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陈老师的中文教室 Ms. Chen’s ChineseB Class 陈老师的中文教室 Welcome, students!欢迎你们!

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1 陈老师的中文教室 Ms. Chen’s ChineseB Class 陈老师的中文教室 Welcome, students!欢迎你们!

2 Welcome to Chinese Class! 中 (zhōng) 文 (wén) 教 (jiào) 室 (shì) 欢 (huān) 迎 (yíng) 你 (n ǐ ) !  I will introduce you to the Chinese class and to our classroom.  If you have any questions during my presentation, please raise your hand and wait to be called on.

3 All About Me  I was born in XinJiang and grew up in Shanghai, China.  I live in China for 28 years.  My Chinese teaching background I graduated from Shanghai Teachers University and my major is Chinese Language and literature.  I’ve been teaching Chinese for 15 years.  I taught 6 th, 7th &8th grade Chinese in Shanghai, China.  I tought weekend Chinese school in Tucson, AZ for 3 years & now teach in Houston, TX for 9 years.  You are the first group that I teach Chinese in America public schools.

4 My Family 我的家  My husband  Han Pu, Physics professor at Rice University  浦晗  My children  daughter, Helen Pu 浦伊诺, graduated from Kolter in 2011 and 6th grader in Johnston MS  son, Henry Pu 浦一格, 2 nd grader in Kolter  Me  Wen Chen , your Chinese teacher  陈雯, 陈老师 HanandMeHanandMe JanJan S p ot Fl uf fy

5  Our classroom is a community. In our community, we have rules to help us get along with each other.  Our class rules are:  BE RESPECTFUL:  a. Respects school property and property of others  b. Respects teacher and classmates  c. Keeps hands/objects to self  d. Demonstrates integrity  BE POLITE:  a. Raises hand to be recognized  b. Uses appropriate language  c. Shows appreciation  d. Shows empathy towards others  FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS:  a. Listens and follows directions  b. Works quietly during work time  c. Comes prepared to classrganized and follow directions. COOPERATIVE – STAYS ON TASK:  a. Demonstrates self-discipline and commitment  b. Focuses on the given task (doodles…)  c. Shows interest and curiosity

6 CLASSROOM PROCEDURES - FOR Mrs.Chen’s CLASS WALKING INTO CLASSROOM Get in line quietly outside the classroom and wait for Mrs. Chen’s greeting Walk in quietly Sit down & do the “Reward Chart” quietly EXITING THE CLASSROOM Table monitor to check for tables and floor (clean and clear) Students are quiet Students line-up when prompt (table by table) Student walk quietly in single file WALK IN THE HALL WAY Single file No talking [K – 1ST: hands behind back] Stop at the end of the ramp; stop at red door; at bench; corner before turning for primary hall Walk to the right Walk on the silver line PENCIL All students are to bring their Kolter bags (pencil and colors) In case student forgets: can borrow from center of the table but Mrs. Chen will check her “organized chart” In case student breaks pencil lead, student can borrow from center of the table. Table monitor is to check that all pencils are accounted for before exiting classroom RESTROOM AND OTHER EMERGENCIES Put hand on nose and raise hand for tissue (wait for nod of teacher) For the restroom, wave two hands nicely to get permission from teacher before standing up Get Hall Permission Form to go to the restroom RETURNING HOMEWORK AND FOLDERS Homework is given Fridays, due on Wednesdays Return in the proper basket NOT my mail box QUIET SIGNAL: Mrs. Chen will say, “Freeze, please” or in Chinese “ 一二三,木头人 “ Students have to become silent, look at the teacher and stop what they are doing Teacher will count slowly if necessary to give a second signal FIRE DRILL: Students line up behind the student who is the supervisor that day, keep silent, go to pond When returning in the classroom, students are to follow the procedure for entering the room

7  大 (dà) 眼 (yǎn) 睛 (jīng) ,看 (kàn) 老 (lǎo) 师 (shī) 。  大 (dà) 耳 (ěr) 朵 (duō) ,听 (tīng) 老 (lǎo) 师 (shī) 。  小 (xiǎo) 嘴 (zuǐ) 巴 (bā) ,闭 (bì) 起 (qǐ) 来 (lái) 。  小 (xiǎo) 小 (xiǎo) 手 (shǒu) ,放 (fàng) 桌 (zhuō) 上 (shàng) 。  我 (wǒ) 们 (men) 都 (dōu) 是 (shì) 好 (hǎo) 样 (yàng) 的 (de) !

8 陈 (chén) 老 (l ǎ o) 师 (shī) 的 (de) 中 (zhōng) 文 (wén) 教 (jiào) 室 (shì)!

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