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Ms. Meek 1 st Grade 2013-2014 7:15---7:45 Arrive/Breakfast/Check-out/Restroom 7:45---8:00 Announcements—Class Meeting 8:00---8:15 Sight Word & Phonics.

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2 Ms. Meek 1 st Grade :15---7:45 Arrive/Breakfast/Check-out/Restroom 7:45---8:00 Announcements—Class Meeting 8:00---8:15 Sight Word & Phonics Intro. & Review 8:15---9:00 SPECIALS 9:00---9:05 Restroom 9:05—-11:00 LITERACY BLOCK: Reading/Writing/Spelling 11: :15 Recess—Upper playground 11: :15 Math 12: :19 Restroom-Prepare for lunch 12: :49 Lunch-enter left side; sit at Table : :00 Restroom/Homework/Pack-up for dismissal 1: :55 Science-----Social Studies-----Health 1: :05 Prepare for Dismissal 2: :15 Dismissal


4 Student Name: ____________________________ Teacher:________________ Parent Name and Phone Number: _____________________________________ 2. Time-out or Loss of Privilege 3. Student writes note to parent explaining behavior 4. Teacher makes a phone call to parent 5. Conference with parent, student and teacher 6. Office Referral Dear Parent, In order to keep the lines of communication open, I am sending home a copy of your child’s behavior pyramid started in my classroom. Please sign the most recent incident and have your student return form the following school day. Thank you for your support enforcing our schools behavior policy. Grade Level:______ Incident took place in _________________ 1. Conference between teacher and student Additional Comments:

5 1. Work quietly! 2. Look at the teacher and listen. 3. Keep my hands and feet to myself. 4. Finish my work. 5. Do my best! Behavior sheets A behavior sheet will be sent home if your child has problems in any area.

6 The purpose of Guided Reading is to address individual needs in a smaller setting.  Your child will be put into reading groups with other children based on their reading level. We will read together and do activities to challenge and enhance your child’s learning.  Books will be sent home with your student weekly for reading practice. This may be a book we are reading in our groups, or it may be a library book for your child to explore.  Parent involvement is encouraged! Look at cover/title page, review the pictures, make predictions, ask questions, talk about setting, characters, have your child retell the story to you, etc.  Remind your child that they are reading for “comprehension” or “understanding” of the story!

7 Number Representations  Sets with concrete objects/manipulatives  Base ten models  Pictorial Drawing/problem solving  Writing numbers  Place value  Order numbers  Number line Addition and Subtraction (Facts to 10)  Break numbers apart  Strategies for addition and subtraction  Inverse relationship of addition and subtraction The objectives listed below will be used to lead your child to mastery of the concepts covered in the 1st Nine Weeks of Unit study.

8  Ask your child what day of the week it is and what happens on that day. Help them to identify which day of the week they may have an activity on. Ask “What day was yesterday? What day will it be tomorrow?”  Practice addition and subtraction problems through 10. Have your child verbalize how they got their answer.  =  8 + ? = 11  5 = ? - 3

9  Homework  Every week a new homework sheet will be sent home with weekly instructions in your child’s folder. There will also be a section for phonics words for reading fluency and spelling. The assignments are structured to enhance what your child has been learning. Homework will go in your child’s folder. There is no homework on week-ends or holidays. Please help to make sure your child is completing their work every night and returning it to school the next day!

10  Snack  Your child needs a healthy snack everyday! Our day is long and we have a late lunch so this makes for an easier day.  Homework folder  This will come home everyday and needs to come back with your child the following school day.  Sight words  A list of words will be sent home for your child to practice saying out loud. Practice every night! These words will play an important role in your child’s learning. Some students may also get a Word Ring to take back and forth to school.  Dismissal policies  It is very important that you write a note or fill out the form in the office to let us know if your child’s transportation will be changing at any time. We want them to go to the correct place and get home safely.

11  It is so important that your child is here everyday unless he/she is sick. If your child is out sick please send in a written and signed excuse note. –The school cannot accept ed excuses! It is also important that your child arrives to school on time and remains in class all day. School begins at 7:45 and ends at 2:15.  If your child is tardy, please do not drop them off at the front door. Your must come inside, sign them in at the front office, and receive a tardy pass before sending them to class.  If you need to check your child out early, you must do so before 1:45 to avoid any last minute confusion at dismissal time.

12  Cobb County School District:  Pitner Home Page:  Pitner’s office phone number:  Ms. Meek’s  Ms. Meek does not check folders for notes, etc.—If you send a note, please remind your child to give it to me when they arrive at school.  PLEASE NOTE THAT MS. MEEK CHECKS AND RETURNS PHONE CALLS BEFORE 7:15 a.m. and AFTER 2:30 p.m.---IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY AND NEED TO NOTIFY ME BETWEEN THOSE HOURS, PLEASE CALL THE FRONT OFFICE NUMBER.

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