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Welcome To Smith Elementary For... Created by Sherri Smith August 6, 2010.

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1 Welcome To Smith Elementary For... Created by Sherri Smith August 6, 2010

2 PAWS COMMITTEE Kyalla Bowens Teri Germany Debbie Hill Allyson Pierce Andrea Richardson Janet Roark Shea Schaefer Sherri Smith Danielle Townsend Your guides... As we hunt, track, and prowl the paths for improved behavior.

3 PURPOSE P.A.W.S. is our campus-wide theme for the Positive Behavior Intervention & Support Program. This is a comprehensive, proactive, school- wide discipline system tailored for our school.

4 Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS) 2 or 3 year commitment from participating schools. Each school has a leadership team (PAWS). Four phase process (readiness, school- wide/common area, classroom management & individual students). Teaches and develops personal responsibility, appropriate social communication & behavior skills among everyone in the school. Develops a school climate that is not only safe, but civil (positive, invitational & respectful).

5 An Overview of Florida’s PBIS

6 Safer campus environment More positive climate Increased staff consistency with behavioral expectations Significant decrease in office referrals Increase in attendance (staff & student) Improvement in academic performance A process that allows a campus to work more effectively together Increase in staff satisfaction

7 Activity Discussion: How do significant people in our lives affect the way we perceive ourselves?

8 Who are our Snow Leopards? 494 students in K-4 49.6% African American 31.6% Hispanic 15.8% White.06% Native American 2.4% Asian 57.9% Economically Disadvantaged 7.1% LEP 45.1% At-risk 2008-09 AEIS Data


10 A LOOK AT DATA... When are our students getting into trouble? Peaks – October, February, April, May Based on this data, our PAWS goal for the upcoming school year is 15% reduction in discipline referrals.

11 What is our plan to reduce referrals and improve overall behavior? 1.Guidelines for Success 2.Student & Staff Expectations for common areas 3.Lesson Plans 4.Incentives (PAW Power Cards & Tickets) 5.Celebrations & Assemblies

12 P – Positive Attitude A – Act Responsibly W – Wise Choices S – Show Respect and Stay Focused Guidelines for Success

13 Common Areas Cafeteria Restrooms Hallways

14 1. Enter the cafeteria QUIETLY. 2. Sit down with bottoms on the seats. 3. Raise your hand for help. 4. Keep feet under the table. 5. Clean up your whole space. 6. Be silent when signaled. 7. Eat only your own food. 8. Use good table manners. 9. Wait for an adult to excuse you so you can line up quietly. Student Expectations

15 1. Follow schedule for class breaks. 2. Limit individual restroom visits and use hall passes. 3. Keep the restroom area clean – GO, FLUSH, WASH, LEAVE. 4. Use 1 squirt of soap and 3 pushes on paper towel dispenser. Make sure paper towels are thrown in trash can. 5. Leave no water or waste on the floor. 6. Bring no pencils or writing tools into restroom. 7. Voice level 0. 8. Return to class promptly. Student Expectations

16 1. Keep moving forward. 2. Stop at designated spots. 3. Keep hands behind back. 4. Walk silently. 5. Keep hands and feet to self. 6. Refrain from touching walls and student work. 7. Respect the personal space of others. 8. Listen for directions. Student Expectations

17 Model from North Carolina (PUBS)

18 Lesson Plans Teacher notebooks contain lesson plans for initial overview (first week of school), as well as follow up dates for refresher lessons.

19 PAW Power card/lanyard: As teachers catch students in any of the three common areas following rules, they will use a hole puncher to validate the student’s PAW Power card. When the card has been completely punched, the student will redeem the card in the office for prizes and positive phone calls home.

20 Paper Tickets will be used to reward students before and after school. When students receive these tickets, they will keep them until arriving at school. When presented to their homeroom teacher, the teacher will exchange the paper ticket for a punch in the PAW Power card. All paper tickets will be collected in the office for a weekly drawing.

21 Everyone will be encouraged to give ten PAW Power punches per week, as well as ten PAW Power tickets before or after school per week. You may not give tickets or punches to your own students.

22 Each teacher will also be given a lanyard and may collect “class” punches. When the teacher’s PAW Power card is completed, it may be redeemed for prizes awarded to the entire class.

23 Student Prizes Levels 1 & 2Sticker or Pencil Levels 3 & 4Ring or Eraser Levels 5 & 6Tattoo or Magnet Levels 7 & 8Pencil Gripper or Bookmark Levels 9 & 10Bracelet or Pencil Topper Levels 11 & 12Bubbles or Keychain Levels 13 & 14Pencil Bag or Dog Tag Levels 15 & 16Individual “Spirit Day” Coupon Levels 17 &...Choose 2 from any drawer (Only 1 “Spirit Day” Coupon may be chosen at a time) **PAW Power** Students may choose a prize from any drawer lower than the one that they have earned.

24 Class Prizes Level 1Fun Fruits and Tic Tac Toe Level 2Extra 10 Minutes of Recess Level 3Read Aloud and Popcorn Snack Level 4Classroom “read-in” with pillows, blankets, and books! (60 min.) Level 5Lunch with the principal Level 6Game Time with principal Level 7Cookies & a story with counselor Level 8Extra 20 minutes of recess! Level 9Wacky Olympics Level 10PAWS Make and Take

25 Celebrations School-wide assemblies will be held monthly to reinforce expectations and celebrate our success.

26 Can this work for us too?

27 Can this work for us too?

28 Questions or Comments ?????

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