kid writing Conventions Handwriting Upper and Lower-Case Fine Motor Skills How can Families Help? Model reading by reading yourself Make sure your child reads every day Develop the library habit Encourage Reading Help your child organize a personal library Read aloud to your child Give books as gifts Make reading a privilege: “You can stay up 15 minutes later if you read in bed.”

6 Math Curriculum Math in Focus Numbers to 100 Addition and Subtraction to 100 Length Picture and Bar Graphs Mental Math Strategies Shapes and Patterns Calendar and Time Money How can Families Help? “Math Box” Find more or less Ten frames Count forward/backward Doubles facts Doubles plus one Story problems Measurement Make 10 game “roll the dice” game Number bonds

7 Full Option Science System Social Studies Alive Skills Focus: Chronological thinking Map, Graph, and Chart Skills Making Decisions Citizenship Too Good for Violence Too Good for Drugs Social Skills

8 Homework Usually given Monday – Thursday nights Math or Language written homework Practice math facts or use First in Math program Daily math calendar activity Practice reading/spelling words (word file) Read a story on RAZ Kids, practice your fluency story, or read a book Designed to provide your child with practice of the skills taught in class. Please let me know if your child experiences difficulty with homework and I will re-teach the skills.

9 PBIS Classroom/ Assembly Hallways/ Stairwells Restroom Cafeteria Indoor Recess Outdoor Recess Bus Be Respectful Use appropriate voice level. Use kind words & good manners. Allow others to learn. Walk silently. Keep your hands to yourself and away from walls and artwork. Use Level 1 voices. Respect the privacy of others. Use Level 2 voices. Use good manners. Use kind words. Raise your hand if you need help. Use Level 2 voices. Share materials. Include others. Play fairly and take turns. Use kind words and actions. Listen to the adult in charge. Share equipment. Include others. Play fairly and take turns. Use kind words and actions. Listen to the adult in charge. Use Level 2 voices. Listen to the driver. Use kind words and good manners. Give personal space to others. Be Responsible Be cooperative. Take care of class materials. Be prepared to learn. Listen to directions. Do your best work. Go directly to where you need to be. Flush toilet. Keep restroom clean. Put trash in can. Use restroom quickly and quietly. Get everything you need while in line. Clean up after yourself. Follow directions. Stay in your seat until you are dismissed. Take care of classroom materials. Clean up games and materials. Line up silently. Put equipment away. Dress for the weather. Line up quickly and silently after recess. Walk silently into the building in single-file lines. Keep the bus clean. Keep your belongings with you. Be Safe Walk indoors. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Follow emergency plans. Never open outside doors for visitors. Look forward when walking. Walk in straight, single-file lines. Stay to the right on the stairs and take one step at a time. Keep feet on floor. Wash hands and keep water in sink. Report problems to your teacher. Enter and exit silently in an orderly line. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Stay in your seat. Eat only your own food. Walk indoors. Keep feet on floor. Choose indoor games and activities. Stay inside your own classroom. Play safely. Use equipment properly. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Report problems to an adult. Stay in seat facing forward. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Keep aisle clear. Report problems to an adult.

10 Homework Folders & Agenda Books Students copy homework in book each day Parents read and sign each night Please empty out folder each night because many important things come home. Parents, please sign and return tests and quiz papers.

11 Birthdays Birthdays are an important part of school and we will celebrate birthdays in school. Each child will get a birthday book as a keepsake of his/her birthday. Please do not send any food items to distribute to classmates. Birthday party invitations should be mailed from home.

12 Home/School Communication Is the Key to a Successful Year! Absence Notes Please include note for each absence. Not in hw book – office needs a copy. Vacations need to be approved by the office 2 weeks BEFORE the trip. Change in Transportation Notes are needed for ALL changes in transportation. If you need to send an e-mail about changes please make sure to include the office as well. Parents will need to wait outside until their child exits the building with his/her bus. Communication is Key, So Get in Touch with ME!  Email:  Folder – First Grade Updates  Please feel free to contact me whenever you and/or your child have a concern or question about our first grade program and classroom family  Check my website weekly for updates

13 Thank You! Thank you for taking the time to visit your child’s school and classroom. I appreciate all that you do, because you are the key ingredient in your child’s academic success!

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